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2 Oct, 2012

Send For Me - Frankie Sparo - My Red Scare (Vinyl, LP, Album)

I call it crap. Chris Dodge is a bassist and Dave Witte is a drummer. They live on opposite coasts, but they did not let this minor inconvenience stop them from recording together.

Witte recorded the drum sections, then sent them to Dodge, who recorded everything else. The result is amazingly cohesive hardcore music. Slightly unusual is that most of the songs are instrumental. They are also very short. It gives the feeling that this is more of a rough draft than a finished album. Just hit the repeat button on your CD player and listen to it a couple of times. There it is, right in their press material.

I'm not making that up. Anyway, what they came up with is their brand of melodic hardcore. It's not different than things you've heard before, but it's probably new to you so you should give it a try. That will not happen any time soon, since they are constantly touring in support of We Have the Facts, and We're Voting Yes. These are beautiful songs with emo leanings and string arrangements in the background. With styles akin to Propagandi tracks 2 and 4 and Digger tracks 1 and 3 , the music is fast-paced, tempo changing and aggressive.

However, the vocals, which are shared among band members, are inconsistent -- some very good, some very bad. Lyrically, the songs are also not as solid and two tracks focus on Christian themes -- something I'm not very fond of. If DefCon5 were an instrumental band, they would rule. Or, if the vocal duties were limited to the best of the singers and the lyrics were stronger and less religiously-focused, they would rule even more. There is certainly an experimental feel to these two releases.

The tempo is kept slow, like any Trip Hop tune, sometimes drifting into an ambient sound, devoid of beats. However, the sounds sampled here go beyond regular instruments. Voices are manipulated, not allowed to speak complete words. Even the sound of a skipping CD provides an interesting feel to "Swipe Width. I wouldn't recommend listening to this CD all the way through, because the chipmunk-sounding vocals repeating the same two lines for 48 minutes will drive you insane.

Pick your favorite and forget the others. Oh, wait, this is who now? OK, we'll call them Deviate then. Well it could be Pantera then, how's that? Regardless of who they sound like, they kick ass.

That's a sure thing. In fact, I think they kick more ass than Pantera. Deviate is like a really pissed-off Pantera. They have a bigger sound and are more aggressive.

In fact, I think I'm replacing what's-their-name's new CD with this one. It's smooth, and true, and real, old school dirty weekend party funk. Grab a blunt, and groove to this highly entertaining party album with substance. I mean Holy Shit! This is one of the best discs I've heard in a long time. Fierce and angry, but not so much that the music is lost.

It's like Biohazard without the rap overtones. This is a disc that starts heavy and does not relent until you are a quivering little puddle of piss on the floor. The energy is aggressive throughout the album, though sporadic piano harmonies add a nice touch. Madd Vibe on this full length CD. My favorite track is "Sing Low," which is sung, not read. Yet on most of the tracks he talks, without the benefit of the visual.

This is also being released on video, so I recommend that. Moore has some important things to say, however, perhaps just saying it removes the power of his voice and song. This is some older-sounding punk though I can assure you this band is fresh. They're a socio-politically conscious band who doesn't mind speaking their mind. Oh, and they're pissed. It didn't move the Earth for me but it's worth a listen. Damn, they had me fooled! You could have told me that the guys playing these mostly instrumental reggae tracks were straight from Jamaica, and I would have believed you.

But no, they are from Japan, and they are very good. Their blend of western percussion with musical elements from European countries gives no clue that they call Vienna home. Freaks and Icons starts out in a party mode, with a catchy danceable tune featuring a groovy bassline and flowing keys. The pace slows down a bit for "Streets of Istanbul" and "Before," whose beats seem to build up to a climax that never arrives. Now, on this here EP you've got yourself some hardcore. It's totally no frills and rocks out as much as any hardcore I've heard this month.

There are some really heavy, beefy riffs on here and that's just cool with me. I don't know if I'd rush out and pick this up because the full CD will be out in just a few months. However, I would grab that when it hits. Oh, and look for these cats on tour, too. If you really want to get this EP, by all means, go ahead. I'm not going to be offended. It's indie rock at its finest -- combining jazz elements with rock while using hyper-creative and constantly moving guitar parts.

Much of Faraquet's style is very technical, using varying sounds throughout each song, changing tempo frequently. Their sound has bits of The Dismemberment Plan, Modest Mouse and others -- but remains absolutely original.

Robbins, as engineer for the album, shines through in the amazing recording quality of the release. It seems that there must be a formula to follow in creating a disc of this ilk, because they are all starting to sound the same. Luckily, Field Day has been doing this for over five years. While there is nothing terribly bad about this disc, I wish that bands would start trying new things at some point. This is surprisingly good! However, this is not bad at all. Florida hasn't produced a good band since It may have finally happened.

I don't know just how much I'd label them an emo band but they are certainly rock. I'd put them in the Bush vein. There are definitely some emo tendencies but it's not emo like Son Volt emo. I don't think the guy's going to kill himself if he doesn't get the girl, you know? This band rocks out as much as any band on the radio right now and they have some great hooks. I bet they're a kick live.

Go check them out and let me know. The lead singer comes really close to sounding exactly like Eddie Vedder. His bandmates back him up with twangy guitars and harmonies that are a bit too country to be called alternative but a bit too alternative to be called country. The songs are pretty slow, keeping you in anticipation of every next note. Even though the songs are all somewhat different, only the mood is the same throughout. From single guitar accompaniment to string orchestration, Sparo manages to create a somber mood filled with reverb'd hopelessness.

And that's without paying attention to the lyrics! That's right, Heavy F-ing Metal, the kind with a vocalist who can sing, scream, change his sound, and hold a note. Missed metal due to it's multiple hybridizations and cross-pollinations? Check out Gaskill. It is straight up metal. No hardcore, no death, no speed core, just metal. This gets better each listen! Hipster Daddy-O and the Handgrenades will keep you moving all night long. They blend swing, jump blues rockabilly and a bit of punk into a powerful dance cocktail.

Hearts of Palm is their sixth full-length album of "slo-core," as they call it. They've toned down the feedback and the antique amps for a more sober, atmospheric sound. He's a brilliant guitar player and a fantastic vocalist with a highly recognizable voice. The album is a collection of rock songs 11 tracks , some with heavier country influences than others, but undeniably J Mascis. Each tune has a personality, a style of its own, and a hook that absorbs the listener in a cozy yet powerful and emotional way.

If you were captivated by his vocal style, you might be sad to know that he sings on very few tracks on Muddlin Gear. The good news is that this CD does not really need his voice to succeed. His songs are odes to musical patterns, not necessarily with an underlying theme.

Sometimes he pulls all the stops, and journeys into the deep end of experimentation, like in "The Cop It Suite," which features a variety of beeps and beats in no particular arrangement. Not all tracks are a difficult listen, though. Even the last track, "Daddy No Lie," is a barbershop quartet tune, with barely any electronic effects. This CD is certainly intended for a certain audience, and that audience will love it. It's a great homage to all aspects of rock n' roll.

For those who give a stern middle finger to the whole polished world and just want your rock to come naturally, this is your album. For their debut release, instead of putting out original material, they decided to compile some of their best remixes into a two CD set. We understand our position as an independent record label to be an ongoing attempt to define and enact such a practice. Constellation tries to avoid allowing their records to be sold in chain stores such as Wal-Mart or Best Buy : please do not buy a Constellation album from this source.

Do not shop at these temples of payola and product placement - they are zones of domination. As an extension of their comittment to artistry in musical presentation, Constellation is committed to the use of vinyl as musical medium. Say Constellation, "Our commitment to vinyl certainly stems in part from its inherent resistance to the advent of compact disc s as the vehicle of mass duplication.

We are neither absolute purists nor luddite s in this regard - while we do prefer vinyl both for sonic s and for its ability to create a larger canvas for art direction, we also recognise the decentralising potential of digital duplication and transmission. The music: enough rhetoric , let's rawk! Godspeed you black emperor! Most listeners identify Constellation with the sound of Godspeed you black emperor! Godspeed is certainly Constellation's most commercially and critically successful group, creating apocalyptic soundscape s that are usually placed within the genre of " post-rock.

Godspeed's music, though inspired by political resistance, has never been explicitly political, instead suggesting its themes musically. Their first release was "all lights fucked on the hairy amp drooling," a limited edition cassette that you will never hear.

Several promotional releases preceded their first full length in , "f a infinity," a bleak, beautiful record of three epic tracks. The EP "slow riot for new zero kanada" continued in the same vein, and was followed in by the absolutely stunning double album "lift yr. A subtle rearrangement of punctuation left the band calling itself Godspeed you!

Spotify Apple Music Deezer. Tracklist 1. I Am Waiting Running time: Released 10 September on these here shores, meaning nobody but a lucky few heard it. Mastered by Harris Newman. Reviews "[E]motive and brutally raw… There's a sincerity in Sparo's croaky voice that would make even the coldest of hearts feel his pain…sorrowful, yet oddly uplifting folk songs.

Related Releases. The drums used to hold 55 gallons of oil, cymbals are bowed or left out altogether, and evocative noises of every stripe waft about in the cobwebbed rafters.

The guitar ranges from the latter-day Crazy Horse snarl of "Send for Me" to the spare, lonesome 50s-style vibrato of the opening "Bastard Heart. But there's one essential ingredient lacking from My Red Scare , and its absence is glaring: melody. Sparo goes so far in conjuring an effective mood that he forgets to craft tunes. As I said before, his song structure owes less to folk and blues and more to the bleak vaudeville so loved by Tom Waits in the 80s.

Bastard Heart 2. My Stunning Debut 3. Dimish Me NYC 4. Novak Again 6. The Loneliest Mademoiselle 7. Send For Me 8. This Side Of Her 9. Here Comes The Future Thrilling stuff.

Jones put Frankie Sparo on ice in , but returned in March to play a handful of dates in northern Europe supporting the Handsome Furs, and is listed (along with Nadia Moss, Jessica Moss, and Scott Levine Gilmore) as a performer on Sam Shalabi's album, Eid. He currently performs as part of The Witchies with Nadia Moss and Jonah Fortune.

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  2. Oct 14,  · The Montreal/Chicago comparison occurred to me while listening to this album by Frankie Sparo; he's like the Canadian Califone. His songs are painfully slow, and sung in a .
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  4. Get Frankie Sparo setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Frankie Sparo fans for free on xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfo!
  5. Frankie Sparo • My Red Scare • Constellation Records • Poor Frankie, he's so sad. The songs are pretty slow, keeping you in anticipation of every next note. Vinyl. Foreign Legion • The creative aspects of this album have astounded me, Broach's vocals have impressed me and each tune (12 total) has made me smile with admiration.
  6. Cds Part 1, Used CDs For Sale in Finglas, Dublin, Ireland for euros on xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfo
  7. Sep 10,  · In January , Frankie Sparo toured Europe with a Silver Mt Zion. Musicians from the latter group worked on new arrangements of songs from Sparo’s debut record My Red Scare, adding strings, organ and electronics to Frankie’s guitar and beatbox xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfo of the results were captured in a live studio performance recorded live to 2-track at VPRO radio in Amsterdam, where a .
  8. Sister Sledge. Sister Sledge is an American musical group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in and consisting of four sisters: Kim Sledge (born August 21, ), Debbie Sledge (born July 9, ), Joni Sledge (born September 13, ), and Kathy Sledge (born January 6, ).

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