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2 Oct, 2012

Rape The Defiled

In a number of underdeveloped countries, women as well as some girls too young to even be women have been stoned to death for being raped. Since this worldview isn't all that keen on consent , it doesn't always make any distinction between rape and consensual sex: a woman having consensual sex with a man not her husband can be considered Defiled Forever , on the basis that it was her "purity" that got violated, not her rights and boundaries.

Most in 18th century England believed not just that any woman who had been raped was Defiled Forever. They also believed that any woman who was raped, no matter how violently or at what age, would instantly become sexually voracious and uncontrollably promiscuous. This justified the belief that a rape victim could never be a decent wife; in a time when women who didn't marry could end up dead in the streets, it forced many rape victims to either keep their rape a secret or end up in a brothel.

Hogarth's series of engravings entitled "A Harlot's Progress" was not meant as parody but as the literal course of events for one of these women. It is also pretty common that Bob is a love interest which Alice rejects because of not deeming herself worthy of being loved.

Bob does not give up on her love, and continues his advances on her, until Alice, confused, asks Bob the reason of his persistence. Bob explains that he does not care about her Dark and Troubled Past since she is self-evidently an innocent who was the victim of a vicious crime against her, and we all learn that Love Redeems. In reality, there is a wide spectrum of ways that victims of violence sexual or otherwise may react. In Genesis 34, Dinah went out to visit the women of Shechem , where her people had made camp and where her father Jacob had purchased the land where he had pitched his tent.

Shechem the son of Hamor, the prince of the land "took her and lay with her and humbled her. And his soul was drawn to Dinah Hamor came to Jacob and asked for Dinah for his son: "Make marriages with us; give your daughters to us, and take our daughters for yourselves.

You shall dwell with us; and the land shall be open to you. But "the sons of Jacob answered Shechem and his father Hamor deceitfully, because he had defiled their sister Dinah"; they said they would accept the offer if the men of the city agreed to be circumcised. So the men of Shechem were deceived, and were circumcised; and "on the third day, when they were sore, two of the sons of Jacob and Leah, Simeon and Levi, Dinah's brothers, took their swords and came upon the city unawares, and killed all the males.

They slew Hamor and his son Shechem with the sword, and took Dinah out of Shechem's house, and went away. This portion of the Book of Genesis deals primarily with the family of Abraham and his descendants, including Dinah, her father Jacob, and her brothers. The traditional view is that Moses wrote Genesis as well as almost all the rest of the Torah , doubtlessly using varied sources but synthesizing all of them together to give the Hebrews a written history of their ancestors.

This view—which has been held for the past several thousand years, although it is not explicitly mentioned in either the Hebrew or the Christian Bible —holds that Moses included this story primarily because it happened and he viewed it as significant.

It foreshadows later happenings and prophecies further along in Genesis and the Torah dealing with the two violent brothers. Source-critical scholars speculate that Genesis combines separate literary strands, with different values and concerns, and does not pre-date the 1st millennium BC as a unified account.

He instead says that such a description reflected a "late, post-exilic notion that the idolatrous gentiles are impure [and supports] the prohibition of intermarriage and intercourse with them. Midrashic literature contains a series of proposed explanations of the Bible by rabbis. It provides further hypotheses of the story of Dinah, suggesting answers to questions such as her offspring: Osnat a daughter [6] from Shechem, and links to later incidents and characters.

One midrash states that Dinah was conceived as a male in Leah's womb but miraculously changed to a female, lest the maid-servants Bilhah and Zilpah be associated with more of the Israelite tribes than Rachel. Berakhot 60a. Another midrash implicates Jacob in Dinah's misfortune: when he went to meet Esau , he locked Dinah in a box, for fear that Esau would wish to marry her, [7] but God rebuked him in these words: "If thou hadst married off thy daughter in time she would not have been tempted to sin, and might, moreover, have exerted a beneficial influence upon her husband" Gen.

Her brother Simeon promised to find a husband for her, but she did not wish to leave Shechem, fearing that, after her disgrace, no one would take her to wife Gen. She is therefore referred to as "the Canaanitish woman" Gen. Early Christian commentators such as Jerome likewise assign some of the responsibility to Dinah, in venturing out to visit the women of Shechem. This story was used to demonstrate the danger to women in the public sphere as contrasted with the relative security of remaining in private.

On his deathbed, their father Jacob curses Simeon and Levi's anger Genesis We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Do not sell my personal information. Cookie settings All Good! Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

The list seems endless. A journalist, Mrs Chinyere Ukwu, is dissatisfied that it takes a long time for rape and defilement cases to be disposed of in many courts.

She regrets that the society still casts stigmas on such victims, making ladies, especially, to keep to themselves, sexual molestation against them, to avoid scaring potential suitors. Mrs Helen Ibeji, the Coordinator of the Girl-Child Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, called for eradication of cultural practices that encourage sexual molestation.

Ibeji urges parents to create enough time to monitor their children especially girls to guard against defilement and rape. She appeals to governments to establish centres where girls, especially those defiled by their relatives, can be rehabilitated.

The coordinator also suggests organisation of more workshops and seminars in both urban and rural centres to sensitise Nigerians to the need to report such crimes in time. Mr Chris Ayiyi, also a lawyer, is worried that in spite of some awareness campaigns against defilement and rape, cases spring up in court almost daily.

Jan 10,  · Rape, defilement and intimidation: The pain behind teenage motherhood Sexual assault survivors risk pregnancy and STDs. They lack access to medical attention and often drop out of school.

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  1. Domestic and intimate partner violence, Sexual violence and rape, Statutory rape or defilement. In , the appellant was charged and convicted for committing five sexual offenses against his sister. The had purportedly occurred over years,. Most of the charged offenses, sexual exploitation of a child and two rapes, occurred when the appellant.
  2. Jul 26,  · On June 14, , the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr Mohammed Adamu, disclosed that the police arrested Rape and defilement related .
  3. Apr 26,  · Rape refers to sexual assault where there is actual penetration of the genital organs of one person by another. Defilement refers to sexual assault of a similar nature to a person under the age of 0 Comments Add a Comment.
  4. Jul 04,  · Umar Muhammed, Lafia It was like a nightmare for year-old Ashimu Aliyu when he heard the news of the defilement of his three-month-old baby by a .
  5. Jul 26,  · Rape is as old as human existence. While some nations treat it with much seriousness and execute those found guilty, others treat it as a common crime that allows the offender to spend between two and five years in jail. Analysts note that some rape and defilement victims lose their lives in the process while others get traumaised all through life.
  6. On the other hand, women who invited rape by their looks were defiled, and thus sinful. In support he cited Matthew , which said that people are defiled by what goes out not by what goes in. Inviting looks went out, so that is where the sin lay, not with the rape itself *.
  7. The destructive idea that if a person (usually female) has ever been the victim of some kind of sexual violation, then her life is destroyed forever. Lifelong depression is mandatory. This trope is about Alice or Bob believing that Alice is defiled forever because she had an inappropriate sexual contact. That inappropriate sexual contact destroys the soul. ("Inappropriate" equals either "non.
  8. May 31,  · This would greatly alleviate the plight of many defiled and raped victims in furtherance of the child welfare and protection systems. Crime against children especially the girl .
  9. Aug 08,  · Section 8 of the Domestic Violence Act, provides that a victim of domestic violence including sexual abuse “is entitled to free medical treatment from the State.” The law requires that in.

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