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Evergreen Teerencetrent Dar-by - Various - Breaker Breaker Audio Recording Company: Summer Sampler 2002 (CD)

Elephant Record Scratch And Crackle Submarine sonar Whirl Effect Backspin Gun Shot And Reload Horse Laughing Trumpet Record Scratch Record Scratching Reggae Spring Window Smashing Dwarf Chorus - Heigh Ho Eddie Fisher - Oh Mein Papa Terry Scott - My Bruvver London Theatre Orchestra - England London Theatre Orchestra - Ireland London Theatre Orchestra - Wales London Theatre Orchestra - France Louis Armstrong - Wonderful World Lobo - Caribbean Disco Show Beethoven - Symphony No 9.

Traditional - The Wedding Ave Maria 2. Sue Pollard - Starting Together 3. Dixie Cups - Chapel Of Love 5. Tommy Steele - Flash Bang Wallop. Stevie Wonder - Happy Birthday 8. Smeg The Duck - Happy Birthday 9. Traditional - Happy Birthday To You Traditional - 21 Today. Smeg The Duck - Jingle Bells Bing Crosby - White Christmas Slade - Merry Christmas Everyone. Traditional - Auld Lang Syne Midnight Hour - Scotland The Rave.

Ray Parker Junior - Ghostbusters Theme - The Adams Family. Cliff Richard - Congratulations Queen - We Are The Champions Cockrel Chorus - Nice One Cyril Merry Christmas 3. Merry Christmas Everybody - Noddy Holder 9. Is This Guy For Real Toilet What Will Happen Next? Tune In Tomorrow Music Factory Mastermix Computer Voice Ugly People Alert Happy Hangover Now - Here Comes The Music Are You Ready To Party?

Well Come On! You Are Awful! Es-Es-Essential You Are Physically Repulsive And You Smell Say Turn It Up! Turn It Up Live Can You Feel It?

Live Stereophonic Gramophone Recordings Pathe News Goodnight This is Your Life Fanfare This Is Only The Beginning Grand Entrance Fanfare 1 Grand Entrance Fanfare 2 Grand Arrival Fanfare Grand Presentation Fanfare Night On Bare Mountain Introduction.

Cockney Classics Megamix Ovaltineys - We Are The Ovaltineys. Tango - Tango De Perilas Foxtrot - As Time Goes By Waltz - Somewhere My Love Quickstep - Lullabye Of Broadway Twilight Zone 7.

The Dark Room 8. Nightmare On Alfred Street 9. Horror Background Thunderclap Evil Laughter Spooky Laughter Wolves Goblin Laugh. Fart, Cor! Raspberry Dog Barking Car Crash Driving Test Police Siren Twang Disco Lazer Tarzan Gets Shot Gesundheit Mass Hysteria Snoring Group Toilet Of Doom Phone Ringing Wolf Whistle Constipation Or Climax.

Church Wedding Bells 2. Wedding March Church 3. Wedding March Classical 4. Here Comes The Bride. Small Crowd Hooray Small Crowd Cheer Large Crowd - Football Drumroll Carl Orf - O Fortuna.

Bad Manners - Can Can 3. Traditional - Hokey Cokey 4. Black Lace - Do The Conga 5. Damien - The Timewarp 6. Tweets - Birdie Song 7. Mad Jocks - Jocks Party Mix 8. Little Eva - The Locomotion 9. Black Lace - Agadoo Traditional - Simple Simon Says. Theme - Rainbow Theme - Happy Days Theme - Hawaii Theme - The Flintstones Theme - Batman Theme - Neighbours Theme - Joe Theme - Thunderbirds Theme - Looney Tunes Theme - Merry Melodies Traditional - The Stripper Attention Young Ladies Awesome!

Gimme The Music. Good News Boppers Goooood Morning Vietnam! Ha Ha Ha Ha CD ONE 1. Main Theme. Beautiful Stranger. A Kiss To A Rose. Born Free. As Time Goes By. Born To Be Wild. What A Feeling.

Deeper Underground. Summer Nights. On Days Like These. Matt Monro. Every Sperm Is Sacred. And Now Little Green Bag Night Fever. My Favourite Things. Prelude And Main Theme. Summer Holiday. My Heart Will Go On.

Take My Breath Away. Lust For Life. It Had To Be You. Oompa Loompa. Original Cast Original Cast. A Whole New World.

Blue Velvet. Loco In Accapulco. Original Score ET. Love Is All Around. You Sexy Thing. Unchained Melody. Self Preservation Society.

Jailhouse Rock. Diamonds Are Forever. You Only Live Twice. The Bare Neccessities. Love Thy Neighbour. Knights Of The Round Table. Pretty Woman. Purple Rain. The Kids Are Alright. Main Theme Rigsby Version. Kyles Mum Is A Bitch. Pinball Wizzard. Yankee Doodle Boy. James Cagney. Enjoy a piece of Mastermix history!

MFSB feat. Jones 8. I Spy For The. ABBA - Waterloo 2. Neon Lights 2. Electric Cars 3. Roulette Wheel 4. Metronome 5. Fish Pond 6. Blocks 7. Street Life 8. Disco Ball 9. All Genres.

Rock All. Studio Equipment. Techno All. Techno Hard Techno. Deep House. DJ Equipment. Drum And Bass. UK Garage. DJ equipment. Vinyl DJ accessories. Digital DJ accessories. DJ lighting. DJ spare parts. Computer accessories.

Studio equipment. Welcome to the tequila-fuelled, scooter-riding, shoe-collecting world of Mr Carter. It's a normal, three bedroom, bi-level apartment. I can see lots of trees out my window and I have a nice balcony that I can go and sit on and just watch the trees, and the kids playing. I just astroturfed the balcony. The old balcony was made of wood and was starting to decompose, so the landlord put a new one on the building. It looks cool now! That's such a gay question! Like starts singing in a high camp sty lee 'oh my favourite moooment, my favourite moooment!

No, it's probably the end. His voice, his performance. I love Britain, especially the interesting eccentrics that you guys breed there. It's a lot harder to be an eccentric in America, although I am trying.

Keep all that butter away from me. Well, I used to be part of this choir when I was at high school. We were a noteworthy choir in the choir circles - it's a different kind of underground - and we did an album. It was my first recording experience, I was like 15, and I found It two or three years ago.

I was looking at the pictures and everything and having a complete nostalgia moment. It's really precious to me because I was still fairly innocent and it goes deeper for me than things I can just play out at a party.

It's a kitsch thing. I like things. I am most definitely, however, a shoe whore. I keep them in really nice cedar racks. If I had a wife, she would spend all my money. Whatever, I live now, today, here, we, us, you, me, now.

So I bought two new pairs yesterday. I pit people against themselves and watch them destroy each other. One third pie, two thirds meringue. But I mean, hobbies? I want a hobby, and I used to collect stamps, coins, rocks. And then 1 got a life and it eclipsed the need for a hobby. What could it stand for. Everybody spills a little.

Particularly German chocolate cake. So Miss Mama Rose. I love your cake! Everyone now and then I get a sweets seizure.

Although I like a fruit drink too. You drink a few of them and you feel like a flying gorilla. They are totally tasty and 1 like them a lot. It can get so messy. I have a scooter, which has been sitting in a side street for a few weeks, because I was too drunk to ride it home. Somebody moved it from one side of the street to the other, apparently. I lived this Eighties shit In the Eighties.

I was there, I was able, I had a mohawk then and we were rocking it around the first time. Make it hot! Flesh oboe, skin flute.

Yes, I am quite clever, thank you very much. I would like to learn to play the harmonica. I could play it out on the astroturf balcony, can you feel me?!

And my lips are too big, my mouth is too big, the whole harmonica gets in my mouth. It was a bit long though. And Born Identity with Matt Damon and somebody else. It was good, but also too long. I really liked Spiderman, I was watching it on bootleg DVD, and it corrupted three quarters of the way through, and I was on the plane, and I was totally upset. So I had a drink. Pen, via e-mail How morbid. Of course it would be in Chicago so I could invite my friends and family and be with them when the shit goes down.

I would play, of course, and. I would have a Chicago reunion, have all the cats who ran out on the city and traded it for shittier pastures. They would come back home, rocking it at my house. I have at least , and that's a conservative estimate. Melody A. P-Funk and house music to Eighties pop. They also share an impressive dance pedigree. But Kraftwerk were big James Brown fans and were strangely funky when they were at their best.

Album to follow next year. He clearly efforts c doesn't mince his words. And it's easy to be a fag here. But in a good way. We all got really wasted - there were seven or eight bottles of wine on the table - and I lost my glasses. September L Rm. The place is full of beer boys, too, so the people who want to do something different have to be really passionate about it.

After a while, you need more than guitars. I haaAkjk! Angus Deayton lookallke Vitalic: His 'Poney' isn't 'pony'. September Release Yourself at Pacha, Ibiza. Every Monday until 23rd September. Southport, England To be held at Pontins, Southport. Strictly limited to people.

Including all chalet accommodation for two nights and three days. Dave Qarke. Deep Dish. Derrick Carter. Grandmaster Flash. Stanton Warriors. X-Press 2. Plus many more. Info Ooon Spm-ltBii.

Doon 9piiv3om. Doors 7pmam. Doois 8pin-1ain. Doon 8Fm-Iian. Hide-U, Catch, Hungry ami Harder. RJd2 not apprarlng at Birminghant. The new single 'Six Days' ont 14th October www. But then a demolition crew accidentally tore down a wall of the club, rendering the whole building unsafe.

That was three long years ago, but now, after hopping from substitute venue to substitute venue. Subculture and Optimo are finally going home. Happy days. How we adore this club! Rave on! Yousef spent the last five or so months working on a monthly club night to be called Circus, which was meant to be backed by Cream.

But we all know what happened to Cream. Rather than give up, he decided to put his money where his mouth is, and do it all on his lonesome. First into the ring will be Yousef no surprise there! Top house DJs can expect their phones to ring any day now. Urban Gorilla is something a little bit special: a quality breaks night in an area dominated by trance and hard house. The promoters make a big effort to bring top talent to town, as well as supporting local, up and coming talent.

Roll the beats! First they were at the Electrowerkz, then they moved to OneFourFour, but that was sold, so they went back to the Electrowerkz for one night only. Then they moved to Turnmills, but that was too big for such an intimate club. We love this venue, we love this club, and we especially love the DJs pencilled in for their first monthly bash at Crash. And obviously. Red Jerry will be there, demanding a proper acid house attitude. Quite right. Expect this weekly night to be even more glamorous than usual.

CHRIS reeves. JAMES holroyd. OPEN: LS2 7DE. How can we be so sure, you ask? With a line-up of big name DJs to bash out the stadium- sized beats, GK are pulling all the stops to cater for the cyber community. The nights there are just so good, dammit. We at Muzik have been guilty in the past of taking it for granted, assuming that - like Elvis or that perfect post-club cup of tea - it will always be there.

Hoorahl A night to keep even the renownedly fussy asymmetrical haircut people happy. D ust off your shoes with wings on - this has got to be one of the best nights to be had In the capital all month.

Bugged Out! Hip Hop and Urban Grooves. Including all chalet accomodation for two nights and three days in fully equipped self-catering apartments. Strict '18 and over' door policy. Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission. Enquiries The amount of tar and nicotine you inhale will vary depending on how you smoke the cigarette.

And the Number One was boss: a sordid, subterranean cruising spot full of mirrors, high times and low lights. But just as every dog has its day, every dog must also, inevitably, go blind, drool all over the place, start to smell and then have a terminal visit to the vet. The venue gradually slipped into obscurity until. Move forward a few years however after a serious re- fit , and the same space has now become Manchester's hottest ticket: One Central Street.

A dark panelled, equally low-lit spot, mixing the aesthetics of bar chip with incredibly good food and, at the weekend, a club atmosphere courtesy of guest DJs. This comes in glasses and makes you fall over after about seven measurements called pints. Come Friday and Saturday, the dinner tables beat a hasty retreat and guest DJs fill the space. The two- night affair will take place at Nation this October 11th and 12th. With the solo title decided on the 5th, followed by the crew title the day after, It's the essential hip hop event.

See ww. He may be starting to look like a soft rock throwback, but the man had them dancing on tables. He will, he will, rock you! Not least for his 20 minute, home- spun mix of rave classics.

This man is a god. Getting right into the party spirit, the portly American jock agreed to paint American Indian stripes on his face and put a feather in his hair, before proceeding to DJ for a blinding 10 hours. Get gnurgly, dudel I magine vacuum packing yourself into some Lycra, strapping yourself onto a surfboard and then hanging on for dear life as a marine kite speeds you across the sea. The more nimble will spend the day catching air, doing tricks and Jibing changing direction while staying upright , however it could Just be a case of trying not to nose-dive into the icy cold Dorset water while going rather fast.

Kite surfing otherwise known as kite boarding or fly surfing, dude was invented by the French and taken to the next level by speed junkies on the beaches of Hawaii. Online thrill Jockeys Exhilaration offer a taster day that enables you to dip your toe in - so to speak - without forking out for the whole kit and caboodle.

Of course, you can opt for the half-day course, and after three and a half hours, you can retire to the pub, sup a pint of local ale, and watch your mates continue to accumulate sand where sand really shouldn't be. Could very well be WEB: www. Joined by the Unabombers, Mutiny and Angel Moraes. October 5th sees a visit from DJ Pierre yes, really.

A monthly touch of greatness in the capital. Book Monday off work, now! Expect glam girls, goodie bags and plenty more besides at this monthly soiree. From electro to lush down tempo ballads this still has the press plaudits ringing in its ears. Anthology II is full of recordings, productions and arrangements that have been sampled by amongst others, Lauryn Hill, Dr.

Dre and DJ Shadow. Playlist and all other titles and prices subject to availability. Excludes R. Offer applies to stickered products only - see instore for details. Gut, ja? There are people as far as the eye can see. This is Love Parade Started by Berlin DJ and promoter Dr Motte in , carefid management and an excellent safety record has allowed tlie Love Parade to reach its current, huge proportions, peaking in with a crowd of 1.

Until recently the event actually had charity status, meaning tlial the aulhorities paid for tlie clean up. Imagine Hampshire County Council doing that after Homelands. Even Pete Tong is seen smiling. A bit. When Muzik and a hotel lobby full of tip-top DJing talent Jon Cox and Sara Carter, Tongleberry, Fergie and some scarily dressed Germans head for the Radio 1 float, it instantly becomes a school outing.

Eventually, however, the float is reached, tlie beer starts flowing, and people start misbehaving, as Mauro Piccolto pounds out his hard-tech oompah-oompah- crackety-boom thing.

As the float passes under a bridge, Dave Beer hoists himself off the float, monkey-climbs along the bridge and lands next to an alarmed punter at the end of the lorry. Jon Carter, Fergie, Tong and Emerson all rock the Berlin crowd in between beers, shouting and running off the lorry to hype up the crowds not Tong on the latter count, obviously.

As the sun fades, the crowds swarm around the floodlit column. A hil. T'lio org. KoihmsIo loslivnl, l''inlnn r. Meanwhile a sipial man and a tall man with a mohawk attempt a kick-ahout with an ancient, rusting cannonball that must weigh the same as either of them. Yes, surviving is going to he tricky here alright.

In recmit years, Koneisto has taken place in an outlying manor called Turku, hut this time, down by the docks in a massive warehou. I lore are some of the highlights of our visit. Op:l Bastards Their last gig. Hig as a reformed Doors in Scaiullnavla, and badass lo hoot, they hid an emotional goodbye in crowil-rockin' style. Or beer I can sink. Idnns are fucking in the sauna, bodies Boating in the hot tub, swimmers wrecked on the beachside rocks. See you good people for Koneisto next viair. Tve heard several interpretations of our music, most of them quite crappy.

But, as anyone who witnessed their barnstorming, beefed-up sets at the Big Chill and V festivals will tell you, they can awake soporific punters with a start. Those musical tastes dovetailed perfectly with the inspirational surroundings of Tromso. Royksopp was born. It's a time they remember fondly as they prepare for a push into America and a stint supporting Moby on his European tour.

Gone are the days of a couple of years back, when Royksopp would play to small crowds of mushroom-addled loons under the midnight sun In Lapland. Tough luck on that count lads: this one looks set to run and run. They work outside the mainstream, buj regularly make niids on it, armed wilji intelligent and infectious tunes. I fell they deserved more attention. There are naturally more up-tempo moments - see "Somebody To Love Tonight", which would later be re-recorded with Sylvester, and the synth-weirdness-meets-jazz-funk brilliance of "5oz of Funk" - but it's the impressively cosmic and exotic ambient moments, such as the stand-out "Timelink" and "Jungle Magic", that really stand out.

Soulgliding unmixed CD. It's perhaps surprising, then, that it's taken this long for him to get a chance to showcase some gems from his record collection.

Each one serves as another feather in the bow of the virtuoso Ayers, who combined jazz, funk, soul and disco in magical and unique ways throughout his career. In doing so he laid down a precursor to acid jazz and hip hop. These are tracks that show off his dynamic, liquid rhythm sections and mellifluous keys, as well as the vocal talents of a range of collaborators who touch on soaring and sensuous highs as well as more gravel and earthy lows.

Late Night Tales mixed CD. Late Night Tales. Lauren Laverne - "Ah! It's for this reason that his edition of "Late Night Tales", a series dedicated to the joys of post-club home listening, has been so eagerly anticipated. The resultant mix is a triumph, with Shepherd showcasing a largely rare and obscure mix of new age ambient, high-grade jazz, sumptuous folk-soul see Abu Talib's impeccable "Blood Of An American" , psychedelic soul weirdness, intergalactic jazz-funk, Satie-style piano movements and the drowsy, liquid electronics of Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

In a word: essential. The Anthology 2xCD. For proof check out this much deserved two-disc retrospective his first since 's "The Collection". Throughout, his slick vocals and thoughtful lyrics stand out. Worshippers CD. Compost Germany. Three years on, the four-piece is now an established part of the label's roster and here serves up their third album. Rooted in spiritual jazz and Afro-jazz, it's a breezy and ear-catching affair that combines good grooves with effervescent solos, lilting strings and occasional improvised, freestyle vocals from guest singer Joy Denalene.

The results are hugely enjoyable and entertaining of course, but also brilliantly performed and produced. Do yourself a favour and give it a spin. Tramp Germany. Their latest collection, which focuses on "deep, soulful jazz and funk" from the '70s, keeps up this entertaining and ear-pleasing trend. Lagos No Shaking CD. Honest Jon's. The JB'S. Now Again US. As history proves, the recording they provided met with the Godfather of Soul's approval and the J. B's were born. It's as heavy and energetic as you'd expect, though if anything the two accompanying unreleased tracks are even better.

There's the deeper, jazzier warmth of "The Wedge" - all glistening guitar solos, low-slung grooves and fluid electric piano solos - and the complete take of "When You Feel It, Grunt If You Can", a minute, jammed-out medley of two songs that's little less than incredible.

My Only Desire. The album was originally commissioned by, and for, a Swedish radio station, with the composer and pianist travelling to Scandinavia in order to record it with a piece big band that included many of Sweden's greatest jazz players. It's that recording that is featured here for the first time the finished album was reworked, overdubbed and polished up and it's little less than remarkable - an inspiring ensemble suite that touches on various jazz styles and includes a wealth of fine, loose-limbed solos that never made the original album release.

If you love jazz, you need this in your life. Diana ROSS. Supertonic: Mixes CD. Our pick of a well remade bunch is undoubtedly "It's My House", which Ross and Kupper re-invent as a soaring, string-laden chunk of loved-up mid-tempo nu-disco.

Billy Bruner CD. Combining previously released tracks including some made as part of similarly obscure outfit T'Spoon and the gospel-leaning band The Davis Family , unheard extended versions and previously unreleased songs, the album is warm, soulful, slick and summery. Highlights include the stuttering P-funk flex of "Cats Meow", the sizzling dancefloor heat of "School Dance" and the deliciously extended version of glassy-eyed '80s soul jam "Never".

If sparkling, synth-heavy '80s soul is your thing, this is one surprise retrospective you won't want to miss. Focusing on the period between and '81, much of the material joins the dots between jazz-funk, soul, disco and boogie. Agogo Austria. One For Me reissue CD.

X Ray Productions France. Inspired by the twin attractions of lazy aftetnoons on the beach and the cosmic potential of space travel, "Une Plage Sur La Lune" a beach on the moon for those not versed in French is variously psychedelic, deep, drowsy, hazy and surprisingly funky.

Stop Over CD. The album's rarity is impressive, but it's the quality of the all-acoustic set of hard-bop workouts that makes it an essential purchase. As you might expect, there's plenty to set the pulse racing throughout, from the high-octane rush of opener "Carole's Garden", where dizzying piano solos catch the ear, to the similarly hectic and arguably even more rush-inducing "Stop Over" a ten minute cut of epic proportions , via the sweet, sparse and contemplative "Soultrane". Posh CD.

Produced by Rushen alongside Charles Mims Jr, the set not only contains a string of fine club cuts - think "Never Gonna Give You Up", the bustling and joyous "Look Up" an extended version of which is tagged on to the end of the CD as a great bonus and "The Funk Won't Let You Down" - but also boasts some of the most exciting and interesting arrangements in the legendary disco diva's discography. It's musically vibrant, too, with the assembled players delivering killer grooves slap-bass abounds , punchy horns, seductive orchestration and heaps of rush-inducing solos.

Sophomore set "Can You See What I'm Trying To Say" is, in our humble opinion, his strongest release to date: an inspired, imaginative collection of compositions rooted in obscure s spiritual jazz but also informed by dub, post-punk, free-jazz, 23 Skidoo and smoky trip-hop. Throw in a swathe of field recordings used to add texture and atmosphere, and you have a stunning album that should be on everyone's shopping list.

The New Breed CD. BMI D. Winans Music Adm. By Zomba Enterprises Inc. Tyson- V. TheGrammy- winning fusion guitarist spent five p hours in surgery and will apparent- ly be okay. No motive had been as- certained and no suspects had been arrested as we went to press.

The tour will kick-off in Seattle on June 1, finish off in Tampa on July 1, and will hit the whole damn coimtry in-between. That's a lot of piano. Originally out on the poorly-distributed Master Jazz label. Zoom, zoom, zoom. This is his alto saxophonist. You got to get into the hip-hop grooves, put aside those winter blues.

You gotta grab your lady and let her know, that your rap is righteous and you told her so. Just pick up the phone and call this place, or you might end up a total disgrace. The ball is bouncing in your court. Phyllis J. The evening will also include the presentation of three special awards. Cab Calloway will receive the first ASCAP "Duke Award," named for Duke Ellington, in honor of his artistic achievements; Motown Industries wUl receive the ASCAP Founders Award for "con- tributions which have been a sustain- ing influence on American music, and for accomplishments reflecting the goals set forth by the Society's Founding Fathers"; and the writer and publisher of the greatest number of songs that reached the Top Ten on the black music charts in will receive an award.

Addi- tional dates are forthcoming. Merger Forms G. Gilreath-Epstein Corporation Inter- national. Gilreath Entertainment has been primarily involved with music publishing, catalogue acquisi- tion and artist management.

Robert Epstein will expand focus to motion picture industries, and will begin ac- quisition, production and distribu- tion of feature films beginning in the latter part of ' Women in Music will sponsor an artists workshop, April 20 at p. CMJ Entertainment, the off- shoot of those people who bring you the CMJ Music Marathon, will once again sponsor an "America's Best" compilation album of unsigned bands, with college and progressive rock radio stations doing the nominat- ing..

The Seminar this year will focus on the international music business, with an International Music Festival scheduled as part of this year's expanded live music program. Tire songs were presented in one segment live, with Dudley Moore and Liza MinneUi at the piano sing- ing a specially written introductory tune that segued the nominated songs presentations.

Amnesty Continued from page 5 of superstars on the tour. Sting said, 'T was invited to play at the 'Secret Policeman's Ball' several years ago. I didn't know about Amnesty's work. By meeting the organizers and doing the concert I became gal- vanized by what they stood for. I know we can get the message through via the medium of entertain- ment.

I have no qualms about being used as a 'bait' to pull the rest of the world in. Someone asked me how singing a song effects General Pinochet's behavior. Well it can't, he's beyond redemption, but it might effect his children or grandchildren, or friends, wives or mistress. The will be a board including Sting ai ' Peter Gabriel to make the fin 1 awards yearly. The 3" CDs will be promoted here. We do best with 1 2" and maxi- ::assettes.

Harlem Blues by Donald Byrd is doing well. Of course, this all depends on who the artist is. Egyptian, Italian and Afro-Rican. Where, you may ask, do you get this deal? Box , Sausalito CA To get involved in this worthy effort, call Phh Jones who, as we all know, is capable of chair- ing an thing.

Item: Word comes from one of my home towns, Buffalo, N. Frank Lombardo, president of the label, did we go to high school together, Frank? The Rain. Lombardo is still negotiating distribution, both domestic and worldwide, and hopes to solidify these arrangements prior to the releasing product from their newest act, tentatively scheduled for September.

Listening copies of existing singles on The Rain, and a pre-release copy of their album, are available by contacting Maxwell Records, Inc. TTiis one ought to get picked up by some- body, somehow. Get yours from Breeze Records, P. Box , Waukesha, WI Note to Radio: Pick a cut, any cut.

Paul and other mid -west markets. K-Tel will distribute. Joel New- man named president. First releases on the new label are scheduled for May, no word yet on artists involved.

Power dance product will be released on four separate labels, with the first such release ex- pected by mid-summer. Stay indie groove. PhyUis J. Special cuts. Their new Qroz Records label gets off the ground fast with a hot effort by All former members of the Decendants, with a more uniform and more widely- appealing musical direction.

This record dominates this months page as a result of polling our college review panel. The choice was almost unani- mous, which ought to tell college and alternative radio something about what their request lines will be doing when they spin this one. The cuts have a musical melancholy that comes across in strong, well-thought-out guitar solos and gutsy, powerful vocals.

Head bash- - ing rock on a different intellectual plane. This is not metal music but straight up, no ice, rock and roll. This record leaves you wishing you were hearing the group live in a roadside club be- tween Jackson and Tupelo, having one hell of a good time. Imagine miosical anarchy. The results are ear- opening, to say the least. Members of the underground scene will recognize The Honeymoon Killers, Prong. Well, the robot should accompany this album.

This is metal of the snarling guitars and constant, pulsating drums variety. Not , for the meek. Guaranteed to bring this ever -improving band a whole big mess of new metal maniac fans. Thin White Rope etched. Kevin Staydahart. Except, perhaps, that both are works of phenomenal talent and exceptional craftsmanship.

Maybe thats a five- dol- lar way of describing a heavy metal record, but there it is. Whatever, he has enough stuff of his own to con- tribute so that the Bowie thing just be- comes kind of neat, like an extra added attraction.

Hard rock, slashing guitars, driving drums and all the other phrases apply. Sent over a blur and said it was the band. Could be. This is one speedy, hard working organization. Available through the regular Restless channels, or call FYetty corny chatter to begin with, you gotta hang in there.

Or the story of someone we all know. She shakes her tits to JUl her purse, she tries to start cars in reverse. Try this one. The album is entitled Song For Andy and has been out for approximately two weeks. Fox Hunt, and the be recognized as one of the hot- - rap act, Romeo, test independent record com- Both Murray and Vigorito will panics in the country. You can feel the sunrise.

Plenty of programming pos- sibilities, for wave, jazz, college and adult contemporary. The album contains seven original songs, all written and produced by the artist. Worthy of con- siderable attention. The entire album is enjoyable, and a few cuts are simply spellbinding. It was put together by music majors at Fredonia College in New York State, which has long been famed for its progressive j azz department.

The same group also recorded a set of Reformation Leider by various composers, most notabley Johann Walther Cap Listening copies are available by contacting Eugene Pidgeon, Ultra Records This ensemble combines balance, expansiveness, and precision which makes these an- cient works come to life.

The sound of the boys choir gives this disc a transparent and clear sound; the measured pace results in a reverential aura. Both are dark, brooding works impeccab- ly executed the respective en- sembles. Collins, who has long been a respected blues art- ist in the American south, is finally being recognized in other parts of the country.

It must have been gratifying for him to realize that, as the solo star of the event, he was personally responsible for the enormous turn out. They offered an instmmental conglomerate of three saxophones, keyboards.

If memG d serves. An rway, Collins did right by "if this night. A lot pf other people in the music business "are enjoying it, too. When he smiles, so does everyone in presence. But, for about three years, Eddie's smiles were missing. Heel I don't have to explain that to anyone. Nobody could have been y longer than Janine through all of Rimmy's troubled times. I was, and so very proud of her! We have a new baby [ oy. Tommy is seventeen months old now. Our six year old daughter, Demelsa, has a baby brother, and Janine has a happy smile, which is so good to see.

We have put Timmy's memory in the proper place. We do a lot of musical benefits for children everywhere. That gives me a lot of satisfaction and a good feeling about Timmy's memory.

I'm back on the music train, and I have started writing again. I love the road trips and performing for the fans. I wrote, or co-wrote, nine of the ten songs on the album. I got into the production, ar- ranging, etc.. It's a great feeling, and I'm enjoying the successful results of the effort.

Our next single from the album will be 'The Wanderer. I'm doing my first video. We are scheduled to begin shooting in about two weeks with Jack Cole directing. I'm excited about that, too! In addition to his highly successful musical encore, he has just been named the first National Honorary Chairman for the American Council on Transplanta- tion ACT , a non-profit, national federation of individuals and or- ganizations concerned with improv- ing the donation and delivery of organ and tissue transplants.

When I asked Eddie about the most satisfying aspect of his career, he smiled and said, 'T'm getting paid for what I love to do! I'll take that answer, but I have a feeling that Eddie Rabbitt could fill a book with the most satisfying aspects of his career after what he's been through. God bless you, Eddie Rabbitt! Baby i 'boomers get ready, Ronnie McDowell is back and country will never be the same.

Jor- danairs style. Warner Bros. Bowen, L. It's a little different and a "whole lot" good! This one should prove to be another strong product for MCA.

CD PART Trio [sound recording] / Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris. i SEASONAL CD MILL Holiday sing along with Mitch [sound recording] / Mitch Miller and the Gang. i CD BAIL Mrs. Swing [sound recording] / Mildred Bailey. i CD VAUG Young Sassy [sound recording] / Sarah Vaughan. i zanf RN

Little Speaker - Underworld - 50 Minute Mix (CDr)

Braven BRV-1 2. Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth Speaker 3. Vava Voom Premium Bluetooth Speaker 5. Ultimate Ears Roll 2 6. JBL Clip 9. Are you looking for ebook torrenting sites? If yes, then you are at right place buddy. Are you a sports lover..?? Do you want a list of free sports streaming sites..? If your answer is yes, you are at right place Prank Websites: Many of us spend lots of time on the internet by watching troll videos, funny clips, or funny memes.

The Internet is The player plays the role of a Subscribe To Newsletter. Little Speaker [Explicit]. Listen Now. Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. Additional taxes may apply. By placing your order, you agree to our Terms of Use. Customer reviews. Now, take this already solid foundation and imagine what you can get if you simply put the additional 50 dollars on the stack of money you are already spending.

Check Latest Price. Last Updated: August 1, The FAQ has also been updated. As always, before I proceed to the dissection of everything that affordable Bluetooth market range has to throw at us, I'll take some time to go through the most important considerations you'll need to make to find the unit that suits your needs the best. Well, for a start, you can lose nothing by becoming a more educated buyer.

Here are the top four things to consider when buying your Bluetooth unit. The main perk of Bluetooth speakers lies in their portability. Sure, the absence of pesky cables comes in a close second place. But, what is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about Bluetooth speakers — some hulking wireless beast that can blow the roof off your room or a portable piece of tech you can easily slip into any backpack?

So, keeping that in mind, we can say the good affordable speakers that cover most of the primary user needs should feature manageable measures. Oh no, they also need to pack enough juice to allow comfortable autonomy. As you can guess, this critical feature mostly boils down to the capacity of the battery. But, just how much battery life is enough? Well, it really depends on a variety of factors that can be broadly described as your personal needs. Still, if we take a look at the average number of hours offered by the speakers in this range, we can mark 12 as some standard you shouldn't drop below unless your needs are very modest.

Namely, higher power enables stronger output and, therefore, affects the sound quality. This important feature is measured and described in Watts and, as you can guess, the more you get it, the better.

Keep in mind, though, that stronger power draw has an influence on battery life as well. However, the ultimate sound quality is also largely affected by the following specs:. Because of that, you should look for at least a certain degree of water and dust proofing. Fortunately, most of the speakers I'll cover in a minute are at least splash-proof, which means they can survive a tamed pool party.

But, if you want to get the best level of enjoyment, you should look for devices that feature a full-blown IPX7 that allows immersion up to one meter of water and for as long as 30 minutes. And now, when you know what makes a good speaker, it is time to take a look at some of the best quality and most popular units currently floating the market. Bose is a pristine name in the world of audio equipment.

And although their bread and butter lie more in the field of smart homes and home theaters, their offer of affordable speakers is more than competitive. Let us see has the manufacturer found a formula to make their products accessible to average consumers while preserving the quality that made the company famous.

At first glance, Bose SoundLink Micro looks horribly uninspired. The unit is made from dark plastic, features relatively modest dimensions of 1. But, if you take a moment, you will see there is a lot of beauty to be found in this simplicity. And the resulting ergonomics of the product is simply awesome. You want to ride a bike?

Just strap the speaker on the handlebar, and you're good to go. Going hiking? The speaker can be mounted on a backpack just as easily. This situation is largely helped by the fact that the device features IPX7 that makes sure you'll be able to blast your tunes even if you are caught in the middle of a blizzard. The only downside of these design choices is that the battery that can be found in the unit is very compact as well, which means you will get a below-average autonomy of 6 hours.

It is equipped with Bluetooth 4. So everything is much faster. You can also connect to the Micro SD card or 3. But the sound it produces is amazing. The sound is of high quality.

The sound is crisp, bright and clear that contain a great bass. All these qualities at such lower price are really surprising. Also, this Bluetooth speaker is IPX5 rated. So, if the speaker gets wet for some reason, no need to worry at all.

If you are looking for something stylish, this is the one to go for. This Bluetooth Speaker looks completely different than all other speakers. It has a gorgeous look with an all aluminum alloy finish.

It delivers high-quality sound as well. The two 10W drivers produce crisp sound. This speaker is considered as the best portable speaker. The sound quality is amazing. It is a small sized Bluetooth speaker that is just perfect for traveling. The battery life is eight hours once it is fully charged.

With its affordable price and design, it is definitely one of the best speakers to buy. If you are looking for a budget-friendly yet highly portable Bluetooth speaker, this one could be the right choice for you.

You will get crystal clear sound without any distortion. As a plus point, this speaker comes with the FM radio. When you charge the device, you can listen to the music for hours. This speaker has all the needed features such as high-quality sound with great bass, longer battery life almost 12 hours , IPX5 waterproof rating etc. It uses relatively low power but offers optimal wireless performance. And the Bluetooth 4. This speaker is designed to withstand dust, shock, rain, etc.

It is a highly portable and budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker. It produces clear sound and has a great look. It is a compact speaker that has a hook attached to it. So, you can hang it anywhere you want. However, nothing could be farther from the truth as there are numerous great but affordable products in the portable speaker market today that can give the big guys a run for their money.

When it comes to portable speakers, some of the most sought-after points are the design, features and size. After all, you want your device to be compact enough to travel with while offering a great quality audio.

What's more, the addition of splash-proofing and a rugged design mean the high-quality audio is paired with serious portability. There's really no reason not to go with the JBL Flip 3. If you're looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that wears many hats, this is it.

It's got good audio quality and reliable functionality, allowing it to stand in as a stay-at-home speaker—but also boasts the portability, splash-proof features, and tough rubbery build to allow it to flourish on trips to the beach or at the campsite.

If you're looking to secure a fancier-than-average portable Bluetooth speaker, the Bose SoundLink Micro delivers, but you're going to pay for it. My first thought when I encountered this popular little portable speaker was, "Why is it so expensive?

Is it worth it, or is it just because it's a Bose? Well, yes and no. The SoundLink Micro checks off a lot of the right boxes: it's made of durable but soft-to-the-touch materials and features notably elegant design details.

In fact, while most portable Bluetooth speakers of this size are made of cheap, hard plastic, the SoundLink Micro feels nicer in my hands than, frankly, most things I've ever held. It's surprisingly soft—in fact, I asked my co-worker Ashley to hold it, and we agreed it was straight up cuddly.

Granted, the silicone finish is what helps the Micro to be waterproof, but it certainly doubles as a silky smooth exterior.

Of course, its svelte design isn't the only reason to pay more for the Micro. In classic Bose fashion, the sound is more or less impeccable. However, it's worth noting that the Micro also costs twice as much as something like the Anker Soundcore 2, while delivering a similar aural presence.

It's a little nicer, and it definitely sounds better, but I'm not convinced that in this particular product category, most folks are going to want to pay twice as much for such a subtle improvement in overall quality. There's not much reason not to pick the Anker SoundCore if you're just looking for something simple and reliable. One of the most popular Bluetooth speakers of all time, this affordable product may not have any overt quirks, gimmicks, or standout features, but it checks off all the basic boxes for a price that's hard to argue with.

Available in black, blue, and red, the original SoundCore boasts 24 hours of battery life, a sturdy rectangular design, and big, easy-to-press buttons although they can be a little hard to make out given that they're identically colored with the rest of the chassis.

The sound quality is solid, with good bass and treble presence and plenty of volume. Unlike the upgraded SoundCore 2, however, the ports are uncovered, which is potentially problematic. Considering the widespread popularity of the SoundCore, I doubt it's a major issue, but if you plan on taking your portable speaker on a lot of dusty or drippy outings, you may want to find one that's sealed up a little better.

This tall, conical speaker is one of the only ones I've seen to feature flashing, music-synced LED lights. It's one of the larger speakers that I tested and features a handsome, deep gray coloration and speaker grill, intuitive controls, and some neat features. It's easy to control, and if you don't like the light show you can shut it off. Personally, I'm on the fence about it. During use, I found the light synced up kind of weirdly to the music I was playing and didn't have the satisfying, full glow of the LEDs as they appear on the box.

But that's what I get for listening to late 80s Phil Collins. That means not only is it a big, colorful option for your pool party but if the dog accidentally knocks it into the water, it should survive the plunge.

Overall, it's a most robust choice, especially as far as waterproof options go. JBL's "Clip" line of portable Bluetooth speakers have been kicking around for a few years, and while they definitely break the mold where most Bluetooth speakers are concerned, they've got sticking power for a reason. The tiny Clip 3 is so-named because it features a small partial carabiner clip for it to hang on various things—belt loops, bike handles, shower rods, and so on.

For being a tiny speaker, the Clip 3 has a pretty big sound. Even without clipping it on anything which oriented the drivers skyward That said, the maximum volume isn't much, so if you're going for sheer volume, the Clip may not be a good choice. For the price, however, the Clip 3 is great. At max volume, I even heard a few vocal lines I hadn't heard in one of my favorite songs before. It's also available in a huge variety of colors, which is just downright fun. If you need a handy little speaker that's waterproof, the Clip 3 is the way to go.

The Esquire Mini's best foot forward is definitely its elegant, slimmed-down design. It's plenty loud enough for an office desktop, but the audio leans more towards a conference call EQ than something that you can jam to while you're out and about.

Features: A good speaker must have excellent features, like a good control of, bass and treble volume, power indicating led light e.t.c; Ease of setup: A good speaker must be easy to install, control coz no one wants something that’s confusing to use; Below we have listed the best PC speakers under xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfog: Underworld.

Love Is Forever - Various - Garage Nation (CD)

Log in. An error has occured - see below:. You have been subscribed to Amoeba newsletter. Artist Releases. Double Whammy! Home Sweetheart - Our Favorite Track Listing Disc 1 Titles. Hot Burrito 1 I'm Your Toy. Overall Rating 0 Submissions. Log In Username or Email: Forgot your username? Seller : soul Price : 5. Format : 7inch SP. Seller : sebloup. Format : 12 inch 45 rpm. Seller : thespacebar.

Format : 12 inch 33 rpm. Seller : maxiboxlp. Price : 6. Seller : cmsmusic. Price : 8. Price : 3. Format : 7inch x 1. Seller : ootpr1. Format : 12 inch x 1. Seller : bluesiterecords. Price : 4. Seller : airpower. Price : 7. Seller : funrec. Format : CD. Seller : maxibox.

Price : 9. Seller : recordsale. Seller : bibentglob. Seller : merlinmoosik. United Kingdom. Jive - UK - x. Format : 7inch SP x 2. Seller : chayes. Jive - UK - Seller : sonic-records. Seller : brandnewcd. Seller : eilcom. Love is Forever , according to this new Breaking Dawn spot, but we all. But beyond the blood and the fur, the music featured throughout the series has always been an equally important part of the Twilight experience.

Author Stephenie Meyer who penned the novels the films are based on has even noted the specific pieces of music she was listening to when writing the various books. The impact and influence of music has always been a part of the Twilight world and the anticipation that accompanies the announcement of which artists will be on each soundtrack is almost as though a new actor is joining the cast.

Typically, the show pairs actors with a writer or showrunner. Jon Benjamin and Adam Reed " Archer ". Live in Los Angeles. Jon Benjamin and Adam Reed Archer also will appear to hand out awards. They join presenters revealed last week. The ceremony will air Sept. The compilation CD is set to hit the stores in the United States on November 8, ten days before the movie arrives in theaters across the country.

The songs included in the album remain under wraps, but it was reported that "Sister Rosetta Capture the Spirit " performed by Noisettes might make the cut. The rumor emerged after Bella's pre-wedding clip was shown at San Diego Comic-Con with the track featured as a backsound.

Last month, Evanescence revealed their hope to land their song in the album. I got sucked into the 'Twilight' vortex by the girls at home, so by default, I've got to watch it," said drummer Will Hunt. Nothing has been set in stone just yet,. Forever for You [Bonus Track].

Do It for Love [China]. Wake [Studio Version]. Love Lasts Forever. Forever Yours. Lamb to the Slaughter. Get promoted. In Lyrics. By Artist. By Album. Decade 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's. A Forever Kind of L…. Always and Forever:…. Chronic Slaughter. Conquest Slaughter. Forever Forever.

Shop records for sale for album Suddenly by Billy Ocean on CDandLP in Vinyl and CD format.

Brain Washed Killing Machines - Crush Your Enemies - Crush Your Enemies (CD)

He lost alot of friends including his c. He killed more people than he cared to count, and at the same time found christ. He is not proud of killing anyone. I watched my 20 year old brother become a guilt stricken man in less than a month. It tore him up to have to actually kill another human being, but he had no choice. If he didnt do what he knew he had to do he may have not lived to see the next morning. Or his brother standing next to him might catch that bullet, it was an easy choice.

It is easy to me to see how in this stressed mental state these horrific things can occur. I only hope that the men and women we send over there can one day find peace inside themselves. After all it is very easy to sit and talk about what they should have done, but they are the ones who have to live with there actions. Which in some cases may be worse than any prison sentence you could give them. So please dont be so quick to judge, and pray for your soldiers.

As a former Marine and combat veteran, I can tell you that this Marine is in a terrible position if he was given these orders. He can follow them and then be sentenced and tried as a war criminal or he can refuse to follow orders that he believes are illegal and be tried for not doing his duty Either way, the actual criminals will always go free and the enlisted men caught in the middle will pay with their lives either on the battlefield or behind bars.

I commend to your viewing, if you have not already seen it, the documentary, "Why We Fight. I would love to have researchers at Anderson Cooper delve into issues raised by the documentary, particularly the 11 or so permanent American military installations in Iraq that the documentary mentions. I think this documentary should be required viewing for any responsible journalist.

I'll keep my eye on your show, I'd love to see you address the big picture of US foreign policy as it plays out in the Middle East. Many thanks for your consideration!

Who are we to judge the actions of men and women caught up in the moment of war. We can sit here in America in our warm comfortable homes and react to the images being beamed from half way around the world but we really don't know what's going on.

It's the contents of the heart, mind, body and soul that truly matter. What is war? What is the proper action and reaction. Making split second decisions in difficult situtations is a constant. The daily stresses of survival have to be tremendously taxing on the human psyche. Christian men and women struggle with the right and wrong issues of war. The expectations of what is in their job description does not nessecarily align with religious beliefs.

It's not our place to sit in judgement of actions that take place in times of war. May God bless every man and woman fighting for our freedoms around the world. Let us all be ever aware of the effects war has on people and may we always be very slow to judge. I don't pretend to know what it's like to be under so much stress. It is true that the soldiers are under a lot of stress,after so much violence,they must be in surviving mode all the time.

Plus, they don't know who the enemy is. But,altough I can understand he could have shot the man by mistake,I have trouble with the fact he covered it. Who's orders was he following? You see, that's what gets to me everytime I hear a story like that.

There is always a cover up somehow. The top ranks are protected and the others take much of the blame. And once again, we can wait until hell freezes over before someone takes responsability. It's always someone else's fault,and numerous young lives are changed for ever,others are lost for ever. What happened to the 11 kids of that man? Joanne R. Laval Quebec. Waking Review. Skully Review. Upcoming Releases. Destropolis 17 th August World Wide.

Griefhelm 20 th August World Wide. Community Feed. DarlingDog added Coronavirus Quarantine Simulator to their games. Top Xbox Gamerscore. Take her hiking or to a scary movie. Neurobiology is so manipulative. Now yes — of course — I know. The idea that we can use brain science to explain falling in love is utterly unromantic.

But it is, perhaps, how real-life love starts. Melissa A. Fabello is a Contributing Writer for Everyday Feminism, a feminist blogger and vlogger, as well as an online peer sex educator, based out of Philadelphia.

She is a second-year graduate student, working on an M. She can be reached on Twitter fyeahmfabello. In their places are small, compressed play areas, reflex-based execution and instant skill changes.

All of this still feels like an RTS, but stripped down to something that could have been run though with less visual flair, obviously on an 8-bit system. I was instead entranced by the down and dirty nature of the strategy, which is honed down to diamond sharpness, while maintaining a simplicity that anyone could easily pick up on.

Each battle on Crush your Enemies! Squares you control are orange, your opponents are green, and neutral squares are grey-ish. This is done by sending a contingent of dudes out to go to work converting squares. They kind of huff and puff around a little bit, and - voila! Buildings work similarly, with your guys being able to convert an unoccupied building to your side in a matter of moments. If a building is occupied, you have to slay all the chumps inside before you can snag it for your army.

Therefore, it is wise to keep some of your dudes on hand in all buildings you possess, if you want to keep them from getting swiped. Show graph. Brought to you by Steam Labs. Filter reviews by the user's playtime when the review was written:.

No minimum to No maximum. Off-topic Review Activity. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out. This defaults to your Review Score Setting. Read more about it in the blog post. Excluding Off-topic Review Activity. Loading reviews There are no more reviews that match the filters set above. Please select a specific package to create a widget for: Crush Your Enemies. But this time you don't need to spend a whole hour to just win a skirmish.

Jump right into battle and use your rusty strategic and tactical skills to crush hundreds of enemies within minutes! Critic Reviews. Score distribution:. Positive: 1 out of 3. Mixed: 2 out of 3. Negative: 0 out of 3. Gaming Nexus.

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women." best. level 1. 45 points · 10 years ago. Well, Conan has the PG version. The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their.


Somewhere over the Rainbow Piano Instrumental. Resurrecting Instrumental. Elevation Worship. Resurrecting - EP. At The Cross Instrumental Guitar. O Come to the Altar Instrumental. O Come to the Altar - EP. Moore and Napier. Heartwarming Gospel: 18 Greatest Hits.

Hips Don't Lie Instrumental. Instrumental Covers of Shakira. How Great Thou Art Instrumental. Studio Musicians. Instrumental Praise Series: Majesty. What A Beautiful Name Instrumental.

Cinepraise Productions. Jumpman Instrumental. Hip Hop Instrumentals: Good Vibes. Amazing Grace Harp Instrumental. Harp Hymn Collection. Awesome Instrumental. Heaven Instrumental.

Mary Mary. Heaven Remix. Phil Wickham. This Is Amazing Grace. Holy, Holy, Holy Harp Instrumental. Lighthouse Piano. Shedletsky told TechCrunch that her first goal is to expand its business in the electronics space, a part of the manufacturing world where the startup has seen initial customer traction.

To support that effort, Instrumental is building out its go-to-market functionality, and continuing to work on its core technology she said. After living off its Series A for around twice as long as many venture-backed companies tend to, TechCrunch was curious how quickly Instrumental intends to deploy its larger Series B.

According to its CEO, the startup plans on being principled, but not slow. Song of the Volga Boatmen. Piano Concerto in B Flat. A String of Pearls. The Song from Moulin Rouge [4] [5].

Oh Mein Papa [note 1] [5] [6]. Let's Have Another Party [5] [7]. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White [5] [6]. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White [8]. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White [6]. Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.

The Poor People of Paris. The Poor People of Paris [5] [7]. Moonglow and Theme from Picnic. Tequila [note 2]. Patricia [8]. Hoots Mon [note 3] [5] [9]. Lord Rockingham's XI. Side Saddle [5] [10]. The Happy Organ [11]. Dave "Baby" Cortez. Roulette [5] [10]. Theme from A Summer Place [12]. Apache [5] [11] [13]. Wonderland by Night [12]. Calcutta [12]. On the Rebound [5] [14]. Kon-Tiki [5] [15]. Wonderful Land [5] [11].

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Description Do you like to listen to music? People also like. Cartoon Camera! Rintone Download Unlimited Rated 3 out of 5 stars. Best Ringtones Rated 3. Photo Editor!

Download thousands of free beats, free instrumentals, free rap beats in Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Trap and more.

Flyin Solo - The Dogs DAmour - Straight (CD, Album)

Dogs D Amour Best Danny. Publier un commentaire. As out of control as glam rock got in the late '80s, few artists could top the levels of debauchery and excess achieved by England's Dogs d'Amour. Led by singer, guitarist, songwriter and warped poet Tyla, the group's albums never caught on with a wider mainstream audience, but became cult favorites in their homeland.

Initially based in Birmingham, Tyla started the band in with singer Ned Christie, guitarist Nick Halls, bassist Karl Watson, and drummer Bam Bam, before heading to London, where they playd their first show on April 12th. When Christie quit later that year, Tyla took over lead vocals before packing the entire band off to Finland presumably riding the coattails of Europe's most promising would-be glam superstars of the time, Hanoi Rocks.

Secure transaction. Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Learn more.

Ships from and sold by uniqueplace-usa. Other Sellers on Amazon. Sold by: weeea2. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Flying Dog Collection Thema Song 2. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price. Register a free business account. Later in Tyla released 'Charmed', an album reminiscent of his singer-songwriter period in that it features mostly acoustic and piano-based songs.

The style of this recording differs quite substantially in places from the original album, which was besieged by production difficulties. A two disc compilation of his solo work, which included re-recordings of his 90s material and several remixes from his most recent albums was also released. Since the formation of The Tyla J. The releases continue to differ in style and scope. Beginning in the first of what became a six volume series of blue-based compositions, collectively entitled The Chard Urton Blues Treasury , saw the light of day.

The last album in the series came out in , with the option to purchase all six in a special edition hand painted wooden box set also. Whilst a number of the songs on each of these albums are ostensibly rock-based, the general mood of the albums is much bluesier with a minimalist production compared to the likes of Devil's Supper or A Graveyard Of Empty Bottles MMXI.

Of the two Gold Rings features a combination of bluesier more minimalist songs as well as others that are more akin to Tyla's early s material. Towards the end of Tyla announced his intention to re-record 's Nocturnal Nomad in its entirety as a full-band electric effort.

Three lives shows in the UK, in which the album was to be played in its entirety, were announced to promote the release. Nocturnal Nomad: Electric was released in a number of editions in early Though all of the releases were released under the Tyla J.

Pallas brand, they appear to represent, with the exception of Gold Rings , a unity of style based more firmly in the blues. The album consisted of ten new tracks and features a significantly more layered production compared with The Chard Urton Blues Treasury period. Keyboards, a harmonica, acoustic guitars, feature prominently.

A live album, featuring one cut from The Extraordinary Thin Line between Love and Hate as well as a number of renditions from the recently released electric edition of Nocturnal Nomad , was also released. Beginning in , The Tyla J. This was followed in by the album In Vino Veritas and another live album, entitled simply Live.

A single Here Comes The Black Confetti , featuring unreleased tracks from the album sessions, was also released the same year. A remixed version of Homesick Angel was also made available digitally. The re-recording of Nocturnal Nomad was re-branded under the new band monicker for sale through Cargo Records.

The digital version, however, retains the original branding. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Energetic Happy Hypnotic.

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The Dogs is the self-titled debut album released by the rap group, The xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfo was released on March 28, through Joey Boy Records and was produced by the group's leader, Disco xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfo album found mild success, peaking at #37 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and featured the group's most well known song, "Crack Rock".. Track listing "Intro"-

The West End Orchestra - The Magic Of The Musicals (CD, Album)

West End theatre impresario Jack Hylton was determined to bring the ground breaking South African musical to London, insisting that as many of the original cast members as possible transfer with the production. Critics praised 'King Kong' for its inventive staging, stand out performances and vibrant score. The recording is complemented with selections from the Original South African Cast recording , including many songs that were subsequently cut from the London production.

Columba and the River" a story by Theodore Dreiser about the tunnel workers, known as "sandhogs," who built the first tunnel under the Hudson River. In , Earl Robinson and Waldo Salt recorded an album of 'Sandhog' with Robinson singing the score accompanying himself on piano and Salt providing linking narration. The album was subsequently issued on the Vanguard label and has since become regarded as one of the most sought after and collectable musical theatre recordings.

Ranging from to , the selections featured include a broad range of musical styles and genres from prolific musical theatre composers including Ivor Novello, Noel Coward, Vivian Ellis, Julian Slade, Sandy Wilson, Lionel Bart, Leslie Bricusse and more.

Presented as a Deluxe 2CD set; 'Lost West End Vintage' features 50 tracks including over 20 tracks appearing on CD for the first time from London cast recordings to pop covers, demos and other musical rarities.

In his later career, Shigeta is remembered for his featured role in the action film ' Die Hard '. On record, Shigeta recorded his first solo album ' Scene One' in , a collection of standards and original songs with orchestrations and musical direction by Frank Sinatra's regular arranger Axel Stordahl. As a special bonus, one of Shigeta's highly collectable Japanese language singles is included, his cover of 'Tara's Theme' from 'Gone With The Wind'.

The release is complemented by a handful of 'pop' covers of the 'Redhead' song score, performed by Art Lund , Toni Arden and Tommy Leonetti. The retrospective collection features 50 tracks including Suzuki's haunting interpretation of 'How High The Moon' later featured in the film 'Biloxi Blues' and her solo recording of 'I Enjoy Being A Girl' which became a Top 50 hit in the United Kingdom when issued as a single in April The collection concludes with two pop singles Pat recorded for the PDA label in alongside a handful of tracks recorded for "Pat!

Tracks include "Pat Suzuki's Football Four" , four highly collectable singles issued in September featuring Suzuki's interpretations of various college football anthems. Also featured is Suzuki's single version of "Love Eyes" from the musical 'Whoop-Up' , recorded during the "Broadway '59" sessions but omitted from the final album.

In the mid Sixties, Suzuki collaborated with Warren B. Meyers on a proposed new album of show songs and standards. Five tracks were recorded for the album project titled 'Pat! Lippincott who at the time of the album's release in was working as a jingle writer writing themes for Coca Cola, Fig Newton and other products at the Mc-Cann-Erickson New York advertising agency.

The album's release was hoped to attract a book writer to adapt the song selection into a story ready for the Broadway stage. In fact, the reverse of the LP even featured a "Help Wanted" ad to highlight their search. In order to present the score in the best way possible, Lippincott and producers Sam Vitt and D.

To assemble the vocalists for the recording, Davis drew on many Broadway performers he'd previously collaborated with including Alice Pearce, Laurel Shelby, George S. Irving amongst others. The album is also notable for featuring future US congressman Jim Symington who performs the musical's title song.

Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Evita 2. Money Money - Cabaret 3. It's a Hard Knock Life - Annie 4. Memory - Cats 5. Fit As a Fiddle - Singin' in the Rain 8. Aquarius - Hair 9. Starlight Express - Starlight Express Not Fade Away - Buddy Music of the Night - Phantom of the Opera Boy - Buddy Tomorrow - Annie About a Quarter to Nine - 42nd Street Read more. The record-breaking stage play that picks up right where Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows left off will now remai Sign up to our mailing list and be the first to hear about new West End shows and exclusive ticket discounts.

We value your privacy. What's on. Find out more. Get involved Are you as passionate about musicals as we are? Really Useful Records. Selections from Cats.

Aspects of Andrew Lloyd Webber [ 2]. Songs from the Phantom of the Opera. Jay Records. Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber [Griffin]. Broadway Nights with A. Excelsior Recordings. Jesus Christ Superstar [ Studio Cast].

The musical received mixed reviews. The Brechtian style of the show, which frequently dropped the fourth wall , made audiences uncomfortable. According to James Leve, " Chicago is cynical and subversive, exploiting American cultural mythologies in order to attack American celebrity culture. The show opened the same year as Michael Bennett 's highly successful A Chorus Line , which beat out Chicago in both ticket sales and at the Tony Awards.

Ann Reinking , who would go on to star in the highly successful revival [21] and choreograph that production in the style of Bob Fosse, was also a cast replacement for Roxie Hart during the show's original run. The first West End , London production opened at the Cambridge Theatre in April and ran for around performances having debuted at the Crucible Theatre , Sheffield , on 23 November City Center Encores!

The production was directed by Walter Bobbie with choreography "in the style of Bob Fosse " by Ann Reinking , who also reprised her previous role as Roxie Hart. That's exactly what Ms. Reinking and her ensemble do. Chicago can still seem glibly cynical and artificially cold, especially in its weaker second act.

But these performers know just how to take off the chill. Barry and Fran Weissler brought the Encores! There are also chairs along the sides of this central piece, in which the actors at times sit or lounge, when not directly involved in the action. The show opened on November 14, , at the Richard Rodgers Theatre the same theater where the original production had played [39] with a script adapted by David Thompson , [40] eventually setting a record for recovering its initial costs faster than any other musical in history, likely due in part to the stripped-down design elements.

Unlike the original production, the revival was met with praise from critics. The CurtainUp reviewer noted, "The show garnered ecstatic reviews, enviable box office sales and enough awards to warrant a special Chicago trophy room.

Simpson murder case , and audiences were more receptive to the criminal-as-celebrity theme of the show. The revival of Chicago won six Tony Awards , more than any other revival in Broadway history until South Pacific won seven Tonys in On January 29, , more than six years into its run, the Broadway production moved a second time, to the Ambassador Theatre , where it has played ever since.

On November 23, , Chicago became the second longest-running Broadway show, surpassing Cats. On November 18, , the revival production opened in London's West End. Both Lemper and Henshall have played the role of Velma on Broadway. Like its Broadway counterpart, the London production featured many celebrities in the starring roles. James Doherty was a replacement as Amos. The production moved out of the Cambridge Theatre on August 27, [57] and transferred to the Garrick Theatre on November 7, , starring America Ferrera as Roxie.

The show closed on September 1, after a total run of nearly 15 years in London. Following multiple rounds of singing, dancing and acting auditions, Laura Tyrer was selected to fill in for the role. There have been ten North American national tours of Chicago. A second company started in December in Tampa , Florida. Chita Rivera joined the tour for several weeks. On June 4, , it was announced a revival tour of Chicago will open in March The show will open at the Birmingham Alexandra Theatre on 12 March and then tour extensively across the United Kingdom.

Directed by Dominique Trottein with a book translated by Nicolas Engel, this production is choreographed by Ann Reinking and the music was supervised by Rob Bowman. This production will close on June 30,

Check out The Magic of the West End Musicals by Various artists on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfo(23).

Kiss - Crazy Nights (Cassette)

See all condition definitions - opens in a new window or tab Read more about the condition. Powered by SixBit's eCommerce Solution. Business seller information. Contact details. Mette Fink. Return policy. Shipping and handling. This item will ship to Russian Federation , but the seller has not specified shipping options.

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Seller's payment instructions Please request further information if you wish to pay with an IBAN bank transfer only in Euros. Back to home page Return to top. Back to home page. We ended up not using it because it didn't look good in print, and it sounded as if no one would understand it. Another title the band thought of was "Condomnation", but as Stanley said, "Well, Condomnation was never really the title.

It was just a thought that passed through our minds and gave everyone a chuckle. Stanley claimed that Carr had started to drink more and may have been doing drugs by the late s, which may have been causing his unhappiness.

Stanley also claimed that Carr had started to obsess over not being the original drummer for Kiss, which he said Carr also did during the Australia tour. It was certified platinum on November 18, in Canada [11] and a few months later in the US, on February 18, The most successful single was " Crazy Crazy Nights ", charting in five countries; and the least successful was " Turn On the Night ", charting only in the UK, where it reached The album was very well received by executives at Polygram records.

It was widely reported that during a meeting in which the album was played for them in full, the entire conference room reportedly stood and applauded for a full five minutes afterward.

The excitement was enough for the corporate team to promote the album well past platinum status, cementing its reputation as one of the benchmarks of 's corporate rock. The song was a massive hit in UK where it reached 4 and, to date, is Kiss' highest-charting single in the UK. The song would be performed regularly on live shows until Eric Carr's death in , and returned to the setlist on the Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour in Adam Mitchell reportedly plays on the song along with Bruce Kulick.

According to Carr, "I just set up a double bass drumbeat on my drum machine. I just got this feel in my head, and I started coming up with this real staccato stuff for the verse. The song was rarely performed during the Crazy Nights Tour. Stanley had the chorus and with Mitchell's assistance, the song was finished. The song did not come out well when played live, so it was only played a couple of times. Stanley recalled when he played the " Reason to Live " demo to Simmons, "I remember calling up Gene and playing it to him down the phone I played the song to Gene, and obviously the bomb had gone off at the other end.

He was speechless. Stanley also said, "If a band was to be honest, they would tell you that at that time, the only hope for airplay was a ballad. The song also managed to chart in the Netherlands , reaching The song was lyrically based on something obvious from Simmons's community college period: "A young lady who Gene went to college with, a girl who started out the demure virgin, all coy and unclaimed The only sad thing about the tale is that when she finally did give way, it was in the backseat of a car—and with someone else, a friend of Gene's, in fact.

Williams on her solo album WOW. A few other songs were recorded for the album, but not included. Kulick, Child and Stanley wrote a song called "Sword and Stone" that did not manage to get on the album because Nevison was not thrilled with the song.

Kulick later stated, "I just felt really bad that Ron Nevison didn't like the song 'cause then it would have been on "Crazy Nights". WB Music Corp. ASCAP track Weissongs Music track Paul Stanley Ltd. Realsongs — track Bang Bang You track Crazy Crazy Nights track Good Girl Gone Bad track Hell or High Water track My Way track No, No, No track Add to Watch list. The listing you're looking for has ended.

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Format: VHS Tape The KISS "Crazy Nights" video is a video all KISS fans should check out. While "Lick it Up" and "Animalize" were the best non-makeup 80's albums KISS released, "Crazy Nights" still rocked. So it is defintely a thrill to own three videos for "Crazy, Crazy Nights", "Turn On The Night", and "Reason to Live" all on one cassette/5.

Your Eyes - Joe Leavy - A Guy Named Joe Leavy (CD, Album)

Georgia Skin is a black card game fashionable among levee, lumber, and turpentine workers, perhaps because such figures were periodically flush with money. In a prevalent version of Georgia Skin, the dealer charges the other players an arbitrary amount to draw a single card from his deck. The reason I like the game, the game they call Georgia Skin 2x Because when you fall, you can really take out again.

Coon Can was a A popular barrelhouse card game involving two players, each of whom was dealt ten or more often eleven cards. Permissible combinations included a straight flush of ten cards, two four of a kind, and one two or three of a kind, or straights of three or more cards in the same suit.

The player laid his combinations face up and could draw cards from the remaining deck in order to complete them, discarding one of his own cards as he did so. The game is simple and can be virtually interminable , and other names by which it is known — Memphis Domino or Mississippi Marbles — are evidence of its popularity in the South. In the following month Mamie McKinney cut her version with Porter Grainger on piano but it remains unissued. John D.

It was written by a white writer from New Orleans, a traveling show entertainer by the name of John Queen, and the music was by Charles Cartwell. It was a song which used a familiar minstrel show situation but allowed for amusing variations, effective with both white and coloured audiences, who doubtless interpreted the shades of meaning rather differently.

Gambling, in particular cards, has also been used in numerous blues songs as a metaphor for life, love life, fate, good luck or bad luck. Your email address will not be published. Retrieved August 17, Bjork: Wow and Flutter. ECW Press. Retrieved February 26, Financial Times. Led Zeppelin songs. Led Zeppelin.

Scandinavia U. Discography Songs Awards and nominations Bootlegs Cover versions by others Led Zeppelin songs written or inspired by others.

Book Category. Authority control MusicBrainz work: bcf6f-ad0e8d56bf8a. John Lennon. John Lord. Pop Art. Pink Floyd. Mountain Woodstock. Your email address will not be published. The music is not far away from those artists,. Ussery, an Album by John Ussery. Released in on Mercury catalog no.

Genres: Blues Rock, Hard Rock. John Ussery. Tracklist: 1. Smile, 2. Low Rider, 3. Must Have Been The Season, 4. Dance, 5. Gangster, 6. Her granny reminisces about the time her grandfather returned from the interior with a huge gold nugget and how she had kept the faith even after not hearing from him for months. Ingrid dreams of a tall woman draped in gold seaweed. The woman urges her to take back her gold. It is not fortuitous that Ingrid was able to bring that message to Guyana and share it and much of herself with appreciative audiences including schoolchildren.

Ingrid Griffith is the real deal. She is karat Demerara Gold. The Scene has recently learned that she hopes to return soon to Guyana to work with students and share her skills and we are grateful to the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama and GEMS Theatre Productions for their respective roles in bringing her home.

At a young age she started out writing poems, which transformed into Songwriting. Her inspiration really comes from her mother,Veronica who wanted to be a singer back in her time. Gianna is an Aquarian, who admits to having different moods when it comes to making music.

She has the capacity to provide music in different styles and formats, for different tastes. Gianna says her motivation comes from praying and nature.

May 04,  · Joe Leavy & Julie Morris – We Go Up (CD A Guy Named Joe Leavy ) Urban Mystic – I Promise (CD Love Intervention ) Joe Leavy, Jackie & Ahya – Your Eyes (CD A Guy Named Joe Leavy ).

Max.Brothers. - Ring.A.Ding. (CD)

John Pizzarelli is the superb guitarist, harmonizing with Ingham as if turning the key in a series of small treasure chests. Rounding out the rhythm section, drummer Oliver Jackson proves his affinity for both pianists and saxophonists while bassist Dennis Irwin counts his chord changes like tour revenue. The songs are given compact performances, 'Something I Dreamed Last Night' suggesting that only a subject related to sleep would inspire this combo to head toward the five-minute mark on a recorded track.

Ingham's career began in Hong Kong, where Tin Pan Alley standards such as the deceptively amorous 'Secret Love' and the darkly gentle 'Tender Is the Night' were no doubt standard fodder in piano lounges. The saxophonist, son of big-band drummer Harry Allen, Sr. Notes : Leon Redbone entered the s with the baker's dozen of selections on Sugar , one of his best overall efforts to date. His unique and unmistakable interpretations of obscure jazz and early popular melodies are augmented by the occasional and equally singular original composition.

The tunes are carefully crafted in such a way that they ably augment Redbone's distinct vocals, which vacillate between a gravel-voiced mumble and full-bodied bellow. In keeping with the musical persona he'd established for himself, the arrangements are often a synthesis of the refined jazz stylings of the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, with essential nuggets of traditional American folk, blues and pop.

Notes : "Although she could certainly re-create the recordings of James P. Johnson and Fats Waller if she wanted to, when talented pianist Judy Carmichael plays stride it is not as a precious museum piece but rather as a natural part of her musical vocabulary. On this excellent release, she is teamed successfully with electric guitarist Chris Flory, whose solos greatly recall Charlie Christian.

The cool-toned but highly expressive singer displayed a real affinity for vintage standards, tunes taught to him as a child by his mother who was a professional pianist. He has always remembered those times, even while he became involved in theater, musical shows and acting. After five years of steady work as an actor, he realized that singing was his main passion, and that has become the focus of his professional life. Take Me Anywhere not only features Marcus' singing but his debut as a songwriter.

While writing his first lyrics, he often remembered an old trick of Irving Berlin's; simply think of another way to say "I love you. With Davis, bassist Martin Wind and drummer Marcello Pellitteri forming a very supportive rhythm section and contributing melodic solos, Marcus Goldhaber is free to express himself, both through his words and his singing.

The file will be sent to your Kindle account. It may takes up to minutes before you received it. Please note you need to add our email km0 bookmail.

Perhaps I shall someday. And so he did, in a way. This verbal class distinction ought by now to be antique. The moment he talks he makes some other Englishman despise him. The next day, she presents herself at his home and laboratory, proposing to pay for elocution lessons. What made this musical an attractive vehicle for such treatment? The lampoons of Richard III and Macbeth common in nineteenth-century vaudeville and minstrel shows would have been pointless, as Levine shows, if the plays themselves had not been widely staged and seen not only by educated elites but by a broad cross section of Americans.

Likewise, My Fur Lady and its kin would hardly have been created without some confidence that audiences would know the original. In , that confidence was wholly justified. At present, musical comedy has negligible cultural much less countercultural cachet, and its influence on the wider field of popular music is often downplayed, especially from the so-called rockist perspective that wishfully privileges the vernacular traditions of folk and blues over the synthetic products of the urban entertainment industry.

From the late nineteenth century until well into the postwar era, however, Broadway musicals were central to American mass entertainment: They created star performers and songwriters, introduced hit songs that were adopted as part of the standard repertoire of popular vocalists and jazz musicians, provided the template and talent pool for the equivalent sector of Hollywood production, and made their most successful exponents a great deal of money.

All this was still true when My Fair Lady opened on Broadway. It was an immediate hit, and then a long-lived one, running for 2, performances over six years, a record at the time, and spawning a lengthy, lucrative US tour.

Yes Sir, That's My Baby. You're Driving Me Crazy! The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. What Now, My Love? Somewhere My Love. Winchester Cathedral. I Will Wait for You. You're Gonna Hear from Me. The Impossible Dream. Baubles, Bangles and Beads. I Concentrate on You. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars Corcovado. If You Never Come to Me. The Girl from Ipanema. How Insensitive Insensatez.

Somethin' Stupid. Some Enchanted Evening. Don't Sleep in the Subway. Younger Than Springtime. All I Need Is the Girl. Indian Summer. Come Back to Me. Poor Butterfly. I Like the Sunrise. Follow Me. Whatever Happened to Christmas? The Twelve Days of Christmas. The Bells of Christmas Greensleeves. I Wouldn't Trade Christmas.

The Christmas Waltz. Gentle on My Mind. Little Green Apples. Someone to Light up My Life. Desafinado [ ]. This Happy Madness Estrada Branca. A Day in the Life of a Fool. Watch What Happens. For Once in My Life. Hallelujah, I Love Her So. The Beautiful Strangers. The cause was pancreatic cancer, said Peter Carroll, chief of the board of governors of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives.

Carroll said that about 40 of about 3, American veterans of the Spanish Civil War volunteers are living. It had been the job of Mr. Fishman, as executive form the XV International Brigade. In , Mr. Fishman was a college dropout working in a laundry and driving a truck. He was also a member of the Young Communist League, having joined partly to meet like-minded young women at dances the organization sponsored, he said in an interview with The New York Times in He also liked how the Communists responded when a family behind on the rent was evicted and thrown on the streets with its furniture.

He told The Times that party members would use an ax or hammer to break the lock on the door and put the family back in. Many believe that at least half of the volunteers for the Lincoln Brigade were Communists, but Mr.

I was active in trade union work. I wanted to travel. I belonged to the 92nd Street Y. On the day he was to depart for Spain, he left for work at the usual time to deceive his parents. Halfway down the stairs, he realized he had forgotten his toothbrush, returned for it and broke it in half so it would fit in his pocket. It was the only thing he brought back from Spain, he told The Hartford Courant in Fishman called his parents when he got off the subway near the dock, and they cried when he told them his plans.

His mother had never seen his father cry. He himself was unafraid. On July 5, , during the Brunete offensive west of Madrid, a sniper hit Mr. He spent a year in Spanish hospitals, and a pin was put into his leg. At one point the leg became infected, he told The Courant. He was then in and out of hospitals in the United States for two years. Fishman was in the merchant marine.

President Harry S. In , when such organizations had to register with the government, the entire executive committee of the Lincoln Brigade veterans resigned.

Fishman stepped in to become secretary-treasurer. After a federal court removed the subversive label in the s, Mr. Fishman wrote a colleague that the change might not be good. He wryly suggested doing something subversive so as not to appear irrelevant to rebellious youth. Fishman later dropped his party membership, Mr. Carroll said. He never tired of a lively demonstration.

But he came to prefer sitting in a folding chair, as he did in , when he hailed protesters at the Republican National Convention in Manhattan. When they saw his Lincoln Brigade banner, they applauded back. Correction: August 30, An obituary on Aug.

He was a graduate of Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan; he did not drop out. He later dropped out of City College, primarily for financial reasons. Harry Wolf Arrives Home. Harry had actually been imprisoned by the Stalinists who were trying to gain control of the Republican forces.

Harry Milton vs. Father Coughlin, No Pasaran. This was posted on pseudo-intellectualism last April and I figure it belongs here with the story of Harry Milton. I really like this song by John McCutcheon and I struggled mightily to "karaoke" it.

There is a new Lincoln Brigade exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York and a new book out about the Brigade "No men ever entered the earth more honorably than those who died in Spain," wrote Ernest Hemingway in Between the years of , an estimated 1, Americans, many from New York, died fighting to protect the elected government of the Spanish Republic against a rebellion led by General Francisco Franco and backed by Hitler and Mussolini.

Facing Fascism: New York and the Spanish Civil War examines the role that New Yorkers played in the conflict, as well as the political and social ideologies that motivated them to participate in activities ranging from rallying support, fund raising, and relief aid, to fighting--and sometimes dying--on the front lines in Spain.

The stories of these New Yorkers will be told through photographs, letters, uniforms, weapons, and an array of personal and historical memorabilia. Labels: music. I think I was doing a search on the Rosenbergs and I stumbled on an incredible document, a list of the members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and their home addresses. Originally there were , now they number in the tens. Those that are still alive are in their 90's.

It set me off on the making another one of my google maps. What I do is plot their addresses and then go off to photograph the site, hoping that the original structure in this case 70 years later is still there. It's fascinating at least to me to look at two houses, maybe a block apart and then look at the names of two guys in their late teens and with no military experience, probably childhood friends, who came up with the idea in to go to Spain and fight Fascists.

I think about a third of those never made it home. Survivors came home heroes, got no official recognition for their efforts, were lucky to escape recrimination many went under alias' because of this for breaking the law, but were later harassed and hounded because they fought on the side of the Communists. Anyway, when I checked the list there were two guys that came from Knickerbocker Village. One of them was Wolf Kupinsky, aka Harry Milton.

He was lucky to survive the war and he is credited with saving George Orwell's life. Are you hit? Get his shirt open! The American called for a knife to cut my shirt open. I knew that there was one in my pocket and tried to get it out, but discovered that my right arm was paralyzed. In the hazy photo Orwell and Milton , a group of men and one woman pose for the camera behind a wall of sandbags, with their weapons at hand. They do not have the look of regular soldiers, and there are no uniforms.

One individual stands literally head and shoulders above the rest. It is none other than George Orwell, or as he was known then, Eric Blair, his real name. He landed on his back. Labels: Abraham Lincoln Brigade , google maps , primary documents , who's who. Refugee Instruction At PS I wonder what position the candidates currently duking it out in New Hampshire would take on a modern day version of this?

Notice the pharmacy on the corner is advertised as an "Italiama" one. I wonder what game those boys are playing? Labels: primary documents , then and now. Why was the 6 story building demolished? I suspect it had to do with the construction of the 6th Ave.

INDependent subway line which runs under that site. Check out the pet store on the corner. I think the crippled children's school is next to the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School. Those must be school buses in front of those buildings.

I was looking to see if there were any back issues of the KV newsletter available. Steve was nice enough to share what he had, but the extra copies he had only went back to More to come. This photo circa I guess shows how the eastern court was constructed first, thus the reason those buildings were named A,B,C, etc.

What is also visible are the buildings that were replaced by the Smith Houses in the 's and the activity of the docks on the East River. There's also in view, if you look closely after clicking for an enlargement the ubiquitous Fletcher's Kastoria advertisements of that era. Star Wars Megamix. Planet Core. Star Wars Collection. Star Wars. Interstellar Force. Space Trax: Themes from Star Wars. Starflight Orchestra. Sony Music Years: Soundtrack for a Century. Sony Classical: Great Performances, Bobby Hutcherson.

Screen Wars. Sci-Fi Movie Classics. Freddie McGregor. Reel Blockbusters. Psycho: Essential Alfred Hitchcock. Play Music from Titanic, Casablanca, the Godfather. I Salonisti. Performs a Tribute to Music from Star Wars. Hollywood Symphony Orchestra. On Stage in Stuttgart.

Toy Dolls. Nacht der Planeten, Vol. Music of the Movies. Dean Malsack. Most of the Turtles. Millennium Movies. Milestones of the Millennium: Music in Film. Conductor, Composer, Primary Artist. Lounge Sensations: Ring a Ding Swing. Lost in Space, Vol. Jonathan Elias: The Prayer Cycle. Jonathan Elias. Guest Artist. John Williams: Greatest Hits, Primary Artist, Conductor, Performer, Composer.

Jane Eyre. Primary Artist, Conductor, Composer. I Will Always Love You. BB Band. Hollywood Movie Hits, Vol. The Starlite Singers. Halloween Big Screen Thrillers. Great Composers: John Williams. Great Composers. Great Classical Movie Themes. Gettin' High on Your Own Supply.

Apollo Generation XXX. Flying Eagle. Cult TV Themes [Emporio]. Creature Features. Classic Love at the Movies. Primary Artist, Arranger, Conductor. Cinema Century Boris Midney Anthology []. Boris Midney. Amazing Stories. Alfred Hitchcock Presents Signatures in Suspense. Conductor, Composer. Ad Astra: To the Stars. A Tribute to the Music of Star Wars. London Symphony Orchestra. A Splash of Pops. Winter Holiday. Warner Brothers 75 Years Entertaining. Victory at Sea. United States Navy Band.

Transfigured Notes. Gunther Schuller. Today's Hits Covered: Movies [Madacy 2]. Titanic: Epic Songs of the Sea. Original London Cast. These Are My Blues. Big Joe Williams. The Oliver Stone Connection. The Horse Whisperer [Original Score]. Thomas Newman. The Celtic Album. The A-Files: Alien Songs. The Chipmunks. Super Milk. Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Vol. Sci-Fi Themes. London Theatre Orchestra. Sax in Love, Vol. Roadshow Classics, Vol. Real Love. Glenn Paul. Put Some Style in It.

The Lounge Brigade. Price Above Rubies. Platinum Collection: True Love. One Singular Sensation. David Osborne. Ode to Joy. Band of Royal Regiment of Canada. Notte D'Amore.

Luciano Pavarotti. New Horizons. Adjutant General's Corps Band. American Festival Orchestra. Music from War Movies. Festival Studio Orchestra. Music from Science Fiction Monster Movies. Movies Greatest Hits.

Most Relaxing Album in the World Ever. Performer, Composer. Midway [Original Motion Picture Score]. Maria Kurenko. Magic Melodies. Leonard Fisher. Lost in Space [Original Soundtrack]. La Chanson de Lara. John William. In the Finest Tradition. Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. I'll Be Home for Christmas [Sony]. Conductor, Performer. Hollywood's Greatest Hits, Vol. Holiday Pops. Keith Lockhart. Hits of the Silver Screen [Network Music]. Harmonica Parade. Pierre Harbineaux. Halloween Party [Columbia River].

Halloween Horror Movie Themes. Groovin' Hard. Barrett Deems. Greatest Themes. Greatest Sports Rock and Jams [Box]. Greatest Science Fiction Hits, Vol. Greatest Hollywood Themes, Vol. Stephen Lu. Great Expectations [Original Score].

Performer, Featured Artist, Primary Artist. Gershwin Fantasy. From Sousa to Spielberg. Primary Artist, Composer, Arranger, Conductor. Freaks Come out at Night. Film Classics. Disasters: Movie Music Album. Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. DJ Disco Mix, Vol. Cops on the Box: USA. Classic Movie Themes [Crimson]. Class Reunion: The Greatest Hits of Cinema Passion. Cinema Choral Classics, Vol. Crouch End Festival Chorus.

Christmas at the Movies. Broadway's Greatest Hits [Rebound]. Danny Wright. Big Screen Adventures [Empire]. Best of John Williams [Crimson].

The song: Ring-A-Ding-Ding. So, as a public service to her and anyone else who has heard wedding bells in their lives, here is a whole album of the recording sessions for the classic, Reprise album, Ring-A-Ding-Ding! This is very cool! Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy! Frank Sinatra-More Ring-A-Ding-Ding.