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2 Oct, 2012

Friar Shuck

On some social issues, like abortion, Limbaugh is a conventional conservative. On others he sounds a lot like Barack Obama. Excerpt Read more at blogs. Handing out gay porn to elementary school kids is fine with you is it?? But a lot of dums feel the same way about Keith Olbermann, the male bitch.

Mike: [] Absolutely. No problem. If I saw one, it might be a different matter. Zoe: [] Those are basically the two choices, Yes.

Mike: [] I suppose. The spectral dog. Mike: [] Yeah, that would be troubling. Zoe: [] To be fair. Mike: [] Really. Where there was a very large dog. That they took shots are and even saw chunks of flesh fly off. And this thing did not flinch. Zoe: [] Well you see this one, he took the shot, and, because it was a shotgun. Zoe: [] The next morning they found all the shot in the door of, I think it was their privy outside. Zoe: [] Rather than actually hitting anything.

Zoe: [] I mean, unless it was a trained gundog. Zoe: [] A gunshot like that would terrify a dog and it would be gone. Zoe: [] Because a gunpowder gun. Mike: [] Dogs are pretty nippy, generally.

Large dogs, anyway. It just carried on howling. Zoe: [] But at no point in the story, did they say, and at this point we slept or at this point it went away. I think they were just…. Zoe: [] It is almost like the East Anglian banshee. Zoe: [] Or, well to be fair actually, yeah. Mike: [] That one. A dog howling, I can cope with. An old woman, sat on her haunches on a low wall. Combing her hair and screaming,.

Mike: [] That one would have me going. I think she needs some help, but not the kind I can provide. Mike: [] Oh, blimey really? Can you imagine that? Taking a biscuit out to a banshee? Hob Nob? Mike: [] Maybe we can open that one up for listener comments. What kind of biscuits do you think Banshees like? Zoe: [] Keeping it classic. Zoe: [] No, they go too floppy. When you put them in your drink. Mike: [] For people outside the UK, this might not be a thing at all, but we, we tend to dunk biscuits in our strange brew of leaves and Milk.

Zoe: [] But in Australia, they do it with chocolate bars. You get your Tim Tams and you bite either end of it, stick it in and suck the drink up through the straw. So that was Black Shuck. Zoe: [] It was. So, er…. Mike: [] We hope you enjoyed it. What do you think? Do you have any stories of black dogs? Let us know, let us know, drop us an email. Mike: [] Yeah, absolutely. Mike: [] I managed to get that out in one. Zoe: [] I was testing you. Mike: [] They can find us on Instagram.

We are storiesofstrangeness. Zoe: [] I did not know that. Mike: [] You see. So, yeah, we just got on to, onto there. We have a Facebook page. If you just search for Stories of Strangeness you should be able to find us. So thank you. Mike: [] Thank you very much. Thank you very much for that. They were releasing on, I think by yesterday, I think they were releasing three or four episodes, or something.

Zoe: [] What day is yesterday love? Mike: [] Sure. Reviews: Facts: Web pages about this song: Where to Buy:. Song Lyrics:. Current Rating 0. Song Images:. Messages about the song: "Friar Shuck". Enter a New Message Message:. Black Shuck , Old Shuck , Old Shock or simply Shuck is the name given to an East Anglian ghostly black dog which is said to roam the coastline and countryside of East Anglia , one of many ghostly black dogs recorded in folklore across the British Isles. According to the Oxford English Dictionary , the name Shuck derives from the Old English word scucca - "devil, fiend", from the root word skuh - to terrify.

Taylor in an edition of the journal Notes and Queries which describes "Shuck the Dog-fiend"; "This phantom I have heard many persons in East Norfolk, and even Cambridgeshire, describe as having seen as a black shaggy dog, with fiery eyes and of immense size, and who visits churchyards at midnight.

Abraham Fleming 's account of the appearance of A strange, and terrible wunder in at Bungay, Suffolk is a famous account of the beast. Images of black sinister dogs have become part of the iconography of the area and have appeared in popular culture. Descriptions of Black Shuck vary in both shape and size, from that of a large dog to being the size of a calf or horse.

He takes the form of a huge black dog, and prowls along dark lanes and lonesome field footpaths, where, although his howling makes the hearer's blood run cold, his footfalls make no sound.

You may know him at once, should you see him, by his fiery eye; he has but one, and that, like the Cyclops ', is in the middle of his head. But such an encounter might bring you the worst of luck: it is even said that to meet him is to be warned that your death will occur before the end of the year. So you will do well to shut your eyes if you hear him howling; shut them even if you are uncertain whether it is the dog fiend or the voice of the wind you hear.

Should you never set eyes on our Norfolk Snarleyow [9] you may perhaps doubt his existence, and, like other learned folks, tell us that his story is nothing but the old Scandinavian myth of the black hound of Odin , brought to us by the Vikings who long ago settled down on the Norfolk coast. Dr Simon Sherwood suggests that the earliest surviving description of devilish black hounds is an account of an incident in the Peterborough Abbey recorded in the Peterborough Chronicle one version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle around Sign up Log in.

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  4. Jun 08,  · As a young disc jockey he invented a fictitious faith healer, “Friar Shuck” who saved people over the radio for a hundred bucks a pop. Shuck is gone now, but Rush’s show still has a rakish, sometimes impious edge. His fans know he was an Oxycontin addict who spent time in rehab, that he unapologetically appreciates “adult beverages.
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  8. This episode, Zoe presents stories of Black Shuck, the demon dog of East Anglia. We also discuss things like Banshee's biscuit preferences.

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