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2 Oct, 2012

Born In The Toilet - Blennorrhea - Degenerated Human Atrocities/Cocked On Fecal Infected Fluids/Scat Temple (Compilation) (Cassette)

And as per a study, the more features your smart phone has, the longer you sit in the toilet. There are more TVs in Afghanistan than there are toilets. Did you know that you were flushing up to 26 liters of water in every single flush? You could easily find the cleanest toilet in a public place, if you remember that the first toilet cubicle in a row, is the least used and thus the cleanest of all. Be cautious! Accidents do happen in toilets. Sir, I have a serious itching around my private part and burning allover there too, please what will I do?

Hello Doc, I want you to tell me some possible ways to treat this infection, because am feeling very uncomfortable. Please how do I treat this? Pls Doc,I do experience itching in my urether passage with a little whitish discharge. I sometimes have itches at the viguna,milky discharge and also boil around my vagina and I notice I hardly get pregnant pls help.

Sir I feel discomfort after having sex I feel pains in my vagina or probably itching for some hours. Pls doc I see white thick stufs like a cooked pieces egg inside my Virginia. And my Virginia is dry as well. Dr i went for urine nd blood test on feb nd d test came out dat i av growth of staphilococos nd candidansis,wt can i use to remove nd flush dix infection away.

Sir I have itching between my thighs and also round my pennies ,its getting out of hand ,please is there any home remedy for this ,I have treated it before and it was gone and now coming back again ,what do I do.

Hi my name is Chelsea and I noticed something like rash more like tiny pimples on the lip of my Vagina does it it mean I have an infection? Please doc. This has been for years. I was diagnosed some years back with tablets and injections.

Sometime in I went for test to be sure I was free in a good hospital. I was working in the same hospital they allowed me to view the microscope. Some two years after I was receiving the same itching at my scrotum, I went for traditional medicine which subsided the itching. Now the itching is coming on again. I need I complete remedy please which will stop this mess. I hv an itching around d outer part of my vagina..

I got antifungal cream n flaggy which I hv bin using close to 4days. Pls I have this whitish thing coming out from my Virginia and I notice my menstruating period has change,pls how can I get rid of that.

The conditions that cause more serious cases of rectal bleeding will be treated by doctors. For instance, IBD is a chronic long-term condition that requires continuing care to help manage symptoms.

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Therefore, several persons have been bitten while using a toilet, particularly an outhouse toilet. Although there is immediate pain at the bite site, these bites are rarely fatal. It has been reported that in some cases rats crawl up through toilet sewer pipes and emerge in the toilet bowl, so that toilet users may be at risk of having a rat crawl up their buttocks.

Reports by janitors are always on the top floor, and could involve the rats on the roof, entering the soil pipe through the roof vent, lowering themselves into the pipe and then into the toilet. Both victim and python survived. Some instances of toilet-related deaths are attributed to the drop in blood pressure due to the parasympathetic nervous system during bowel movements.

This effect may be magnified by existing circulatory issues. It is further possible that people succumb on the toilet to chronic constipation, because the Valsalva maneuver is often dangerously used to aid in the expulsion of feces from the rectum during a bowel movement.

If defecation is suppressed over long periods, problems can occur, such as constipation or stool impaction. Defecation can be facilitated by the Valsalva maneuver.

This maneuver involves contraction of the chest muscles on a closed glottis with simultaneous contraction of the abdominal muscles. A Sopranos episode " He is Risen " shows a fictional depiction of the risk, when the character Gigi Cestone has a heart attack on the toilet of his social club while straining to defecate. The Hepatitis A disease is an acute infectious disease of the liver and is transmitted person-to-person through direct contact with an infectious person. Early symptoms of Hepatitis A can sometimes be mistaken for influenza however, and especially true in children, there may be no symptoms at all.

The symptoms can last from 2 to 6 months and include fatigue, fever, nausea, jaundice, bile and appetite loss. Salmonella: Bloomfield and Barker from the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences at Aston University in the United Kingdom wrote a paper about the survival of Salmonella in bathrooms and toilets in domestic homes. Their research can be applied to public toilets which found that salmonella is extremely difficult so much so that you almost have to hope that no one with salmonella has used the public toilet.

Those with salmonella develop diarrhoea, fever vomiting and abdominal cramps. The infection can become extremely dangerous if it spreads from the intestines to the blood stream which can cause death unless treated properly. However, due to the durability of the infection which can withstand freezing as well high temperatures, the treatment of salmonella can sometimes be slower than treating other infections.

Crab Louse: A parasite which is approximately a 2mm long, grey insect can be contracted from public toilets. With cholera, people suffer from a "watery diarrhea," said Dietrich who together with his colleagues from the medical relief organization has treated numerous people abroad. Infected people can lose between 10 and 20 liters of fluid per day. What eventually causes death to those suffering from cholera is dehydration. People simply dry out. One of the first tasks that Dietrich and his colleagues pursue when they arrive at a refugee camp is to build toilets to prevent infectious diseases from emerging.

Although medication is very effective these days, many still die from malaria. A comprehensive strategy including medicine for the poor, pesticides, mosquito nets and education is the only way to fight the disease. Water is short in the Ugandan capital of Kampala and sewage seeps into Lake Victoria, a fresh water reservoir for the city.

The so-called “toilet infections” are NOT gotten from toilets! It is highly unlikely; the probability is negligible! The closest medical name is “Vaginal Infections”, and some are actually “Sexually-Transmitted Infections [STIs]” These infections are common in females, and about 75% of ladies will have at least a yeast infection in their lifetime. So, don’t think [ ].

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  1. Mar 03,  · The average kitchen chopping board has around % more fecal bacteria on it than a toilet seat. Germs from a flushing toilet can move ahead up to 6 feet. Every time you flush your toilet, germs get air lifted and can become a potential cause of infection. Therefore, it is advised to move out quickly once you flush the toilet.
  2. Dec 11,  · The nine month pregnant woman was in the bathroom when her baby was born and accidentally flushed down the toilet. When the train reached the next station, an hour and a half later, the rescue team arrived and got to work. They immediately sent the mother to the hospitol while they tried to pull the baby from the toilet bowl opening.
  3. However, people born with urological disorders may experience problems associated with their conditions, or prior treatments, throughout adulthood. What are some congenital urological anomalies? Hydronephrosis: The conditions occurs where there is a blockage or deficient valve at work in the urinary tract. When this happens, the tube connecting.
  4. Older kids have many toilet phobia issues including fear of pooping and holding poop. We’ll talk about how to tackle this issue! In this episode you will learn: Common fears that lead to issues around pooping and using the toilet. Common reasons why kids have a fear of pooping.
  5. May 20,  · I am now pooping around times a day and majority of the time the toilet bowl is so full of blood it looks like beetroot water.. I then have a constant feeling of pain in my bumhole sometimes i cant even sit down:(Heeeelppp. Answer this question. Responses (3) BE. Beachbaby 20 May
  6. Jul 22,  · Learn 7 diseases which can be transmitted from using public toilets. The surprising place where you are most likley to contract disease in a public toilet. Habits to decrease your chance of getting a disease from a public toilet.
  7. Dec 16,  · Not flushing the toilet. Not sitting on the toilet (sometimes even within one’s own home). Excessive use of Lysol and other cleansers on household objects. Over-cooking foods to kill pathogens. Avoiding “dangerous” foods like meats, poultry, or eggs. Exclusive use of .
  8. I Almost Gave Birth into My Toilet Over a week past due, one woman's son makes a fast delivery and—with the help of gravity—almost arrives in the toilet. By Eden Marriott Kennedy.
  9. These toilets were carved to fit the human form, with a half moon-shaped hole in the seat leading to a sewer below. Cambridge researchers Evilena Anastasiou and Piers Mitchell, who study ancient parasites, collected samples from one of those cesspools, rehydrated the waste and strained it through a micro-sieve to catch parasite eggs, each smaller than a tenth of a millimeter.

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