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2 Oct, 2012

Goodness Of Jah [Explicit] - Lindo P - Lindissimo [Explicit] (CD)

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Typically a hot pot sits at the center of the dining table, surrounded by small plates that are filled with different ingredients for your stew.

But at Boiling Avenue, you get to have a boiling pot all to yourself. The menu is heavily loaded with various options that will make the picky eaters and vegetarians happy. First, you will need to decide your level of spice—depending upon how much you want to clear your sinuses you might want to start off with mild.

At first, the menu might seem a little bit daunting just because each pot, such as the Korean kimchi or the sesame tonkotsu, can include well over a dozen ingredients. Even the drink menu can take a while to read through. Boiling Avenue offers the option to add your own boba or jelly.

You can even choose how sweet you want your tea, ranging from 30 to percent sweetness levels. My picks for the evening were cucumber salad, pot stickers, the No. The cucumber salad was served in Mason jars and featured giant slices of cucumber that were surrounded by carrots, onions and cilantro. The pot stickers came served in a mini deep fryer basket, and they were slightly crispy on the outside with warm fillings on the inside. The kumquat lemon green tea was refreshing, with a tart aftertaste and a slight pulp texture.

The curry flavor is served with sliced pork. I decided to substitute the king oyster mushrooms with an egg. The hot pot was served on top of my very own mini square cooker.

Upon arrival, it almost seemed too beautiful to eat, the fresh ingredients were all perfectly arranged in the steaming vessel with an array of colors from the yellow corn to the red, thin slices of pork to orange carrot wedges, all topped with green onion and cilantro.

The pots were so stuffed with food, the broth seemed to be on the brink of overflowing. Even though my stomach grew wide after seeing the pretty strew placed in front of me, it was exciting to watch the broth simmer and slowly bubble more and more while filling my nose with fresh curry spices. After patiently waiting for the stew to cook, I grabbed the chopsticks and started to dig in. As I ventured into the boiling abyss, I found some pieces of food that I forgot were included inside, like the chewy Korean rice cakes and the crab stick.

It was like a bowl of discoveries waiting to be eaten. Eventually, my chopsticks happened upon some potatoes that were soaking for a while on the bottom; they broke apart like steamy curry mashed potatoes. Boiling Avenue offers a meal that is more of an experience, where you can discover the curry soaked potatoes and the mushrooms you forgot on the bottom of your bowl.

It forces dinner time to slow down a little and makes you appreciate your surrounding company and warm food. When you are finished with your food art, take a look above you and you can read food inspired quotes.

For more info and to peruse their menu, go to Facebook. As a fan, there can be an urge to let your inner archivist run rampant; to discover obscure genres or codify new ones, deciding who belongs where. That is not to say our intentions are hostile, but even so, our pronouncements can be limiting to the unfettered artistic mind. Chronixx is well aware of this.

In the supercharged, creatively brimming musical climate of Jamaica, where success does not go unnoticed, the artist born Jamar McNaughton has found himself near the epicenter of a young generation of artists who make fresh music with a timeless spirit and are bringing attention back to a more conscious strain of reggae.

As is always the case, there is a little bit of truth to all this, but the real story is both smaller in scale and deeper in reach. Chronixx, and fellow artists like Protoje, Jah9, Kelissa, Kabaka Pyramid and Jesse Royal the list goes on , have no master plan to conquer the world. Though his diet may be strictly ital, he has a wildly omnivorous ear, soaking up the propulsive riddims of dancehall along with the music that came before it, and listening to the heavenly harmonies of Enya extensively while on tour.

In the meantime, he continues to acknowledge the power of music to transcend political and mental stagnation while avoiding being overtaken by the hype that travels in his wake. Chronology in part refers to the rising spirit of the times, and of Chronixx and his musical compatriots. It is also an idea he gleaned from a history book: our ordering of history is often false, and where we have once assumed a lineal succession— one ruler coming after another, one dynasty toppling the last—we often find that, in reality, there were many rulers, reigning concurrently in relative peace.

For Chronixx and his generation, I and I know the reign will be a long and fruitful one. Why do you think reggae has had and continues to have such a global appeal? Reggae music is deeply rooted in consciousness, and that for me explains the widespread appeal. Consciousness is something that cannot be contained.

Regardless of the number, the people who come out are fully into the music, they know the lyrics and everything. Reggae provides something for people that they cannot find in any other kind of music, which is a comfort from the pressures of the system, a relief and a release from the pressures that society may inflict.

Because it has that quality, it catches on naturally. Yeah, it moves in a more organic fashion, and it moves slower— in terms of how popular the music gets, the months it takes to reach people in other genres and other countries. In Jamaica, you can have a song from that suddenly becomes very popular in Sometimes it feels like it does, but the relevance keeps appearing and manifesting in new ways.

How do you deal with success without compromising your spiritual beliefs? I try to redefine success on an inner level.

I know what success means in the world—I accept that. That is what the world perceives as success, but as far as me and my faith, I redefine it as having your music serve a purpose, which is to uplift and inspire people. As far as the resurgence of reggae music is concerned—let me tell you about that.

I grew up in a music home, nah mean? My father is an artist, and I grew up listening to all different kinds of music. From when we were children, we considered ourselves to be musicians in training, like, we were always trying to learn new songs, trying new instruments. So from that stage I realized that music is just all in a continuous thing.

I can tell you, I think reggae in every period, every year in Jamaica, it feel like the media says and does things for their own benefit. And there has been, for every single period of my life. Our music was already there for like 50 years. For music to survive, new birth have to take place. And for birth to take place, certain things have to happen. If you ride the wave that fades away, it will move on to something else, in the next two years or in the next six months.

Just continue. Would you say the current musical environment is more about cooperation? Yeah, and we are still finding new ways to collaborate. The thing is, most of us are independent—we are challenged by our inexperience, we are challenged by our limited resources. These challenges are sometimes really positive: we have to be more creative and learn how to do more with less. How would you describe your album Chronology and the idea behind it?

And I guess the music will reflect that. Back To Oblivion is there first new album in five years. Vinyl version due November Also includes the band's classic version of ''The Molly Maguires,'' which has become an underground hit on YouTube with more than half a million views.

The band challenge conventional wisdom about combining virtuoso music and melodic songwriting on their new album, Second Nature. With Koch we experience an artist constructing a future after time spent deconstructing the past. Taylor, and features members of Hiss Golden Messenger and Megafaun. At first this might seem an unusual pairing - the dean of the avant-garde bass and a fellow that defined mainstream jazz guitar - but Charlie Haden and Jim Hall shared much common ground.

They released two albums of over-the-top avant-rock for Cuneiform Records in and and then fell silent. Reforming with original personnel, they are back and just as heavy and intense as they ever were. Broken hands, lost Rickenbackers, and sliced tendons aside, Simon Price guitar, vocals , Hugo Morgan bass , Wayne Maskell drums and Paul Allen guitar hit many highs during this time.

It represents the full force of the Heads' psychedelic pummel, their trippiest, most psych collection, brutal yet beautiful.

The hardcover, full-color box set wrapped in a specially printed tote bag, includes a plus-minute CD of previously unreleased material culled from Price's CD-R archives. Feel Something features ten tracks including the piano-laden lead single "Tame" and last year's surf rock referencing "Don't You Wanna Be Mine?

With a driving tribal drum corps complemented by an arsenal of special surround sound effects units including synthesizers, theremin, vocoders, and several other hand held electronic devices , Itchy-O immerses the listener from every angle in an electric bog of music, ephemera and spectacle.

Deluxe adds four bonus tracks. Every non-album track you need is here, from the out-of-print Hozac single, to the Trouble In Mind limited tour single to their appearances on various compilations and tributes, all in one handy place.

The second disc features a set performed by the current Deep Purple lineup. Heavy, heady stuff, without question. The two-act opera, which features a libretto by award-winning playwright Craig Lucas, is loosely based on true events and follows a lonely detective whose investigation of a seemingly simple crime draws her into a complex web of online intrigue. Boasting impressive performances from Ben Castle clarinets , Roger Eno harmonium and Gramophone's David Picking percussion, trumpet , amongst others, the album is a powerful and emotionally direct statement that has deservedly garnered cult acclaim.

This version has been remastered by Steven Wilson and includes two bonus tracks with the included booklet features sleeve notes from Mojo Magazine's Johnny Black. Recorded live and in analog, the album is an electrifying funk-rock statement.

I was intrigued by the idea and agreed. The treatments and processing are as much a part of composition as are the instruments and the recordings. In a way I failed to make an unplugged album but I did make something which was outside of my usual work process and for that i am thankful.

Remastered and restored by Warren Defever for maximum brilliance. Recorded in Israel with some of the strongest musicians out of the exciting Israeli music scene the music is at once familiar and surprising, touching on traditions while bringing them into the 21st century with imagination, wit and a passionate creativity.

The legendary guitarist and founding member of Marillion, Steve Rothery has long been known for his unique playing style, and in the live setting the experience cannot be matched. This brilliant live set sees Rothery airing tracks from his forthcoming solo album, The Ghosts Of Pripyat , which was financed by an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign that reached its target in the first 24 hours.

Their recording preserves the playful jangly genre-bouncing enervation found in their previous work while insisting on a more disciplined approach to songwriting. The ideas and moods created in these songs tie back to the album title Mended With Gold , embracing the idea that the breakage and repair of an object becomes part of its unique history and ultimately makes it more valuable instead of a blemish to disguise. The Rural Alberta Advantage have taken all of their successes, losses, adventures, and heartbreaks over the past few years, and forged them together into an unforgettably powerful work of beauty.

Limited vinyl version pressed on clear wax with metallic gold splatter. With an initial focus on recording, she began playing shows by herself regularly a year after the release of her first EP. At the end of , following two self-released EPs, Oleena began writing what would become her first label-released album, Shallow. Since then, the Canadian soul-jazz innovator has released three widely acclaimed records and toured extensively in North America, Europe, Japan and Latin America.

Along with Esperanza Spalding, Robert Glasper, and Jose James she is seen as part of a wave of young jazz musicians bringing the art form to a new generation of music fans. Hearts Like Ours captures a modern take on a classic country. Evocative and meditative, this is a rare and unique project that synthesizes Kabbalah, mysticism and the hypnotic swirls of dark ambient music. Michael Wilton describes Soulbender as a very progressive, hard rock band with very intense musicians and a couple of the members are prodigies.

The production of Circle is the most natural sounding in their discography. The dark feel that was present on Death Is Certain Life Is Not is subtler this time, allowing more space for their raw grooves and heaviness. Stiff Little Fingers are a seminal punk rock band from Northern Ireland, formed in No Going Back is their first album in a decade.

Damage was recorded at the final London concerts in December and issued in Whereas the studio album had a measured grace and power, the live album was even more muscular on the rock pieces, drawing some extraordinary performances from all contributors.

This collection of songs includes acoustic versions of their two biggest singles ''Breakdown'' and ''Mourning. One of those groups is Team Spirit, founded by former Passion Pit keyboardist Ayad Al-Adhammy after an aesthetic epiphany where he ditched synthesizers for a six-string.

Killing Time is a raging gang fight of classic rock guitar riffing and sugar-sweet pop-punk hooks with the potential to connect with van-driving, horns-throwing headbangers as deeply as it does with stage-diving punk kids.

Endless Nothing marks the band's third LP and their first for new label Southern Lord, and it's the most intense material from the band to date by a long shot and undoubtedly one of the heaviest, most volatile and overall best extreme records I've heard from any band in any genre in The band incorporates strands of rock, pop, folk, and country to create a modern and alternative take on those genres for their enthralling debut album.

Rounding out the broup are lead guitarist Tom Bukovac and bassist Nick Govrik, who wrote many of the band's songs. The Nashville-based quintet's debut album Trigger Hippy draws on the strengths of all five, both individually and collectively, and showcases influences and inspiration from Memphis soul to rock, country and blues.

Gorman rightly calls it a "rock band that can jam. Unit is a hardcore metal band formed in Pittsburgh in The band combines death metal, hardcore, and slam to create a heavy and chaotic sound that Pittsburgh bands are notable for. Between and Designer label founder Style Wooten and his studio main man Roland Janes a heroic figure in Memphis music , produced between and gospel singles. Amid the riffs, hooks and wail of frontman Luke Boerdam is a stark examination of the way we view the world, and the way consumer culture feeds relentlessly on itself and its urges.

Elsewhere however, British influences abound. Aladdin Sane -era Bowie informs the punchy strut of each song. Their new album Mobile Of Angels maintains the massive, heavy, bluesy and melodic tone the band is known for. Trash Loud, snotty bullsh! Black Voices is a must for Afrobeat fans. Without question, it is one of the highpoints of his post-Fela catalog. The third album from the Australian brother-sister folk-blues duo, produced by Rick Rubin.

The band describes their sound as "blue collar thrash metal. Limited copies pressed on white vinyl. He balances the rock-classical fusion on the record with touches of humor while the music itself is beautiful and subtle showing his skills at composition and arranging.

Skillfully arranged three-minute gems from the point where beat and folk rock turn into melodic psychedelia. Available on HQgm black, gm red opaque, and gm dark grey vinyl. Recorded in , this is Drew's second and last Blue Note album. Featuring Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Hank Mobley on tenor sax, Sam Jones on bass and Louis Hayes on drums, this hard bop essential has been reissued as part of the overall Blue Note 75th anniversary reissue campaign.

The Drums music often explores the themes of loss, nostalgia, redemption, vulnerability, and love with critic's raves embracing both the lyrics and their sonic signature.

This time around, they've embraced a darker sound while making it as grand and majestic as they please. With the advent of the then new Roland TB bass synthesizer, a machine synonymous with the acid house sound, Tom began to write more beat driven material. The rhythms are made by a TR drum machine, Kawai SF and SH-1 synthesizers, plus various televisions, radios, cassette decks and pedals.

Trash Ten catchy, forceful, and rousing KBD-garage punk tunes mired in psychedelic intoxication. Reissued as part of the overall Blue Note 75th anniversary reissue campaign.

All three members come from an academic background electroacoustic composition, etc , and they met at the University of Montreal in the music department. HQgm yellow and black vinyl. Siren Charms is the eleventh album from the Swedish metallers.

Limited to pieces. These seven albums were chosen by long-time admirer, Brian Eno. Also includes a page booklet and poster. CD version due October Limited quantities pressed on white vinyl. Creating instrumental landscapes full of fuzzed heaviness, they suck you straight to the bottom of a hellish swamp. Limited copies pressed on green vinyl. Marble Sky was the moniker under which chameleonic nomad Witscher recorded his most intimate and contemplative music.

The material that comprises this eponymous release was originally released in the late aughts as short-run cassettes - highly coveted and personal releases that imparted mystery and a strange sense of hermetic romanticism. The group describes their music as a "singer-songwriter spirit mixed with electronic beats.

Somehow, it's always a little bit melancholy, but there's a positive spin. The album title is a transliteration of the Arabic word hijra, which means "journey. Comprised of two blind musicians in their 20s and a teenage rhythm section, their lone LP was cut in for Orlando's Dove label, then reissued on Folkways two years later. Mastered by Dave Edwardson of Neurosis. The churning organ, the wailed yowl, the wild guitar solos all return, but they've grown.

CD version due October 7. Hailing from a very diverse musical scene, Null And Void forged their own sound fusing elements of new wave, post-punk, cabaret and less characterized roots. HQgm blue vinyl. Blends elements of Afrobeat, early electronica, Krautrock and SalSoul-era disco with psychedelic pop-laden hooks. HQgm vinyl with CD insert and download.

Roladex hails from Seattle by way of Texas. HQgm red vinyl. Distinguishing themselves from the swarm of everyone else with their opus A Determinism Of Morality , they saw their name on many Best Of lists. The Anaesthete proved experimentation bodes them well. Orange swirl vinyl. The Chicago Reader wrote that "she sings with striking intimacy, as though addressing someone sitting just a few feet away.

The album is entitled Floresta , or "Forest" in Portuguese. This is saxophonist Turrentine's sixth album. Layered strings, piano, bass, noise and voices are mysteriously woven and expand as two magnificently parallel aesthetic worlds. This compilation connects the transit lines between these varied musical offerings and tells the secret story of eleven forgotten Bay Area bands. The eleven song package, which includes Zappaclassics such as "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" his first charted single and "Cosmic Debris," featured an all-star recording band interpreting the maestro's exotic compositions and their topical yet comical lyrics.

We Are Diva! At times it's as heavy as lead, crushing and lurching hard, while other times it's melodic and hook-laden; usually you'll find this contrast within the same song. Vinyl version due October 7. This second album of Anatolian psychedelia, originally released in , showed defiance even in its gatefold art, with a drawing of the band members seeming to grow straight out the ground, covered in plant tendrils.

Akbayram poached members of Mogollar and Baris Manco's Kurtalan Ekspres to get the best fuzz breaks and Hammond slams and put 'em straight in your ears. The band also tried out some mixes that pushed the vocals or a particular instrument way up front, and of course long, low, reverberant welcomes from Edip's echo-covered voice. While the music can be unyielding and is always meticulously arranged, words are strung together to create sensual images rather than formal narratives.

Though electronics are still a primary force, much of the new album finds the trio exploring its interest in chamber pop and folk. Richard D. James has been releasing music since the beginning of the '90s. Syro is the first new Aphex Twin album since 's Drukqs. Ball's voice can break your heart with a ballad or break your back with a rocker. Deluxe adds three bonus tracks. They are America's Technicolor cowboys; brothers-in-arms in service to the creed that great music has no boundaries.

Individually, John and Big Kenny are first-rate musicians, songwriters, producers, and entertainers. The result is a record with more of an experimental edge than previous Bonamassa records. It's a blues record that explores the outer reaches and the many different sounds that shape the genre. His first solo record on Drag City in nearly three years, it is a rich and roiling time of life that is captured in a myriad of moments throughout all the songs here.

Throughout the album, mythos is in the wind, trysting with truth and the joys of song, of singing and playing in open space; harmonies and acoustic instruments spread in bright stereo sound, accosting in the air between the speakers and going deep, without hesitation into our waiting and needing minds and souls.

Limited copies on vinyl include a bonus 12". It s a rich survey of David Bowie's many musical lives offering a generous helping of hits, an intriguing dip into archives, classic album tracks and long lost B-sides, explosive live recordings, soundtrack recordings and remixes. The album follows the ambient and haunting sounds of Burzum's most recent releases. Inspired by Varg's extensive knowledge of European history, the album continues his explorative sound and lyrical works.

He says, "It is my first step towards something new, which at the same time is as old as the roots of Europe. I try to transport the listener to the days of yore, to make them feel the past that is still alive in their own blood. A punk band that can play and style of music, they take pride in their versatility. Originally coming out of Buenos Aires's famed digital cumbia scene, Chancha has notoriously broken way outside those boundaries to forge unprecedented mergers between Brazilian rhythms, Paraguayan harp, Andean mysticism and the solitude of Argentinian folklore - all processed through his own futuristic style of post-dubstep.

Battles is comprised of equal parts hooks and heart. Austin native Gary Clark Jr. Alegria Happiness. Beatriz Azevedo. Nunca Mais Never Again. Reentry Arto Lindsay. The Bridge Jun Miyake. Evening Rain Arto Lindsay. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Alegria Happiness Beatriz Azevedo.

Fillmore Slims - Born to Sing the Blues-CDUNiCORN INT Flava Don-Feel Like Heaven-WEBJAH Flavium - Nightlife-CDUNiCORN INT FloFilz-Speakthru-WEBLEV Fourth Rotor-PlainFATHEAD Frank Lukas-Intensiv-CD-DEVOiCE Frankie Lee Doug Newby and the Bluzblasters - Sooner or Later-CDUNiCORN INT.

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  2. released 23 SEPTEMBER > Aeges – Above & Down Below CD (The Mylene Sheath) Expanding upon the foundation of the sound that already drew influence from the '90s post-hardcore era, Above & Down Below mixes that same heavy edge of Quicksand with the more melodic heavy rock sheen of Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Queens Of The Stone Age. At times it's as heavy as lead, crushing .
  3. Brusco insieme alla V.A.P. pubblicò una cassetta musicale nel ed un cd nel un panorama musicale che punta sempre più sull'immagine, trascurando contenuti e creatività, disorientato.
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  7. Neither of us had used the computer for anything beyond word processing before then. Between 19we learned multiple techniques digital publishing together: using line editing systems, writing multimedia code (we co-edited The Little Magazine Volume 21 an early poetry cd-rom in .
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