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2 Oct, 2012

Foolish Little Boy - George Handy And His Orchestra, George Handy - By George ! (Handy, Of Course) (Vinyl, Album)

Some have recorded-a few, like Robert Nighthawk and Walter Horton fairly extensively: the others, for one reason or other, have not. Some follow music as a career and work in Chicago clubs somewhat regularly-but never often enough-while the remainder pursue other occupations and do not actively seek club work.

Come to that, all too few men, and then only the best known performers, live by blues alone. Records Story Robert Lockwood Jr. B Recordings Robert Lockwood Jr. Robert Jr. Lockwood and Johnny Shines, direct heirs to the legendary Robert Johnson, were born within a month of each other in and had been friends since they first met at the age of 12 in King, before moving to Chicago for good in There he proved a versatile and accomplished studio musician for Chess and other labels, recording with everyone from Little Walter to the Moonglows, Muddy Waters, Willie Mabon, and Otis Spann.

Lockwood was born in Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, a hamlet west of Helena. Lockwood learned from Johnson not only how to play guitar but also timing and stage presence. By age 15, Lockwood was playing professionally at parties in the Helena area.

Lockwood played with Williamson in the Clarksdale area in and From to he split his time playing in St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago; and Helena. For several years in the early s the pair played together in and around Helena and continued to be associated with King Biscuit Time. Louis; Chicago and Memphis. In , Lockwood settled in Chicago. In he several sides for J. In he also cut four sides for Mercury. He left the band around Lenoir, and Muddy Waters, among others.

In , Lockwood moved with Williamson to Cleveland, Ohio, where he resided for the second half of his life. In the early s, as Bob Lockwood Jr. It was the first Grammy Award for Lockwood and Townsend. Lockwood died at the age of 91 in Cleveland, having suffered a cerebral aneurysm and a stroke. He is buried at Riverside Cemetery, in Cleveland. Johnny Shines was born in the community of Frayser, in Memphis. Hwas taught to play the guitar by his mother and spent most of his childhood in Memphis, playing slide guitar at an early age in juke joints and on the street.

He moved to Hughes, Arkansas, in and worked on farms for three years, putting aside his music career. A chance meeting with Robert Johnson, his greatest influence, gave him the inspiration to return to music. Shines played throughout the south until , when he settled in Chicago There he found work in the construction industry but continued to play in local bars.

Vulnerable vocals and a pretty melody with delicate production suit the song beautifully. A delicately understated plaintive vocal and a subtle song about the difficulties of staying in contact with an ex when a clean break makes more sense, make for a real winner.

A beautiful, tender vocal from Joey is perfectly judged. Even in a better radio climate this would never have been likely to be a hit single, but it is absolutely exquisite — true heartbreak yet utterly beautiful. A subtle, understated, and perfect delivery, tasteful production, and outstanding lyric were just too good for radio, with the record peaking at a disappointing It only just missed my 1 spot. But his best single for years is a clear-eyed confessional from a lifelong alcoholic, who has never managed more than nine days straight sober.

Never asking for pity, but truly conscious of his failings, this song is a modern masterpiece, written by Strait himself, his son Bubba, and the great Dean Dillon. December means list-making for lots of people. For Christmas shoppers. Spotify users can listen to my top 10 playlist. Share your top 10 or 20 or 30 tracks with us. Within a few years however, the landscape changed dramatically as the New Traditionalist movement swept a lot of veterans off the charts.

Though it was an exciting time with a lot of new talent emerging, it was also a bit sad to see a number of old favorites disappearing from the airwaves all at once. In their struggle to remain commercially relevant, many of these veterans produced some of their finest work.

In some cases it resulted in one last big hit; in a few rare cases it resulted in a temporary halt in their slide down the charts, but above all, it usually resulted in some really great music. Here are a few examples of memorable late career moments from some of my favorite artists:.

This 9 hit from is one of her glossiest singles. It was her first Top 10 solo hit in three years, and her only appearance in the Top 10 as a soloist in the s, though she did enjoy three more Top 10 duets with Conway Twitty. He ended a twenty-year association with RCA Records in and signed with the independent 16th Avenue label. He scored one final Top 5 hit the following year. Her career never quite regained its momentum, which she partially blames on the bad publicity she received when she filed a lawsuit against the estate of the driver that struck her car — a requirement under Tennessee law in order for her to collect from her own insurance company.

She ended a three-year dry spell in when she returned to a more traditional sound. By coincidence, my colleague Paul also gave this record a shout-out in the latest installment of his Favorite Country Songs of the s series. He was still enjoying chart success when he got on board with the New Traditionalist movement and covered this Hank Cochran tune. It reached 5 and was the last hit of his career. In , in an attempt to regain her popularity outside of country, she deliberately moved in a more pop direction.

After that she fell out of favor with both pop and country radio, and by the beginning of the s, she was trying hard to get back on country radio. She succeeded with this excellent Hugh Prestwood tune, which she took to 5 in the US and 6 in Canada. It was her last Top 10 country hit in the US.

By the end of the decade, however, the hits began to taper off. Like many others she eventually switched to a more traditional sound. Lloyd Maines is a leading steel guitar whiz and record producer — his daughter is Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks. It is one of my favorite Barbara Mandrell recordings.

The album from which this song was taken, was actually the last album the year-old Dean would record after a hugely successful career as a pop singer, movie star , television star and stage performer. In his time very few performers were bigger stars than Dean Martin.

Conway Twitty wrote this song and performed it with Dean. This hit was one of two top tens the duo would have, although Charly had a very successful career as a solo act. Have a listen, then share your own favorite tracks from current albums in the comments.

You probably do too. Zac Brown has made this kind of apologetic tale of wanderlust his wheelhouse. The hook is pure common horse sense, delivered with a knowing wink. This bit of raucous ear candy is bitingly funny in its flippant take on the old gender double standards.

It has all the elements of my favorite classic country music: a tale of lost love told with an alcohol metaphor. Not so much an original concept. And a blistering bluegrass meets rockabilly band jams while it all happens.

On their 2 Worlds, 2 Voices Tour, the two spent the entire evening turning their respective hits into duets. The result was a vocal showdown of shouting and warbling for the most part. But they kept their showboating to a minimum on this verse-trading number and a few others and with a simple piano backdrop turn in a definitive performance of my favorite Patty Griffin song.

The s got off to a poor start with the early s producing some of the lamest country music ever recorded, as the Urban Cowboy movie wreaked havoc on the genre. Here are some more songs that I liked and remember. Innocent Lies — Sonny James After a two year chart absence, the Southern Gentleman resurfaced on the Dimension label for one last top twenty tune in early According to Billboard, Sonny had and forty-three top tens recordings of which twenty-three went all the way to the top.

This was the biggest of his three chart hits, reaching 51 in mid A very talented guitarist and songwriter, Johnson found himself classified as country during the mids although his basic style remained unchanged. Wine Colored Roses — George Jones The s were a huge decade for King George with three number one records and another fifteen songs that reached the top ten. George is at his best with sad songs and this wistful ballad from is one of my favorites. There would be one more single released on Epic but this marked the end for a remarkable duo.

A few years later he would be part of a more successful duo. The Kendalls had already started to fade away when this 1 hit returned them to the top ten for one last visit. Jeannie Kendall is about as good a female vocalist as the genre has seen in the last thirty years. This song reached 9 in early and was his second top ten recording. While they would only have one top ten record, the Kentucky Headhunters brought something different and distinctive to county radio. This song was set to music by Hank Jr.

Hank got to 3 with the song in , but this time it topped out at This record reached Don King was a successful songwriter and publisher who was not wild about touring. This record made it to 10 in Go figure. This tribute to Jesus Christ, Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King was one of his few later songs that reached his earlier standards. This song deserved a better fate than to be marooned at 67 in , but back then, religious or even quasi-religious themes were normally the kiss of death for radio.

This record reached 8 in late She would continue to record pop country for a few more years before turning into a largely religious performer. This single reached 53 in , her third of five charting singles.

This song was penned by Roger Miller and this recording is the quintessential recording of the song. Sheppard and she is a very fine singer. This song reached 9 in , her only top ten country record. Nicolette sang background on may pop and country recordings. Sometimes, they were just trying, such as the cover of Deep Ear [PRO A , ], which attempted to combine current events such as the Watergate Scandal "Deep Throat" was Bob Woodward's confidential inside source of information on the Nixon Administration's activities with sex the name comes from an infamous pornographic movie of the same title , and put them into a context of hip listeners ear vs.

Admittedly, it was a reach. In retrospect, maybe that particular cover wasn't such a good idea after all, even if it did seem like it at the time. The sides on the two and three record sets were usually numbered so that the records could be stacked on a changer, that is Side 1 was backed with Side 4, Side 2 with Side 3, and so forth. They were all okay.

I know my nephew will love these books as much I as I love my set. And, might I just say, that, here is the only put where I could search all of the original Curious George books without any of the newer ones thrown in or with any missing.

Unfortunately, the red book is a small damaged not enough to really notice, but I am a nit picker. Would attach a picture of the damage, but forgot about the review and already wrapped the collection it's one of my son's Christmas presents.

The collection arrived quickly, and came in unbelievable e quality of the hardcovers are excellent, as well as the sleeve that the collection comes in! My son is currently having fun slipping the books in and out of the sleeve, and was so excited that I had to read him every book the collection came with, of course his stuffed Curious George had to be in his arms the entire time.

I am one satisfied Momma! Not a large - but, depending on your POV, something to know before buying. Curious George was my son's favorite 25 years ago. Curious George appeals to boys with high energy who are sometimes misunderstood. My son identified with George and was enthralled by his antics. I just bought this collection and the stuffed George for my next door neighbor for Christmas. When I purchased the pair of stuff I thought they were a small expensive, but after I received them, I understood.

The box set is beautiful! The box and the books are sturdy and it is a amazing representation of the larger collection. I think the boy that I bought these for will understand how unique they are. We love that mischievous monkey! Rey for entertaining my kid and this collection of books has served that purpose well. My son enjoys reading them with me. Not only he loves to hear the story, but also has begun to learn some of the words in it.

Seeing my kid hooked to the books makes me feel happy. This is a very nice set. Sturdy books. Love the hard covers and holder the set comes in.

I bought them for my sister's daughter who loves Curious Geore. The only complaint her mom had was that, being these are the earlier books that were written, lot of the characters are shown smoking in the books, unlike in the more latest books about Curious George. But there was no method of knowing that before purchasing. Overall, an awesome and well worth the price.

I can't believe only one other reviewer had an problem with the content of these books. George in these books is a not good role model. I gave these to my daughter for her second birthday and that's all she wanted to read for 2 months, she LOVES them. However, every story is exactly the same with George: he does poor things even after being warned not to, gets in problem or severely hurt, sometimes feels a small bad, but by the end of the story everyone forgives him and it's all been for laughs and George is a character even though he hasn't learned a single lesson nor done anything significant to create up for his mistakes.

The books got taken away when my daughter starting using "I'm a curious monkey" to justify her poor behavior- including swallowing some non-food stuff just like George does when he swallows a puzzle piece for which George subsequently needs surgery, a consequence that doesn't sink in very far since George just becomes the character of the children's ward at the hospital and has a lot of fun there.

From George getting high on ether, to repeatedly calling a nurse "pretty" or a fisherman "fat", to how George was tricked and captured in the first put and how his kidnapping created him a small sad, but still curious enough to be ok with it , I just can't allow these be shaping my child's perception of what is acceptable.

I bought these for my 2 year old grandson and he loved them. They are a amazing value and the box makes them easier to maintain. This set is the ONE! I am an avid Neil Young fan. I don't own everything he's done, but my collection of studio and live albums is extensive. When it comes to Neil with a full band performing live, this 2 disc set absolutely takes the cake in my opinion. I love every moment of it and strongly suggest it for any Neil Young fan!

Amazing record of course. Was an Xmas show for my father and CD case front was loose and kept falling off -but amazon dealt with it and all was fine. Better than Live Rust? I don't know. There's something various going on here. I'm surprised that the tunes that appeared on Live Rust, though not approached all that differently, have a whole various feel about them. There's a streak of anger and some despair in this set I think.

Amazing on this two CD set. Sometimes a Band experiences Instant Chemistry - Neil Young and Crazy Horse is just that - Intense Chemistry - It's a double edged sword here - They all admit that if they were to unite permanently the Chemistry would fade, But, because they only come together once in a Blue-Moon, it's powerful.

I think we who love this melody are amazing with that. So, have fun it when it happens. In my humble opinion, one of the greatest live albums ever. How would I help a statement that bold? Well, first, I would say that I believe Neil to be one of the greatest musicians ever. You may agree or disagree. I also believe this to be his finest live work. Thus, one of the finest live albumes ever. My opinion only. He chose Crazy Horse as a "backup band" not for their wonderful musical talent, but because they had heart, could keep a beat, and would let Neil to take the spotlight without ever feeling the need to shine themselves.

That's what happens here. Neil's guitar work on this album is If you know what I mean. If you're just buying this album in , you need to know that this was recorded during the 1st Gulf War. Watching the VHS video, it's beautiful moving Well worth the for any medium you it on. There is just no other artist that sings like Neil Young, that plays a guitar like Neil Young, or that covers so a lot of different styles as Neil Young -- from gentle country rock exemplified by his recent movie Heart of Gold to the angriest and hardest grunge.

Young's extended distortion drenched guitar solos are riveting and jaw-dropping. Young unleashed. But be forewarned, this album is not for the faint of heart. It must be played loud! Had this on cassette a lot of years ago and have searched for it on CD without success. Classic Neil Young songs recorded live on a 2 CD set. If you like Neil Young you will love this. If your a Neil Young fan you're already hip to this album. If your just getting into Neil all his other albums , and then obtain this one One of the all time amazing Live recordings.

This has the ultimate ver of Cortez the Killer. Band is in top form and Young at his thrashiest. I'd like to point out the rhythm guitar playing of Frank Sampedro, he is the excellent foil for Young. It is as if Young is playing a two necked guitar. Gave it to an elderly man to have fun since he had created reference to her and her songs. He was dissappointed that it was not her voice on CD.

Oh how I have loved Dottie Rambo and all her unbelievable songs. I've even sung her songs in church as solos with the choir backing me up. Small did I know then that I'd be singing her songs myself. They all warm my heart and my life. Every song here is a classic from the pen of Dottie Rambo sung by her group or by her as a soloist. This is a chronicle every Southern Gospel melody loves should add to their collection. These are jewels! Beegie is wonderful. I can't stop playing this CD.

Since this purchase, I've bought 4 other Beegie CDs.. Her arrangements and style of playing is exceptional. Love just having a glass of wine and listening to this awesome artist. If you like Gershwin, this one is a winner! I purchased this CD for my wife who plays the piano and loves Gershwin.

Apr 30, - William Christopher Handy (11/16//28/) was a musician, composer, teacher and band leader. He is known as the "Father of the Blues". In Handy traveled throughout Mississippi, listening to various styles of black popular music. The state was mostly rural, and music was part of the culture, especially in cotton plantations in the Mississippi Delta pins.

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  5. But George insists the album's surprisingly mature pop polish wasn't motivated by competition with his peers. "We used to call Duran Duran 'bottles of milk,' they were so white bread," George said.
  6. The guy James Eschauzier in your FB post was the guy in this article who claimed he knew George a little from way back when he met him at a cafe in Goring in July George invited him into his house which was empty and gave him a ring. So he already sold his story to a tabloid. If George called him on midnight of Dec 24, did he tell the police.
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