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2 Oct, 2012

Meal - Diminished - 22 (Vinyl, LP)

Correcting one problem can often lead to exposing another weakness. The bad news is that good kit reveals very accurately just how weak some pressings are. Its not all good. But it is necessary. Sounded great at times, others it sounded as if the record were pure but the equipment was holding it back.

Thanks for all that input. Congratulations and comiserations on your new-found passion for vinyl. Your wobble sounds like a job for the Vinyl Doctor. All of the adjustments to turntable arm and cartridge alignment can make a noticable difference to the final sound, though this is mainly in the balance between bass and treble, especially the VTA — vertical tracking alignment adjusted at the base of the arm.

There is always a sweet spot somewhere between too much and not enough, which you have to locate by trial and error. The most important component is a buddy — someone who will do the adjusting while you do the listening, and vice versa.

I think of it as driving a car on the road. Happy to be corrected if anyone knows better. Sounds great value, but sooner or later you will need to invest in a better TT. I am sure there are plenty of upgraders who would welcome a few dollars for their old kit.

Onward and upward, everything is capable of improvement. My turntable seems to have two parts of the arm that I can adjust — the weight at the end of the tonearm, which is something I was familiar with before this whole issue can to my attention, and the black semi-circle that the arm travels along as it move toward the center of the record.

Weight — I can only move between 1. Thanks for your time and detailed replies! Oh, and, uh, decided to mess with the balance weight this morning before work and I guess my grounding wire was a little loose. Not sure how long it was loose, but it sure made that Bud Powell record sound better!

Recently I needed my stylus replaced on my Technics, and until I did that, I was thinking I would replace my turntable around Xmas time, because I was getting suspicious about the sound quality I was getting. But with the new stylus I went back to feeling like the Technics does okay and that maybe if I switched over to using a stereo receiver with a built in pre-amp, maybe some issues would clear up.

It has mysterious origins, being from the dump and all…and while it seems to operate well, when I first got it, it was missing a stylus but had an Audio Technica cartridge. I brought it into a shop, had a stylus put on the cartridge, and the result was poor. Miles Davis sounded like he was in the room. I am a musician myself, and a music teacher, and there was something insanely gratifying by how pure everything sounded, even on my system. I am embarrassed to admit, though I guess I already have, that I kind of settled for my first few Blue Notes.

They are definitely in a VG type area. Recent statistics from the Recording Industry Association of America on the types of recordings and how they stack up against one another show the LP's decline. For all of vinyl albums sold million units, while cassette tapes sold For the first half of , vinyl albums sold just Cassette tapes remained strong at million units in sales compared with After these figures were released last month, industry forecasters began eulogizing the vinyl album.

Unless required due to vomiting or other reasons, multiple small meals may not be advantageous after bariatric intervention. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Clinics Sao Paulo v. Clinics Sao Paulo. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Received Jun 9; Accepted Jul Study design This study employed a prospective observational clinical protocol with outpatient subjects. Exclusions The study began with subjects with a planned duration of 12 months. Surgical technique The open RYGBP involved the creation of a vertical gastric pouch of approximately 30 ml, a Roux-en-Y jejunal limb of cm and a biliopancreatic limb of 60—80 cm.

Anthropometric variables Body weight, height, BMI and weight loss were recorded at each visit. Ethical considerations Informed consent was obtained from all subjects, and the protocol was approved by the ethical committees of the two involved institutions. Table 1 General population profile.

Variables Preoperative 3 months 6 months 9 months Weight kg Open in a separate window. Table 3 Nutritional course and diet fractionation. Categories with less than five patients were eliminated;. Table 4 Correlation between weight loss, diet fractionation and vomiting episodes. Wang Y, Beydoun M A. Epidemiol Rev.

Obes Surg. Gastric bypass surgery causes body weight loss without reducing food intake in rats. Try doing it with hot water just from the kettle its easier to maipulate and isn't too hot! Sarah S. Thanks, I tried to make mine without the how too and just wrapped the record around my finger while it was hot. I wouldn't suggest that.

It is by far the best cleaning set up out there. I cleaned a copy of the sound track to M Squad an old Lee Marvin tv show. It takes time, but when it was done it sounds perfect, looks like crap but there is not a pop, scratch or unrecorded noise on it. My experience has taught me that vinyl in the type of condition, even after cleaning, will usually expose damage that would deem it unlistenable.

Maybe I missed the point that if the methods demonstrated here will clean these, it would clean slightly soiled vinyl to like new condition. ALL newly acquired records must be cleaned. I wish to prolong the life of my Ortofon MM2 Black as long as possible too. Appreciate your reply. ArizonaBob, It seems impossible to reply you directly. Also freshly new records are very static. Second good reason is when you want to enjoy your stylus as long as possible, cleaning records is a must.

The stylus wears out so much quicker with dirty records. Therefore cleaning records is a must. Jeez people. First, the records that are shown must be really rare or why are you going to all this trouble?? Second, I would never personally buy any record in this condition! Thirdly, if these are in your collection, how in world did they get this way?? Like the 74 year old commented, I bought a Discwasher in my teens also and still use it to this day I have several.

If it still is not up to expectations, out it goes and a replacement is hunted down. Sorry, but I personally cannot understand why you would spend more time and money attempting to clean a record than to just acquire a nice one to listen to? Would one of you please clue me in? As most people I tried a lot of cleaning solutions. Wetting agent reduces the surface tension of water. You can Use the cleaning solution in record vacuum cleaners and also with the Knosti Disco antistat.

Finally I have one last and very good tip for all the Knosti antistat users like me: The modified Antistat Clamp from highqual.

Maybe you will find the clamp a bit expensive clamp but it really pays of. No more damaged record labels. A RCM is the best if you are a serious collector. Most of the other methods involve a cloth which must surely disperse the grime and without a vacuum it will surely dry with some debris still on the record. Hello everyone and happy new year … Well, I am still using a homemade method for more than 45 years: Liquid soap for babies and I get a surprising cleaning. It is also true that before placing a record on the turntable, I take the precaution of cleaning it with a silk brush for babies, so that my records never get to deteriorate as much as you see in the article.

Also, alternate a normal capsule for less good discs and another supereliptic for select discs. I have been using Revirginizer. You massage it into the record and let it cure then peel it off. Great product developed by a chemist record collector here in Australia.

Which will do about 30 12 inch sides. Great results. Removes deep in the grooves and is anti static. Greetings and happy new year to VC World from Minnesota. I have been testing many methods over the years from spin clean to ultrasonic to own solutions. There seems to be a lot of comments saying how much work it would be to play before and after and being able to tell the difference is a lot of work….

For those that might doubt the sound differences and quality….. Even different types of water made difference before and after testing and different amounts per quart or pint jars of tergitol can make a difference.

Thank marcuslattimer comcast. Tap water in Sydney is reasonably soft and quite good enough. I have recently upgraded to using one of those flat paint applicators with the fine and soft bristles: Works a treat!!

And cheaper then every other solution proposed! From my experience this RCM is the most practical. In my opinion the cleaning results are equivalent in regard to vacuum machines. But the big difference is the noiseless operation. You can clean a disc while your wife is sleeping and stay alive after that. I tested several cleaning fluids. Since these vinyl records often stored popular radio hits, they also found their way into jukeboxes back in the day.

The grooves on these discs are only wide enough to record the spoken word and not the range needed for high-quality music. Shellac is more brittle than vinyl, so these older recordings are more fragile.

Dust in the grooves can also compromise audio quality, producing more crackles and pops when they come into contact with the needle.

Jul 22,  · July 22, Category Features. Share. 0 0 0 0. Share. 0 0 0 0. With more and more people viewing vinyl as the best – and only – way to own music, a new breed of vinyl subscription services have emerged, rethinking those old school records club for the 21st century. Each package includes a single and an LP, with last month’s Missing: Meal.

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  1. Pressing: The appearance of the vinyl is a bit cloudy and looking at reflections in the runout reveal a not-so-mirror-like finish. The spindle hole is tight and took some effort to get on my table. There are no etchings to indicate where it was pressed, yet the etchings do reveal the record was mastered at Missing: Meal.
  2. Sep 15,  · Can A Real Meal Easy Bake Oven Cook Raw Meat? Vinyl Eyezz , views. McDonald's Retro Happy Meal Toy Series - Duration: Lucky Penny Shop , views.
  3. Jul 22,  · July 22, Category Features. Share. 0 0 0 0. Share. 0 0 0 0. With more and more people viewing vinyl as the best – and only – way to own music, a new breed of vinyl subscription services have emerged, rethinking those old school records club for the 21st century. Each package includes a single and an LP, with last month’s Missing: Meal.
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  5. Jan 12,  · Vinyl is alive and well. In fact, in this modern age of digital streaming, LP sales are rising. If you were one of the many people who got a turntable over the holidays or if you're just looking.
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  7. the anabolic response to resistance exercise and a protein-rich meal is not diminished by age T. BROCK SYMONS, 1 M. SHEFFIELD-MOORE, 2 M.M. MAMEROW, 1 R.R. WOLFE, and D. PADDON-JONES 1, 2, 3 1 Division of Rehabilitation Sciences, The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas , USA.
  8. Feb 07,  · Van just doesn't have much soul. Resonance in his falsetto if diminished. Drums tend to lack some snap. Cymbals lack depth and decay. Harmonics just don't seem to come completely together. Horn section seems to play singular notes rather than rich chords. On Moonshine Whiskey, Van tells the sax player to "Get Funky" and it's just not/5(K).

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