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2 Oct, 2012


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A word from our CEO. Our Leadership Team. Our Investors. Wheel in the News. Want to join an amazing team? Like other Rodnover groups, Ynglists consider Christianity as an anti-national international machination aimed at the enslavement of people, chiefly Russians.

Ramha is absolute , unknowable, unfathomable, and yet manifest in the gods generating of all phenomena in accordance with the supreme order, Yngly. Besides the similarity of the names of the Ynglist Ramha and the Indian Rama , it is worthwhile to note that Ramha is identified with the ancient Egyptian concept of Ra central to the other Russian Native Faith practice Vseyasvetnaya gramota.

A hymn to Ramha declaims: [12]. A hymn to Yngly declaims: [21]. Primary concepts are the already described absolute God and the matrix into which its gods incarnate—the Earth, characterised as Midgard "Middle-Realm" in Scandinavian terminology. A third important concept is Rod, who is the archetype of humanity, progenitor of all ancestors.

Gods are described as immutable, informational personal laws who harmoniously engender the different forms of life in the universe and support them in their course. They are all in accordance with the order Yngly begotten by the supreme God, but at the same time they may exceptionally intervene in the course of phenomena helping people's spiritual evolution along the right path, if people are motivated by sincere creativity and love. An Ynglist dictum is that "the gods are our fathers, and we are their children".

He is without image, like Ramha, but Ynglists worship him through the three-runes symbol of Ramha. His protection flows through Prav, Yav and Nav, the three worlds of traditional Slavic cosmology. A hymn to Rod-Forefather declaims: [26]. According to Ynglist cosmology, reality consists of the three dimensions recognised by common Rodnover cosmology, Prav lit. Bright Nav, otherwise called Slav, is the dimension of ancestors, while Dark Nav is the dimension of chthonic demons.

In the cosmological scheme, the Bright Nav is above while the Dark Nav is below, and the Yav is the boundary in-between the two and may develop according to the model of both. Also, Prav is purely mental, while Nav is astral it consists in the movements of the asterisms of Heaven , and Nav is physical phenomenical. Only Aryans are considered to be the offspring of the gods of the Bright Nav, while non-Aryans black races are considered the offspring of chthonic demons.

The Warps are: 1. Ynglists believe that " Yngling ", a name that identifies the earliest royal dynasties of Scandinavia , means "offspring of Yngly", and that the historical Ynglings migrated to Scandinavia from the region of Omsk, which was a spiritual centre of the early Indo-Europeans. They hold that the Saga ob Ynglingakh , their Russian version of the Scandinavian Ynglinga saga itself composed by Snorri Sturluson on the basis of an older Ynglingatal , proves their ideas about the origins of the Ynglings in Omsk, and that the Scandinavian Eddas are ultimately a more recent, western European and Latinised version of their own sacred books, the Slavo-Aryan Vedas.

Ynglism presents itself as the true spirituality of the Indo-Europeans or Aryans , a term which means "harmonious men", those who act in accordance with the laws of God and therefore manifest bright white features. The first Aryans dwelt at the geographic North Pole , whence they are known in Greek sources by the name " Hyperboreans " lit. After leaving their original homeland they mostly settled in what is today Russia and broader Eurasia , where the richest occurrences of hooked cross symbolism in historical testimonies have been found, in patterns of architecture, weaponry, and tools of everyday life.

Ynglism would be the means to regather the Aryans and reconnect them to their progenitors, reawakening their pristine way to perceive the world. Architectures were built according to the pattern of Alatyr Slavic mythological stone or mountain which represents the world centre or the world axle , which is the same as the image of Yngly hooked cross , which endows human consciousness with virtue.

In Okunevo , in the same region of Omsk, was located an important religious centre, a temple. The Ynglist Church is concerned with the health of the Russians, and other Slavic peoples, and of the family as any folk's fundamental unit.

They emphasise that men are innately disposed towards "public" life, while women fulfil themselves in the "private" life of the family at home. The veche of the church itself is conceived as the gathering of these elders, the fathers. According to Ynglist beliefs, women are "so tied to their natural task of reproduction" that they may not reach the same intellectual and spiritual achievements of men, who are naturally more prone to the abstract thinking that is needed for political assignments.

Ynglism is critical of modern Western liberal democracy , and espouses instead an ideal of democracy that is more similar to ancient Greek democracy. According to the Ynglists, universal suffrage leads to unwise decisions and ultimately to the disruption of society, because the majority of people are not wise.

In their view, modern liberal democracies are dictatorships of the "biggest minorities", whereas ancient Slavic veche and mir were based on "consensual decision-making". Get Word of the Day daily email!

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