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2 Oct, 2012

Johnnie, Get Your Gun - Various - Bloody War: Songs 1924-1939 (CD)

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How's My Driving, Doug Hastings? Just Like Frank Ask The Magic 8 Ball Dopeman Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore Rock-N-Roll Pizzeria Mike Ragogna : Hi, Christopher. What was the inspiration to put a project together like Bloody War: Songs ?

I had been working with him on two previous projects, the first one being People Take Warning , which was a collection of pre-war disaster songs dealing with natural disaster as well as murder, and then we later put out a collection of an old time string band called Red Fox Chasers, which is a group from North Carolina. We were exchanging ideas back and forth for another collection, and I had suggested that there was another component in the history of pre-war music, and that is the songs of remembrance dealing with warfare, the whole bailiwick of the experience of warfare, both from the soldier's eyes as well as the people left at home.

MR : Yes. That movie is, supposedly, a decent representation of what warfare was. Would you say that that's true, that it was a fairly accurate depiction? CK : It was. Obviously the one thing that would have been left out of that movie would have been, basically, the gore and the pile and piles of bodies because with trench warfare from World War I, there was such an unexpected escalation in violence and bloodshed that people didn't know what to do with the bodies--it was just like an overpowering sense of battle.

So, when the bodies would get piled-up, of course, then disease would fester and it would afflict more people, and you add to that the whole notion of chemical warfare, and it was just a completely alien sense of war that had not been experienced. The Civil War did not even come close to the violence.

MR : Can you give us the time line of Bloody War , the eras you're covering? In fact, quite a few of the numbers on this set are directly related to Americans involved in the Spanish American War, such as the sinking of the battleship of Maine, as well as the conscription and drafting of soldiers to fight in that war.

That was one of the first wars where African Americans were actually drafted and served, and Coley Jones, who's on this set singing "Army Mule In No Man's Land," sings about that experience of being drafted for the Spanish American War. Essentially, though, World War I was "the war to end all wars," and it was one of those unfortunate circumstances where various nations banded together against other nations, completely unlike the American Civil War or the Spanish American War, which involved smaller entities or just factions of those entities.

World War I was essentially the Germans, Austro-Hungarians, and the Ottoman Empire against the rest of the world, and they met on the battlefield in France in Flanders field. Essentially, that war dragged on for almost five years before the United States got involved, and then, of course, the U. World War II was, essentially, a replication of World War I, but it involved decidedly larger super-powers and had a much larger playing field, which, of course, involved much larger casualties.

MR : How did you come across some of these recordings? Many of them are very rare, right? CK : Oh yeah, quite a few of these are one of maybe one or two known copies. I have most of these in my collection.

I basically have been collecting old 78s since before high school, and I get somewhat obsessed with various topics such as disaster songs, or in this case, war songs, and I try to find the best copies of everything and put them in my collection. Most of these were actually issued for commercial sale in the United States just because this was a topic that people wanted to listen to. It was sort of like what you would call news reportage or ways of sort of sentimentally celebrating people that have served in the military or that were lost during a conflict.

MR : This project is associated with The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, so are some of the proceeds from this record are going towards that organization? CK : Essentially, both Josh and I realized that this type of project would benefit those people who have sacrificed the most for us, specifically the veterans of both the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts that have become wounded.

CK : There's nobody alive from World War I--the last person passed away a couple of months ago--but the response has been exceptionally favorable from everyone, both from veterans of wars as well as just fans of the music. I do know that I gave this to a friend of mine who is a veteran from Vietnam who served in special forces, and he thought it was just an incredibly touching tribute to what people had to give in order to preserve the freedoms of others.

MR : This also is pretty tough subject matter to be focused on, as you were, for long periods of time. You had to do a lot of research focusing on war, so I imagine it could have been a bit hard on the heart. How do you get through the process of listening to that many war songs? CK : Well, it's all goal-oriented. You have to look at the final goal of any project, and yes, just about any project you do, if you get emotionally tied up with it, it could lead to distraction, depression, or emotional anxiety.

I always have to focus on the end of the project or the goal, which, in this particular instance, is to put out this music for people to share, enjoy, and learn from, and, at the same, time benefit others. CK : There are quite a few here.

I'm from the South--I'm a Virginia native and I've never really left Virginia--and the song by Fiddlin' John Carson, "The Dixie Division," was, to me, sort of a revelation because it was so acutely performed and so complex in the way that he strings together various songs.

CK : Producer, writer, and primarily engineer, working with the old 78s to begin with. It's only been in the last five years that I've taken on the responsibility of soup-to-nuts, basically, from researching the material, compiling the images, compiling the actual recordings, to getting the artwork done, contacting different people to get the project done, and finding a home for the project.

A similar approach is evident in a Civil War song, "Not a Word of That Be Said" captured on 21 August in Atlanta, Georgia by Wade Mainer and the Sons of the Mountaineers, which dramatizes the brother-against-brother nature of civil war as another dying soldier attempts to communicate with his brother on the enemy's side, who may have shot him.

The grimmest of all is African America songwriter Gussie L. Grayson and guitar player Henry Whitter. As personal technology spread into the field alongside military technology, soldiers blast into earbuds what they previously would have shared with comrades on Vietnam-era 45s and radio, and Gulf War I-era cassette Walkmen hooked to PAs. While decreasing fighting in the barracks about what music to play, Ricks does worry about unit cohesiveness, because the battlefield is "the loneliest place on earth Two recent releases contrast our current wars' isolation from homefront culture with the musical engagement stirred by past conflicts.

Next Stop is Vietnam: The War On Record: presents a massive, CD, plus-track document of that war's musical debate, with all sides present and accounted for. From protest songs of the folk revival and draft dodger celebrations, odes to protest and its consequences, to the voices of off-duty servicemen and celebrations of POWs - and the postwar reckoning with the high price paid by the servicemen - it's clear that every segment of society had a musical dog in the fight.

With small-label pressings and Top Ten protest songs, music served as broadsheet and call to action both pro- and anti-. In his New York Times review of

Aug 15,  · Fun pictures to accompany Johnny Horton's song. I do not own rights to the song or images. BATTLE OF NEW ORLEANS (Written by Jimmy Driftwood) Johnny .

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  1. Johnnie, Get Your Gun - Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers Uncle Sam And The Kaiser - Ernest V. Stoneman He Is Coming To Us Dead - G.B. Grayson & Henry Whitter Captain Won't You Let Me Go Home - Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton Not A Word Of That To Be Said - Wade Mainer And Sons Of The Mountaineers
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  5. Nov 29,  · Bloody War: Songs , an album from Tompkins Square and Chris King (the team that produced the Grammy-nominated People Take Warning box set) reminds us that music captured battlefield experiences, fears and the humor of soldiers before the recording era.
  6. Sep 26,  · Bloody War: Songs This track compilation, produced by Chris King and released on the Tompkins Square label, involves the topical songs of .
  7. New York's Tompkins Square imprint continuous its restless, even relentless journey to document the hidden, ignored, and often altogether forgotten American music with the release of Bloody War: Songs The era is important because it was a period when songs from the Civil War were still being performed and recorded, as well as songs of the Spanish-American War, and those from the First World War 8/
  8. Apr 26,  · Johnny Horton Licensed to YouTube by SME; SOLAR Music Rights Management, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., Muserk Rights Management, Sony ATV Publishing.
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