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2 Oct, 2012

Inside Dreams - SPCZ - Bliss (File)

Continue Reading Belize And Covid As the preeminent Belize Digital Media Company, we strive to provide rich and timely content for tourists, expats looking to relocate, and up-to-date news on Belize. Sign in with Microsoft. Recommended Posts. Posted April 20, Guys i really want to have a HD bliss video for dreamscene,ive tried several here and there,but they look too blurry in my desktop,please help me Thanks. I said to myself, what's the point?

My quality of life is gone and my son is gone. No point anymore. Suddenly a beautiful swirl of light came in my room and swooped around the room in the dark. It was beautiful, purple, black, yellow and white swirls. I felt immense joy and love so powerful, I could not explain it but it made me cry. I heard a voice saying I'm free, I'm free.

And then the swirl of light went into a little urn of his ashes I keep on my dresser. After that I started getting better. When I saw the light I said, Cure me. Then I remembered something I read in a grieving book. It said never approach the dead with need, but with love. I'm still grieving for us, not for him. I truly believe he is in a better place and has some peace as he had a troubled life. So I'm happy for him but me and his sisters continue being sad and having a hard time.

He was sitting at a friends house playing his guitar. The guy evidently was on drugs that shot him. We are still going to Court for the guy to be sentenced for the murder. I went to the cemetery a few weeks after my son's death and it was almost dark. I took a few pictures with my iPhone from my car to see if the solar lights were bright enough.

When I got home the next day I looked at the pictures again and there is a grey mist above his grave that shows his face and he looks about 20 years old and his hair is long as he wore it then. Several months after that I did the same thing and the picture shows a large grey mist of an angel over his grave.

You can see the wings, halo and outline of her. I have had other signs but these two were just unbelievable for me. I know he was trying to let his Momma know he was okay! I miss my son so much and sometimes feel helpless but these signs from him have helped me so much. Yes you can over analysis things this is the ego taking command your soul spiritual psychic self does not analysis things that's not to say the ego can be bad it just does not want to loose control of you but we are also spiritual beings its normal to miss the people we love it's just hard knowing there not going to be there.

Stop overthinking The more that you analyze, the further you will go from understanding the truth. Keep your channels open, and let your first thought as things like this occur explain what's happening in the moment. I've had and do have regular occurrences day to day, of all sorts of communications from the other side, so don't be afraid, and remember always to pray and be respectful toward these types of communications Through a caress on my cheek after his funeral; and, a phone call during an especially stressful time in my life about 18 months after he died.

I heard a familiar phrase. I cherish both memories of his love. And, whether anyone could know, what it means. Or if someone has had something similar happen to them. The sound of something weighty, like a body, sliding across an even wooden floor filled the room.

It startled me. There is no attic in this house, absolutely no access to the rafters beneath the roof. As the sound progressed across a small portion of the room, I could picture its maker. Gender-less, but firm. I stared at the blank ceiling.

But I was curious. Three times a bell rang. It just rang. Three times and stopped. I wanted to hear more. But there was only silence as I continued to wait and stare. Only seconds had passed since the incident began, but it felt so much longer. Then the sound of a door. But I pictured not wood but rather metal. It was the shortest sound. It is the most mysterious and unclear portion of the audible incident.

I had some initial 'immediate' thoughts after the incident. I immediately thought of my Sister. We had always promised IF there was a way to contact the other after our passing, we would do so.

It was shortly after the third anniversary of her passing that these sounds occurred. And I do so desperately miss her. But it's the door The bell To stare into the room I occupied. It didn't make sense. If anything like this really does make sense in the final analysis.

My other thought, although to be honest took longer to reach than the first. Was anti-spiritual If I were Stephen Hawking or Neil deGrasse Tyson or their ilk, perhaps I could justify such thoughts of parallel universes and other diverse planes and reasonings. If any of you have had a similar experience or can shed any interpretations to this experience.

I'd appreciate hearing from you. My childhood bf passed away 2 weeks ago. We were together for 5 yrs. We have not seen each other for 28 years. He never had a gf after me. He always tell our friends that im his one true love. I thought about him a day before he passed away of what life we could have had and how old would be our kids now.

The next day i found out that he died from a heart attack. I was driving to go to work that day and there was this red car behind me driving really close, so i let him pass me but when we got to the stop light it was that same red car and i was kinda upset and look at his lisence plate to see what county is he from. I was so shock the first 4 letters of his plate is my bf name.

Coincidence or what?! I was wondering if the camera on iPhone 11 Pro Max, would Be considered electrical.

My dad died in June, and I had been making vintage suitcase shelves, each one themed. I decided to make one for him as we were very close.

So I put vintage luggage stickers of all the places that he like to go to and the things that he liked it he liked to do, on it. When I went to take a picture something happened that never happened before or since then..

I would tip the phone one way to try to level it and it would spin wildly the other direction… Just back-and-forth for about five minutes. So I just started snapping pictures, Hoping to get it level.

I laughed and said you still have it Dad So I got to the pictures and started deleting pictures that were going every direction when something caught my eye. So what is later one of my friends why should the picture to the edited it and I had never even thought of it. So I went home and played with filters and things and even more detail showed up. Each time I saved the original picture and went back to it. Since then, a few times there is thumping up in the other suitcase shelves I feel like my dad has a friend?

Are iPhone cameras Electrical? Yes that's interesting I have a story about that but it's not applicable to this article and really has nothing to ourt existance as been been in a human form.

My dear friend died last week and already a big butterfly was in my path and a large dragonfly flew right into my workspace. It flew all around for a minute and then left through the door it came in. That has never happened before. I be leave you this happened to us we just from the funeral of my brother.

My grandmothers phone number ended on and where ever i am i always seem to look on the clock on My mum passed away 3 months ago just before my 60th birthday I know she wasn't ready to die. I miss her terribly and have found something of hers in the doorway of the washer. My husband says it must have been stuck to some th8 that went in the. Subscriber Skins Object Desktop purchase did not go through on webs Fences often 'focuses' on not only what I click on Most Popular Dreams.

Newest Dreams. Top Premium Dreams. What is a Dream? DreamMaker Dream Maker allows you to take control of your desktop and create your own animated wallpapers. Download DreamMaker Free. Share your Dreams with us Upload Dream. In the Community Dream using two videos only the second one is looped by Hostofblue 4K-only Dreamscapes? While the current administration has defended tougher policies, the film raises serious questions about whether they are advancing the stated objectives.

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  1. Dream Maker allows you to take control of your desktop and create your own animated wallpapers. Using xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfo file format, you can create your own Dreams to share with friends and family. Dream Maker is a free utility. Download DreamMaker Free.
  2. Jul 02,  · Dreams and restless thoughts came into his mind, flowing from the water of the river, sparkling from the stars of the night, melting from the beams of the sun, dreams came to him and a restlessness of the soul, fuming from the sacrifices, breathing forth from the verses of the Rig-Veda, being infused into him, drop by drop, from the teachings.
  3. Apr 20,  · Guys i really want to have a HD bliss video for dreamscene,ive tried several here and there,but they look too blurry in my desktop,please help me Thanks.
  4. Jun 28,  · Dreamscape combines the strategy and engagement of popular base-building games with imaginative reading passages and interactive questions to create a ferociously fun literacy game! Players of Dreamscape are dropped into the realm of dreams and are tasked with defending their “dwell” (the place where their own dreams live and are created) from invading “reveries” (dream creatures). In.
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  6. Savor Bliss Bites, such as: Make Magic Happen Every Moment You are truly an alchemist who can turn lead into gold. Find a magic word and make it your own. At the mention of this mantra, your world is transformed. Frowns turn upside down, broken hearts are mended and impossible dreams, become I'm-possible realities.
  7. Find Your Bliss. Search by Location or Use my Location. City, State/Provice, Zip or City & Country. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Filter .
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