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2 Oct, 2012

His Immortal Logness - Orb* - Pomme Fritz (Cassette)

Beginning as ambient and dub DJs in London , their early performances were inspired by electronic artists of the s and s, most notably Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. Because of their psychedelic sound, the Orb developed a cult following among clubbers "coming down" from drug-induced highs.

Beyond recognition on their albums and concerts, his unauthorised use of other artists' works has led to disputes with musicians, most notably with Rickie Lee Jones. During their live shows of the s, The Orb performed using digital audio tape machines optimised for live mixing and sampling before switching to laptops and digital media.

Despite changes in performance method, The Orb maintained their colourful light shows and psychedelic imagery in concert. These visually intense performances prompted critics to compare the group to Pink Floyd , whose guitarist, David Gilmour , collaborated with them on the album Metallic Spheres in Alex Paterson began his music career in the early s as a roadie for the post-punk rock band Killing Joke , for whom his childhood friend [3] [4] Martin "Youth" Glover played bass.

Their first release was a acid house anthem track, "Tripping on Sunshine", released on Youth's compilation album Eternity Project One. Modo Records , which they created out of a desire to maintain financial independence from larger record labels. Most often, the group played dub and other chill-out music , which it described as ambient house for the E generation.

Throughout the Orb, along with Youth, developed a music production style that incorporated ambient music with a diverse array of samples and recordings. The British music press later labelled the music ambient house. The culmination of the group's musical work came toward the end of the same year when they recorded a session for John Peel on BBC Radio 1. The track, then known as "Loving You," was largely improvisational and featured a wealth of sound effects and samples from science fiction radio plays, nature sounds, and Minnie Riperton 's " Lovin' You ".

Upon the single's release, Riperton's management forced Big Life to remove the unlicensed Riperton sample, ensuring that only the initial first-week release of the single contained the original vocals of Minnie Riperton; subsequent pressings used vocals from a sound-alike.

The group obliged and were soon offered several more remix jobs from artists including Erasure and System 7. In , Paterson and Cauty held several recording sessions at Cauty's studio, Trancentral. In it she muses on the picturesque images of clouds from her Arizona childhood. In , Paterson invited freelance studio engineer Andy Falconer to join the Orb. He was closely followed by studio engineer Kris "Thrash" Weston.

To promote the release of an edited single-disc version for an American release on Mercury Records , the Orb embarked on their first tour of the United States beginning in Phoenix, Arizona , in October In late and early , Paterson and Weston wrote their next single, " Blue Room ". Assisting with the recording was bassist Jah Wobble , keyboardist Miquette Giraudy , and guitarist Hillage.

Weston integrated his technical and creative expertise with Paterson's Eno -influenced ambience on U. Orb , combining "drum and bass rhythms" with "velvet keyboards" and "rippling synth lines".

Orb reached No. Over the next year and a half, Paterson and Weston continued to produce "new" material, and the Orb left Big Life to sign a deal with Island Records. It featured the live crew of Paterson, Weston, producers Nick Burton and Simon Phillips , as well as audio engineer Andy Hughes , who had stepped in previously when Weston had decided to stop touring.

FFWD released a single self-titled album on Paterson's Inter-Modo label, which Fehlmann later described as "an Orb track which became so long that it became a whole album!

B1: Programmed in space at Mark Angelo's. B2: Programmed at Sunsonic. C: Programmed at Livingstone. Orb] O. Orb Bits"; promo sampler] O. Orb Blue Room Towers of Dub Majestic [all tracks mixed together] Promotional cassette subtitled "excerpts from u. All tracks are edited from the original versions and are repeated on both sides. Video premiered at Brixton Academy, London, 5 June Video credits say "12 May " -- which date is correct?

Orb bandulu remix [bandulu] Track 1: Programmed at Matrix 4, London. Mixed July 30 at Somewhere, Tokyo. Injunctions by Mr Modo, Sheffield. Recalled at Matrix 4, London. Edited at Sun Electric, Berlin. Cut at Copymasters, London. Track 2: Mixed August 4 at Matrix 4, London.

Orb bandulu remix [bandulu] Assassin radio 7 Assassin another live version Assassin chocolate hills of bohol mix 7": UK Big Life; BLR 81 D [jukebox promo x] Assassin radio 7 Blue Room radio 7 This is the jukebox promo, limited to copies.

It was released in a plain white outer sleeve with white labels, stating just side A and B. The catalogue number is etched in the vinyl. Orb bandulu remix [bandulu] U. Orb album version White label with all info in generic type. Bandulu credit is not included on label. SL1 8NA England] Originally released in and only available on cassette directly from 'Mixmag' magazine, these mixes were re-mastered onto CD in On the record, this track is entitled 'Into The Fourth Extension'.

Title is adjusted. Track 3: Recorded at Berwick Street studio 26th August It however contains a version of Towers Of Dub that is unique to this release on both this 12" and the CD. The track lengths on the labels are incorrect, they are corrected here. Original data on the label: A Towers Of Dub A promo version of this 12" exists with the same cat.

Both tracks are taken from the album Live All the original tracks were included; only the catalogue number has changed, and the printing seems to be a bit more thick. G Summer Mastered at CTS. The title of track 12 is a German translation of the slang phrase "sweet as a nut".

The catalogue number was previously given to the Live 93 Promo. Track D: Recorded at Airedel Studios. Sixteen-page booklet has notes and tracklists for Trance Europe Express from which all these tracks are sourced.

Note: Disc 1 has 16 songs but only 15 track marks on the CD only a few seconds of the Air Liquide track are played: times for track 1. MC1 is red, MC2 is green.

MC2 cuts suddenly at the end of side A, and doesn't start from the beginning of the tape on side B. The first was released in on the same label cat.

Tracks 1 and 2 recorded 12 May Tracks 3 and 4 recorded 14 February A collection of Orb remixes. Cover design inspired by Aboriginal artists.

This is the European release, which comes in cardboard gatefold sleeve with a booklet. The later U. This first release of this was mixed in mono to the dismay of many fans. First pressing includes skipping from the source CD! Sound quality poor; crowd recording. Tracks are the same performances later released on Live UK Echo Beach;?? Hughes and A. Orb: O. Didg: King Tut] [on Dr. Dirty Kiss orb remix - full length [Anasthesia: Global] [on Anasthesia:?? Global [Cowritten by Andy Hughes] Thomas Fehlmann Thomas is just way, way too busy and prolific a guy for his work to be detailed here -- he needs a separate discography.

If anyone's maintaining one, please drop me a line and I'll mention it here. UK WAU! Ambient techno avant-garde experimental. The Orb Thomas Fehlmann. An excerpt from the ambient -styled "Alles Ist Schoen". All those childhood traumas magically wiped away Retrieved Philadelphia City Paper. Archived from the original on Bloomsbury Publishing PLC.

Rolling Stone. Retrieved 21 June The Quietus. I had not read anything from the Skeleton Key series before so I wasn't sure what to expect.

I really enjoyed this story though. Julien has been turned into a vampire in order to save his fiance Lilac from a horrible vampire. Once she was safe from that vampire, Julien was turned himself and she is not able to escape him.

In order to escape his tragic and torrid memories, he makes a deal with a witch. Once she goes into his house he only has 10 days to get her to allow him to give her the immortal kiss before the curse will kill him. This is a great tale that has many twists before the outcome. Lilac learns who she can trust and love no matter when she originally met them, but will it be soon enough? This is the first time I have read anything by Liliana Rhodes and it was a very short and gets straight to the point.

This Novella and wasted no time in getting to the main plot. Julien and Lilac's story begins years ago. A love that was meant to grow with a promise of marriage. Although the night of their engagement a curse was put upon Juliens home. Their happiness taken away in a flash. Now after years and Lilac reincarnated they meet once more and then that's where the story really got This is the first time I have read anything by Liliana Rhodes and it was a very short and gets straight to the point.

Now after years and Lilac reincarnated they meet once more and then that's where the story really got interesting to me. I will not give away ANY surprises on this Novella. I enjoyed the love story between Julien and Lilac. How love can grow stronger throughout time. I also see how LOVE can conquer time, curses, and even death. Thank you Liliana Rhodes for a good read! Jun 16, Denise rated it it was amazing Shelves: love , vampire , arc , immortals. Left with only debt and a mysterious Skeleton Key after her mother passes away, Lilac is offered the Job of a life time A chance to move into Chateau du Soleil and restore it to its former beauty.

It seems like the perfect job until she meets the reclusive owner Julien Lambert the owner of the Chateau du Soleil. Little does Lilac know Julien has a secret of which only he can tell If you want to know what the secret is You need to read this Awesome book I did and simply loved it and wanted more when I was done.

Jun 30, Dee Archer rated it it was amazing. Lilac stands at her mother's grave site, wondering what to do with her life now. A mysterious man appears at the funeral and issues an invitation she can't refuse. Accepting the engagement, Lilac meets Julien, the strange owner of the famous old castle that always fascinated her as a child. As she explores the ancient structure, Lilac uncovers secrets, clues that will change her life forever.

Loved fairy tales as a child and this one was a joy and a pleasure to read. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Five stars. Jul 06, sherri jones-teachout rated it it was amazing. Great book about love and sacrifice. Julien loved Lilac so much he gave his life for her. She still died, but after several hundred years, she is back and Julien and Lilac have their second chance.

But Julien is now dying, and Lilac doesn't remember their past. Can she save him or will he once again sacrifice himself for her. This was truly a love story that spanned time. Julien has lived hundreds of years without his love, knowing that in trying to save her, it killed her, and placed a curse on Great book about love and sacrifice. Julien has lived hundreds of years without his love, knowing that in trying to save her, it killed her, and placed a curse on him.

His love for her is so true and strong. Lilac has been through so much heartache, putting her coveted career on hold to nurse her dying mother, then losing her. These two lovers need to be reunited to finally get their happily ever after. Jun 21, Karen Roma rated it really liked it Shelves: my-books , read-in Julien Lambert plays the moody, secretive Vamp to perfection and his determination to keep his distance from the curious Lilac, becomes a burden that undermines them both.

True love at its best Lilac mother suffers from an illness and pass away, but before she finds her mom gone a Skelton key appears in her moms living room. Lilac decides to take the job and meets the owner Julian Lambert and strange feeling start coming upon Lilac.

Exploring the upper floor she find a picture that looks like her and behind fins a door that has lock that matches her key.

As Liliac learns the truth of her past and t True love at its best Lilac mother suffers from an illness and pass away, but before she finds her mom gone a Skelton key appears in her moms living room. As Liliac learns the truth of her past and the love she has for Julian cab they finally be together?

Loved this novel and look forward to the rest in the skeleton key series Jun 30, Tiffany rated it it was amazing.

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Tampa, FL Nov 23 Immortal Technique Roswell Rd. Atlanta, GA Greensboro, NC Nov 26 Immortal Technique Nevan Rd. Virginia Beach, VA Nov 27 Immortal Technique 4th Ave. Asbury Park, NJ Nov 29 Immortal Technique South St. Philadelphia, PA Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Directed by Orson Welles. With Orson Welles, Jeanne Moreau, Roger Coggio, Norman Eshley. In Macao, a wealthy merchant named Charles Clay hires two people to recreate a story of a sailor who is paid to impregnate a man's wife.

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  1. The basic Orb nucleus is joined by guest singers and players, including System 7's Steve Hillage, Battersea toaster-singer Eric Walker aka The Corpral and vocalists Aki Omori, singer Andy Caine from the W.A.U.! days, and renowned soulstress Juliet Roberts who, according to Alex, is 'the cherry on the cream on the gateau on the bed of Smarties'.
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  3. His Immortal Logness: * Items below may differ depending on the release. Review This EP from was originally a bit off-putting when it was released. Within a two-year period, the group had gone from creating acclaimed, extraterrestrial dub albums to odd, largely beat-free songs about food. Maybe it was indeed a case of Syd Barrett.
  4. "Pomme Fritz" is a play on the French for "fried potatoes," and this phrase certainly describes the state of mind that the Orb and their co-producers must have been in during the making of this quirky but not-worthless album/5(25).
  5. Jun 20,  · Pomme Fritz (Meat 'N' Veg) More Gills Less Fishcakes: We're Pastie To Be Grill You: Bang 'Er 'N' Chips: Alles Ist Schoen: His Immortal Logness: The Remixes Sausage Tats Mit Gravy (Dom Mix #1) Mixed By – Dom* Star Twister (Pomme Fritz & Apple Sauce Mix)
  6. The Orb His Immortal Logness. Pomme Fritz Universal Music Ireland Ltd. PM: The Radio Stars Nervous Wreck. The Chiswick Story Ace Records Rock. PM: Thirst Let Go. Demo Cassette EP SmartGuy Records PM: Area All About Money. White Canvas New Hope Projekt:Archive
  7. 3 stars for His immortal kiss by Liliana Rhodes Categories: Romance, Vampires, Paranormal, suspense Audience: Mature 18+ Disclaimer: I received this book for an Honest review Synopsis: This is a new take on the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. Many years ago Julian Lambert and his then fiancé Lilac Martin got cursed/5(54).
  8. Pomme Fritz () is a Studio album by The Orb. Genres: Ambient Techno, Avant-garde. Songs: Pomme Fritz (Meat 'N Veg), More Gills Less Fishcakes, We're Pastie To Be Grill You, Bang 'Er 'N Chips, Alles Ist Schoen.

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