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2 Oct, 2012

Quest For The Cube - Barn Burner - Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Callers can listen to information about emergency contraceptive methods available in the US as well as receive the names, phone numbers, city, and state of five providers located nearest them. Or call The Office of Population Re-. But be sure to act quick; you j only have 72 hours! But since when have they ever done anything right? Support fucking for f uckine sake! If you want to feel good or if you love life or if you just plain love fucking, then please, by all means, fuck your brains out.

Til next time, play hard and play safe. Gilman Street So it looks like Gilman Street is in trouble with the law again. Instead of bringing it to the Gilman collective's attention, they went and tattled to the Berkeley board of directors.

Why "the kids" feel some over whelming need to drink and fuck things up for one of the best projects in the bay area is beyond me. I know that this a tired discussion, but come on, is it really that hard to behave yourself around the club?

Gilman street has, of course, dealt with the situation intelligently. There was none of that "Oh woe is us, the man's really fucking with our scene dude" kind of bullshit. Oh no. Don't know yet how this will all turn out. It's probably a good sign that Dicon is so embarrassed by local media reports that they won't talk to reporters, and that City council member Kriss Worthington says she'll do what she can to make sure Gilman St stays open. Bringing this whole thing to the attention of those outside our scene.

Great, I thought, another group cashing in on their old school rep. They couldn't make money in '77, but whats to stop them from trying now. If I wasn't worried about the sell out factor before I got to the show, I sure was once I walked up to the door. I'm not a believer in the "five bands five bucks" ethic, inflation is a fact of life and five bucks just won't get you what it did in Still, ten bucks for three bands seemed a little extreme.

I paid the price though and walked in the door. Marlboro had the fucking place plastered with ads, and were giving out free merchandise and cigarettes. Yet, I was told repeatedly that this was a club thing and the Real Kids had nothing to do with it. So I stayed. When the Loudmouths finished up their set and Bruce told me the Real Kids weren't even in the building, I started to get really upset. Ten bucks, billowing clouds of cigarette smoke and still they hadn't even shown. If they were doing this for the money or not I'll never know, but I do know that they put on one hell of a good show.

Playing all the hits and putting to rest all my thoughts of old men going through the motions to get some late coming glory and a free trip to San Francisco. Word on the streets is that the fists have been flying at the tough guy hard core shows here in the lately Bay Area. I guess it was iust a matter of time before the nasty siae of the thug style retro thing reached us. What is all the more embarrassing is that I like the music of most of these meat heads. I am an absolute sucker for.

Too bad "the kids" can't seem to control themselves during those chugga chug- ga parts in the songs. That's it for now I can be reached at seansul mindspring. Although Gilman St. For The Kids who work and for those who go to shows there; the thought of having uniformed security mards does not really fit the idea of a JlY club. Colin Ascher, a Gilman St.

We explain to people why they shouldn't do something. Bobby Miller, the press liaison for the Berkeley Police Department, stated that "videotaping to get evidence is not an unsual thing. In Baltimore, police there installed video cameras to allow them to monitor a block downtown area 24 hours a day. Then U. Attorney in San Diego, Alan Bersin said, "[o]ver the last 50 years, we've made enormous investment in military hardware It is for this reason that we should take these things seriously even minor incidents like these.

Its been said way too many times ' that money is the root of all evils. But money is taking a whole new shape in our 'civilized' society. Cash is slowly becoming obsolete as we turn further and further towards a numbers-based monetary system.

Think about it. I have to admit, it does sound rather appealing. They are doing their share, and make no mistake taking their share, by steering customers towards a cashless existence. And to do so, they've perpetuated the myth that happiness comes about through financial excess. So, the question begs to be asked: If money is the root of all evils, then what in the hell are charge cards? Charge cards are simply a way for a few select businesses to make money from the process of exchanging money.

Sounds like a bank, huh? Well, sorry to say, but that's exactly what they are. When you use a charge card, they make money, just like the bank makes money from you putting your money in them. Look at all those friggin' zeros! On said notion. Look who's power-trippin'. And that's just the half of it. Yes, I do like to see corporations being held accountable for their actions and I hate monopolies. Should is entire industry even exist? My thoughts are that it shouldn't and here's why. Junk mail pours in from the 'plastic' companies at an all- too-steady rate, promising a credit card no matter what your financial status might be.

This is what has come to be known as the "fine print. First of all, they can charge you an annual fee for your card. If you aren't being required to pay such a fee, then you will more than likely have a higher interest rate. As credit card companies have become increasingly shady, they can fool you with these interest rates. And if you use an ATM outside of your state or country, these fees can shoot through the roof.

One of these ways is through 'E-commerce,' which is basically on-line credit that one could use to pay bills and shop over the internet. Soon we will lead lives so convenient that we will never have to leave our couches. I can't wait. They are also beginning to promote their new 'smart' cards. Smart cards are credit cards that have a microchip embedded inside that basically acts like an ATM in and of itself.

You have a set amount of money on the card and you can spend it just like you would a normal credit card. It started by scanning fingerprints but now they're testing ways to scan the iris of your eye.

As these new developments take hold, we will surely have to endure further promotional manipulation from these companies, whose means of current means of promotion are some of the ugliest around. First off, we've got the TV ad campaigns. There are ads that explain that Visa is "everywhere you want to be. Anything but that! These spots use the slogan; "There are some things that money can't buy. At the end of the commercial, two words would pop up at the bottom of the screen reminding us to "do more.

Are we truly supposed to believe that they are noble do-gooders? But the co-branding bit is the scariest thing to me. Not only has Visa teamed up with major companies like Wal-Mart and Blockbuster to create cards with their likeness, but they're teaming up with everyone.

It makes wonder when we'll see a MaximumRocknroll Visa. C'mon y'all! What's the hold-up? Honestly though, where will this all stop? As you might suspect, it won't. But what's wrong with regular money? Did I miss something here? According to the credit card companies, I did miss something. They claim that cash is bulky yeah. They claim charge cards are the money of the future. I realize that saying 'no one is making a profit from money' could be one of the dumbest things I've ever said.

I hope you know what I mean. How can I think of it as money when it's nothing like money at all? A credit card is nothing more than a convenience. Credit cards are wrong because private businesses use them to reap profits.

They have shamelessly promoted them so that there is literally millions of people in debt because of them. It'd be a hell of a lot better use of government than trying to have the Justice Department hunt down the corrupt practices of Visa and Mastercard. You see, a government's top priority at least in theory is to serve the greater public good. Private corporation's top priority is the zealous acquisition of money.

Which sounds better to you? I have a Visa debit card in my back pocket as I write this. I have paid their stupid transaction fees and interest rates for nearly 6 months now. I'm not even sure why I got it. So, upon submission of this column, I am cutting up my Visa card and prominently displaying its remains upon my apartment wall. Any joiners? You know that I can't resist something that funny so I had to check it out.

Sadly enough for my researching work, that is , the title of the article was the only mention of Visa, so it didn't really have anything I could use for this column. But what it DID contain absolutely blew my mind! Granted, it comes off in a very Christian manner hence the name of the magazine and it spends more time discussing the link between Christianity and business than I cared to know about, but all in all, an excellent article indeed.

I guess it goes to show that you can't write off anyone for one or two of their views. It just may end up that you have more in common with them than you'd like to imagine. Box , Chippewa Falls, WI, I will place them on the wall next to mine and don't forget to call the bank and have them cancel your card, so I can't rip you off.

Um, if you'd rather just send me a letter with various comments or questions, that'd be great too! OK, Christ, this earlier deadline is killing me. What is on my mind is, as always, great early punk rock 7in. This month, I present five punk 7in. There were of these fuckers and Black Flag proved to be one of the greatest bands ever to roam the world.

Greg Ginn's guitar sounded like that in I grab copies whenever I see them. I don't care what the fuck '77 internet gab lines say, these guys are legendary and should be. Their "Population Zero" and "Stiff Love" both from '79,1 believe are chock full of really great tunes that are identifiable from the first few seconds. The Insults had a freaked-out sound which is punk in a way no could seem to match. Not only that, the sleeves are quintessential punk rock paste-ups which had me crying for the records when I first saw them in the Tim Yo library.

You can find songs strewn throughout the Killed By Death series. The originals are beaucoup bucks and should be. Save your pennies.

First, the lyrics put the record into my personal punk rock faves pile. Then the band photo on the back sleeve puts in to the Hall of Immortals. You should buy them and save some money. The B-side "Now Your [sic] Dead" is also great. Another press. I love the U. Sure, the British punks were being ushered into the green room in '77, but punk was just starting to creep around outside the big U. This is punk. Rare and good bang for the buck relative to what many record fetch these days. No definite pressing info, though Treehouse says You look at the sleeve that is, if you can find it It's practically all downhill from here.

Ana the B-side is even better than the plodding, riff-ridden A-side. These guys, from everything I've heard, were not well-liked and didn't care to be. They were snazzy dressers and even snazzier musicians. They were not embarrassed by Flying Vs. I think they wanted to make it big but didn't. Shut up, just shut the hell up. Larry Livermore Visited Me Ok.

So you think you "hate" him because he's been built up to be this evil guy and its just so punk fucking rawk to hate things that you're supposed to hate and blindly love things you're supposed to love "Four legs good! Two legs bad! Anti-Flag good! Anti-Heroes bad! But this is my year in review column and when you get one you can write what you like. Sure, twenty years from now no one will talk about Waste of Space: Live At Budokan as being an influential record and no on will pay exorbitant fees for our demos and we won't be on any "Killed By Death" type comps and Norton won't reissue any of our stuff.

But I, for one, had a ton of fun playing catchy rock n roll with three guys with whom I became brothers- in all senses of the word since we fought all the time. And I think the kids in Attleboro were just a little happier for it. Waste of Space! I got a high school diploma and a certificate from a nonexistent shop class. And maybe I don't play the lottery. But I do smoke like a chimney and like lots of bands that don't play all ages shows.

No more "Pat Martin" for me, thank you very much. Now there's only one label in Minneapolis that puts out records that are cool to wake up hun- gover people to. Devil Dogs and the Real Kids "Reunited and it feels so good No, I haven't seen either of them play yet, but I will. And just the knowledge that I can is enough for me. Finding Out My Ex-Girlfriend Wasn't Pregnant At Least Not With My Kid Yessiree, all of you out there that like to exchange bodily fluids know that there's nothing more tense then finding out that the monthly bill wasn't delivered on time.

Plus, both of my older brothers had kids at a real young age. From now on I will always wear the jimmy hat. But I, alas, am a giant weakling and I just cannot cut the mustard. I like the extra time I can spend with my friends. All you kids that want to do that stuff full time can run screaming to the Spartacist League they'll ship the capitalist motherfuckers packing here and around the world , but I'm a lame- ass so I'll just slip them dough.

First of all, a high school graduate doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're" or "there", "their" and "they're. As of right now I've yet to have mv ass kicked in any way, shape or form.

Working Full Time Quite an experience. I mean a steel mill You learn things about life no matter where you are. If you don't, die. Tim Diea But I can't and won't eulogize him.

My Kitty Died Didn't we already read about this? Kids in high school- stay back if possible. I think I wrote this column once before too. Don't ever be in a band with a guy named Ethan Cordell if you can help it. Decent guy to hang out with, shithead to work with. I'm an inconsiderate prick who never called her. Maybe I don't deserve her friendship but I still love her a lot and miss her. No matter what she or anyone else thinks Getting Shot Down I suppose that sucks every year, but I'm not talking about with women.

But at least my response wasn't to say "MRR is gay" and start dating a girl naif my age like other columnists who become disgruntled for one reason or another. Why do you think I watch it? Mental stimulation? Watching All The "Punks. Everyone supported the fucking bombings! You all caved! The only solution is revolution, being an "activist" doesn't do shit, the only people who can get rid of Saddam are the Arab masses and only world socialism will end war.

End of conversation. Have a good Write me. I should have a new address after the 26th of January but I don't find it out until tomorrow and the column has to be in tonight. Or just email me- xnickfittx aol. I get a shitload of junk mail so say something about me or the column or most likely your letter will get deleted. Rock power. Hockey Town. The first person who came to my mind was a woman I admire, Adriana, from Burbank.

MRR: Describe yourself. Anarchist Black Cross that helps political prisoners of war in the United States , and other feminist organizations as well. MRR: Who is a successful person to you? They are someone who is passionate in what they are doing.

A successful person strives no matter what economic class they fall into. Adriana: To a certain degree I am a success because I am happy with what I do. What I do has an affect on other people in a positive manner.

Adriana: I got into the music when I was fourteen. I got into the politics two years ago when I dated this boy that was in Food Not Bombs. He introduced me to alternative politics, anarchism, and Riot Grrrl imagine that. MRR: Why be an activist? It is something you do not only for yourself but for others. It's not like charity, it is a lifestyle.

Once you expose vourself to the reality of our society and" the world you cannot honestly live your life in the same manner, in a bubble, completely ignorant of what is going on around you.

MRR: What are some of the goals you are proud of accomplishing? Adriana: Regarding personal goals, I have learned to accept and appreciate myself.

I have broken free of most of the weight expectations that society places on women to be a size 1. I have become my own person and not try to live up to the expectations of others, or live to please others. I have exposed people to important ideas. Helping bands is always a good thing. I have been able to help bands that otherwise would not be heard of. I am also proud of growing as a human being. MRR: What are your future goals? I want to help abolish animal testing for medical purposes.

I want to help bring light to the problems we have with human rights violations within our society. The lack of rights in this society is so apparent. I want to help convert the world to veganism.

Most importantly, I want to make myself as happy as can be. MRR: Who inspires you? Adriana: My friend Angelina inspires me. She has come so far as an activist. We've taken different paths, but she has really blossomed and found her niche. It blows me away and I always feel really lucky to be around her. When he knows what he wants, he does what he has to do to make it happen. On a larger scale, Blake Szwarsenbach, from Jawbreaker inspires me.

His songs can make me cry at any moment and I think crying is very powerful. Every activist past and present who has brought our societies ailments to the surface inspire me. Adriana: When within the "punk rock community" I am pessimistic, as an idealist. I go to shows and see these kids, whether it's a mowhawk show or a dreadlock show with these political patches fuck the cops, a. These kids are all wearing the "right" patches, but they are too drunk to do anything.

People need to think about why they are in the punk scene. Is it for the fashion or for the political aspect? This is not what punk is about. A great example of this is within the riot grrrl movement and the exploitation of it. MRR: Any parting words? Adriana: Before you can change the world, you have to change yourself.

He was a journalist and the voice of the voiceless. He is on death row and can die at any time. I hope you found Adriana to be as inspiring as I did. I didn't know what feminism was. I was into punk rock, but called myself a Christian Punk and wanted to front a Christian punk band one day. I was anti- abortion and I assumed that I would go to school, get married and have kids, blagh, blagh. I wish I would have had the wisdom she has now when I was seventeen.

This will benefit the Primate Freedom Tour. It will be seminar oriented and there will be acoustic performances. In music I wanted to mention some kick-ass releases I've had but forgot to mention. The new Tilt is very good and challenges those of us who had gotten use to their poppy side. Last but not least, when that super trendv Save Ferris band signed to a major label, their drummer quit because he didn't want to be on a major. He then did a very smart thing and started a punk band, called Second Chance.

It falls into the vein of Face to Face. DEAL Forget the fact that he fucked around on his wife. Disregard that he fucked the intern on the Oval Office rug. Ignore that he fucked her during working hours. None of that shit matters. Impeach him yesterday. Clinton was going to be impeached no matter what; a Senate trial loomed ahead in the next year no matter what.

Bill Clinton killed people— real , actual human beings! Can we trust this inhuman cynic with the nuclear launch codes? To be sure, Saddam Hussein has been a prick. He is a dictator, and his regime is fond of gassing the Kurdish minority. But we've been through this saber-rattling game a half-dozen times since the end of the Gulf War in According to a NBC News oil, only a third of Americans think the ombing of Iraq was timed to delay consideration of impeachment.

Still, making the stretcn that these gullible cretins are able to read this, let's assume that President Clinton is telling the truth for once. That would have shown his willingness to sacrifice his self-interest for the good of the armed forces and national unity. Characteristically, he looked out for numero lino. In any event, whether or not an attack on Iraq is warranted is beside the point. There's no way in hell the U. On the other hand, Iraq lost the Gulf War and agreed to destroy their most icky weaponry the term "weapons of mass destruction" sucks in exchange for not being obliterated.

However, the United States could resort to military action anytime. We could have fired those missiles months ago or months from now. To be charitable, the President and anyone who still support him are nuts.

Biblical prophecies, astrology, public opinion polls and Magic Eight Balls. He explained to police that he had been closely following the car's satellite-guided navigation system and that the system didn't indicate that the road ended at the river.

The officer noted Brown's fluorescent orange hands and made the arrest. In December police charged a year- old man from Albany, New York, with shooting at a deer decoy planted along a highway. The charge was firing a weapon across a highway from the cab of his Ford Bronco. The same man was charged with firing at the same decoy in a different New York county in He allegedly first offered the women B shots and then suggested the free exams.

Bradford said that his country would "probably have to fight a major war again, but where, with whom, with what and under what conditions, we cannot be certain. The iceberg, " A," is 92 miles long and 30 miles wide.

Prosecutors said that King had convinced his victims that they had evil objects and spirits inside their bodies. Police in Apopka, Florida, charged a year-old with his mother's murder. Police in Loudon County, Virginia, were able to apprehend accused burglar Michael Anthony Silver, 34, because he stopped during one break-in of a home to use the phone to call a telephone psychic hotline. Police called the hotline and found that Silver had used his real name in asking for a psychic reading.

Clinton's doe attacked first and was not on a leash. Police Superintendent Martin Kamu- hana of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, told the Daily Mail newspaper that over the past two years hundreds of suspected witches had been burned or hacked to death in northern Tanzania. Kamuhana said that the victims are mostly elderly women, particularly those with red eyes, and were being killed at a rate of about 20 per month.

In Indonesia in October roving armed bands went on a killing spree of suspected sorcerers, claiming at least victims. Vigilante groups torturec and executed people who fell under suspicion of black magic for simply not having identification with them or for simply being strangers.

The U. The agency noted that the worker tolc his coworkers about recent nightmares he had about violence at the post office just days before another dismissec worker there went on a killing spree. However the agency noted that apart from the retelling of the nightmares, the worker also made "gun gestures with his hand. Speaking to a crowd of more than , who had gathered to hear the message, Fowler spoke for 30 minutes, saying, among other things, "Children, please live your life in full union with God.

It is most pleasing to God when you imitate him," and "The future holds no concern to those who truly seek God and truly love him and remain in his favor. Please hold all future clips from your hometown newspapers until I get a new Post Office box address. Thanks for all the clips you've sent in the past. For the last few months we have been discussing the great British Punk of the early 80's. In order to put this music into context it would help to look at the social and economic backdrop of ngland in See We Want to Riot Not To Work, By the Riot Not Work Collective, for an in depth anti-authoritarian analysis of the riots Riots erupted again in but that is a different story, as by punk was in full decline.

Riots were a challenge to the status quo from the streets and the lower classes. The riots captured the imagination of the young punks who reveled in the chaos and disorder. Hence, Riot City records and the origins of Chaos Punk. If there was ever a poetry of violence and chaos this was it.

Why No Future didn't just add that one song and make it complete is beyond me. My copy of Die with Dignity is on Green vinyl, but Pignose's copy is black don't ask me how many were on each color. I don't drink anymore but when I did Abrasive Wheels was my favorite beer drinking band along with Judge. The amount of energy in these songs is infectious, they make you want to stand on the table with a mug in each hand and sing along.

Abrasive Wheels had the music but they also had the look and the outlook. They embraced the classic UK Punk look with charged hair, studded leathers, boots, and ripped up bleached jeans. How come half the kids who dress like that nowadays where stocking caps and listen to ska? Stocking caps belong at a rave or a ski slope not a punk show. I advance the position that, like discharge's lyrics, it's the simplicity that makes them so great.

I mean when what to have to say is direct and to the point why make into an advanced treatise on political science when you can just whip the crowd with a good chorus. For you CD nuts I know this had been re-issued on that format. Note that all the songs on the Vicious Circle ep are on the LP. How the mighty have fallen. No Rules is the First Rule!

After Blitz probably the first band that comes to mind in discussing the music of this period is Vice Squad. This band is pretty well known but to tell the truth I like the Partisans and Abrasive Wheels a lot more. Musically Vice Squad is very similar to the Violators or other bands of the period.

Slow by today's standards with a great deal of melody and catchy choruses. ViceSauad's main asset was singer Beki Bondage whom they were not above marketing as a sex symbol. To me Vice Squad is a singles band. Their LPs just seem to drag along with one or two good tracks while the singles are all excellent. A string of great singles followed all very much in the same vein. By this the music seems much more rock than punk but it could be argued that influence was present from the early releases.

There may very well be more Vice Squad vinyl in the post Beki period I for one just stopped following the band after a certain point. I used to hate those Link re-issues. I remember them being pretty much dime a dozen and now even they are collector records, how times change. Perhaps what we need is series of comps "Killed by Mystic" to drive up demand. At the time these bands represented to me the worst in cartoonish Mall Punk.

Wearing an Exploited t-shirt to a show was on par with writing "clueless" or "poser" across your forehead. At the time Crossover was still a dirty word and we were all afraid that the stupid jocks and heshers would suddenly take over the punk scene after seeing GBH. I guess GBH never did play with Maiden, the jocks and heshers came, and are I fear here to stay, but punk endured.

Later I learned to like the early GBH material despite the retarded lyrics. Remember the flap about Wattie's record contract stipulating that he had to have a red mohawk at all times despite his going bald. Stick on mohawks Delong on the bottom shelf at Spencer's not in the punk scene. I'm going to end this train of thought here. Still I feel that armed with the last three months columns anyone interested in Street Punk or Oi could quickly hunt down the most important vinyl releases of the genre and go from there.

Jens Walter of Thought Crime recoras is setting it up. Having never done a European tour I'm very excited. Hopefully Japan will follow. Keep your ear to the ground.

Until next time Stand Strong Stand Proud! As the twentieth century draws to its conclusion, we can begin to examine it for what it truly was: a consistent war. What is Structural Idealism? It is quite simply an attempt to merge the concept of revolutionary change with the reality of the human condition. Structural Idealism is a belief that humanity is an inherently tribal species which has been polluted bv generation upon generation of empirebuilders and their misanthropic philosophies.

Now the wheel is ready to turn once more and lead us back towards the communal. How does Structural Idealism hope to remedy this situation? Structural Idealism produces a metaphor which, if revolting to some, is simple to understand; it compares the world to a typical US high school. In a hign school, one of the most obvious tribal expressions that can be found is the tendency of students to create cliques, the tendency of students to group themselves into clans based on some common trait.

What is the pseudo-tribe? It is a device of cynicism, a device used to contain and pervert the tribal impulse. The purpose of a high school is to direct students to fit into the overall society; in our case, an anti-tribal soci ety based on individualism. For this reason, school spirit can never belong to all people equally, as it would in a tribe.

Rather than unify the entire student body, the spirit thus chops it into pieces. While some of the pieces are mystified, the majority are treated as relatively unimportant, surplus flesh. The only way one can rise from the depths of surplus flesh is by becoming a winner, by beating other people to gain the stage. Instead of living for graduation, they now live for the idea of retirement.

Before they can attain that goal, they are instructed to live for consumerism. They are encouraged through every vocal media to see themselves as winners or losers according to what they own. By itself, consumerism does not possess enough spirit to keep people oelieving in it. The only way it cam keep the public faith is through becoming yet another pseudo-tribe; it must convert society into a cult of consumerism.

To achieve this end, product fetishism must become product addiction. Instead of abandoning this placebo, we ingest new improved varieties of the same substance, all simply because we trust our quack doctors. Who are these doctors? Some, however, are also used as celebrity role models, fantasy images to serve as surrogates for the family and community structures that we've lost.

They are heroes and heroines, generally showing us their value through how many objects they possess; how well they have been rewarded by taking the stage.

Like a squid, its many tentacles reach out in all directions grasping for flags and sacred symbols to manipulate; to give it the appearance of a tribe: schoolcolors for the masses, anthems, national spirit, anything to make people think that they belong to something other than a cult of greed. No longer does it twist ethnic hatred to suit its purposes. What are these tools? This proved to be quite problematic in the case of such devices as television which initially promised to become media of collective participation.

It encourages individual upon individual warfare. The first part of this scenario is happening all around us and concerns trie various social cliques or tribes within our high school humanity.

Since humanity is tribal, this means restructuring us into something which we are not. Most of these attempts have been carried out by waging war on cultures, by destroying tribal groups through a variety of means which fragmented us into individual pieces. The philosophy employed has always been one of divide and conquer.

Although this has destroyed countless groups and their collective philosophies, it has never managed to destroy our spirit, our drive for togetherness. Some of these such as nano-technology are designed to alter the very construction of matter.

It appears that the circle of re-tribalization will be fcotymws eliminated, or will it? Once again, the question arises: which way now? Both choices suggest a future of war, one expressed between collective groups, the other between competitive individuals. Since both seem equally unpleasant, another question arises: is there another way? In response. Structural Idealism offers itself as a third option.

Sadly enough, we are like other options in that the path we offer leads to war as well. We offer a war to lead us towards a more balanced human society, towards what we call a "balanced synthesis. Unlike the cult of consumerism which only highlights a few pieces, giving us no clear identity, Structural Idealism sees everyone as a star, everyone as both a genius and an idiot.

When stars are grouped together, they are galaxies; to a Structural Idealist these galaxies are the separate tribes of humanity, separate but interconnected by a universal spirit for all people, the school spirit taken from its hierarchical role and given back to the people who believe in it. In our school, everyone is a teacher and a student. We do not exterminate expressions, but try to bring them into constructive parts of the body. When the body is out of balance, and the spirit is being misused, as it currently is, then we must enact war to bring the balance back.

We have built a society in which the spirit has become one of greed. To bring us back to synthesis, we must attack greed, the idea. We must bring the tribes of humanity together in the spirit of a universal potlatch, an abandonment of property values. The human being is a creature of faith, this is what moves our world, this is what moves capital. Unlike many idealists who have grown fond of their positions under the school bleachers, trading their irrelevant papers with one another.

PS: To those who are wondering what any of this has to do with punk rock. This scene is a perfect example of a pseudo-tribe. So, there I was, on the roof of my house, trying to do my best Lee Harvey Oswald impression.

A guy who had been causing me a lot of grief. A guy who had just accused me of lying, and a guy, who in the past, had inflicted upon me a lot of physical and mental pain. But now, as I steadied the barrel of the gun, I was gonna get even. Now it was pay-back time. Just one little squeeze of the trigger, and he'd know that fucking with George Tabb was a big mistake. A mistake he'd never forget. So what if I was only fourteen, and the guy at the end of my sights was my father.

But things were not always that way. At all. We, or I, tried to settle these differences, but eventually they became too big. As a young boy, I so much wanted to be like my father; he was a strong man, a provider, and in my naive eyes, a good person. But the more and more I got to know him, or actually, the smarter I became, the less I wanted to be him.

But it took me a while to come to that conclusion. My first memories of my father were rather pleasant. I remember the white basket with the big colored plastic flowers, and the smell of my dad's after shave mixed with the early morning air. We'd sit there, father and son, with the sun warming our backs, and somehow I felt as if I were one with the world. Even though I was only two.

That secure feeling didn't last long in my life. I think I had the first big falling out with my father, at the age of four or five. My brother, Lloyd, and I, were out on our gravel driveway doing the usual kid stuff. Throwing rocks at each other, and our youngest brother, Seth. Lloyd then found rocks small enough to fit into the hole, and we started to drop them in one by one.

We would imagine that these rocks were making journeys into other universes. The next day my father came home from work in the middle of the day, with his face red, and his whole body shaking.

I over heard him explain to my mother that the car quit halfway to work, and when they took it into the station to have it looked at, they found half our driveway in the gas tank.

My mom kind of laughed, then covered her mouth with the back of her wrist so my father couldn't see. Eventually she calmed him down, and all was well. But that was the last time she was able to save me, or us, from my father. Shortly thereafter, my parents got a divorce. Ana my dad got custody. Why he wanted us, I'll never Know, but I think it was to spite my mother.

Like most fathers, mine held down a steady job. And a good one at that. My dad was a stock broker. A good one. A very good one. Well, not him actually, his partner, Ronnie. See, my dad and Ronnie were trading stocks during the late sixties and early seventies. So my dad and Ronnie made a bundle in the business. I remember as a kid watching Ronnie dance up and down on his desk, with rolls of ticker-tape running through his hands, yelling that he'd just made another million or two.

Like the characters I got to know from comics and television shows. I spent most of my free time with my nose stuck in a comic book, or my eyes fixed on the television, living in a sort of fantasy world. I loved Spiderman. Batman too. And even that sissy in the red cape. They were all heroes to me. Role models. They had immeasurable strength, and constantly saved people from terrible fates.

As was television. In each of these shows, the characters strived to be very moral, and to do the right thing at any cost. Brady would always tell his kids when they did wrong, and teach them what was right. From Jan getting her glasses, to Greg moving to the Attic, Mr.

Brady was the man. He knew what to say and do, to make the kids feel good and grow up adjusted and happy with the world. The same went for Mr. He told Richie the facts of life, ana Richie then came to him for advice.

Or to the Fonz. Who, was, in a way, a surrogate father for Richie. And me. And on Gilligan's Island, we all knew they'd never get off that damn place. But it didn't matter. They were all one big family. They learned about each other, the world, and how to act in it. It was a sort of microcosm of the world, the universe, there on Gilligan's Island.

Then there was my home. And the life I led there. As I got older and older, my dad spent more and more time away at work. And when he did come home, it wasn't pleasant. If we didn't do something like take out the trash, correctly clean the dishes, or even look at her funny, she'd push my dad's buttons until he popped a fuse, and then would beat the hell out of my brothers or I.

And it was usually me. So I'd jump on my clad, and take the hits from him for them. Every time my dad would attack us, he was beet red and shaking violently.

It was really scary. And when it was all over, he seemed calm, and relaxed. It was very bizarre, and I delved deeper into my fantasy world. I began to emotionally rely more on the superheroes. I took my dads abuse, yet somehow managed to lead a normal life. Or put on the appearance of one, like Peter Parker or Bruce Wayne did. Yet, somehow, I still believed my father was a good man, a bit misguided. He did take us to ball games once in a while. With his father.

He did take us on family trips, and he did once in a while try to have that father and son "sex speech". Night Ranger I will argue were at their best when they waved the hard rock flag for everyone to see.

Sure they have always used keyboards to make a point but synthesizers should have gone on permanent vacation in the eighties. Solid hard rock it isn't going to erase the fact that Night Ranger are still Night Ranger but at least it has a backbone.

Reminds me somewhat of Damn Yankees. This one would have made the girls swoon back in the day. If this was or so this would have been a huge summer hit. Night Ranger's influence on pop culture can't be ignored. At this point though who knows if anyone will give them a chance since they are Night Ranger.

The band has this reputation as being fluff to those on the outside. From the sounds of it no one outside of Japan has given them a chance since they dropped the hard rock in favor of a more keyboard-driven sound. Somewhere in California does sport some good rock moments like "Rock n' Roll Tonite". It's actually a well balanced album mixing ballads with rockers and is crafted the way bands used to do albums. It honestly feels like a classic rock album you could listen to on LP.

That is when bands worked at the true art of LP albums. But with that said chances are only Night Ranger fans will be excited about this. Clash of the album covers. What's coming up? Adams - Unearthed. With that said there is actually more to Savage than just that particular song.

Along with Venom, Avenger and Raven the band Savage were at the forefront of what would become speed metal and thrash. While their debut album Loose 'n' Lethal released in on Ebony is filled with top notch NWOBHM tracks the fact is that "Let It Loose" was ahead of the times and is one of the all time greatest songs of the movement.

While their debut album was a success their follow up album left many scratching their heads. Having moved on to to a bigger record label in this case Zebra 's Hyperactive failed to catapult the band into stardom and amidst personal and record label problems they called it a day. It wouldn't be until 10 years went past that the core duo of Andy Dawson guitars and Chris Bradley vocals and bass put aside any differences and resurrected Savage.

While the band is still active they haven't released a studio album since 's Xtreme Machine. While their new material is by all accounts still rooted in the traditional sounds and styling of NWOBHM it is doubtful they will ever be able to top their debut.

Marduk-Iron Dawn EP. Pharaoh-Ten years. Lake Of Tears-Illwill. It has been 19 years since Lake Of Tears first set foot upon the Earth. Formed out of the ashes of a death metal band by Daniel Brennare, Jonas Eriksson and Michael Larsson after which point they hooked up with Johan Oudhuis Lake Of Tears has been an on-again, off-again project. The band has also morphed in style and sound over the course of their career pulling in various different genres to fit their needs.

On Illwill while the band still maintains some of the experimental nature that made them so interesting and refreshing the bottom line is heaviness. With a raw metal sound Illwill is Lake Of Tears as both a goth metal entity as well as upfront thrash onslaught. The title track recalls Slayer at times while "U. On "Behind The Green Door" one can sense a slight nod of appreciation towards early goth rockers that have come before.

If I wasn't dreaming I even thought I caught a touch of early Metallica. Something is up on these ten tracks. It is as if Lake Of Tears want to pull in legions of new listeners while retaining their fan base. It just might work. Check out "Out Of Control" for example. This metal rocker wouldn't be out of place on a Motorhead disc. Once "Midnight Madness" comes knocking you'll be eager to open the door to find out what is left to finish you off.

This might just be one of the strongest albums of Lake Of Tears long career. Debauchery-Germany's Next Death Metal. Fill in the blanks. Crashdiet-Generation Wild. Hell-Human Remains. Gypsy Pistolero-Duende-Last of the pistoleros. Interview with Aura. Hatriot-4 Song Demo. This 7" single is the sole recording of New York's Rex Vector. Having seen it floating around the web on various blogs I finally decided to check it out thanks to the encouragement of some friends who like me live and die for obscure 80's metal.

This rare single goes for top dollar whenever a copy pops up for sale and has appeared on numerous bootleg comps. Rather a shame this was it for this three piece band.

Pure 80's this track is a barn burner of a number. It's wild and out of control sounding almost like it was recorded live. Meanwhile Side B gave us the number "Sit Tight". Not as good as "Breathe Fire" the song has more of a tradition metal feeling not unlike L. It makes you wonder just what this band was aiming for? Either way "Breathe Fire" is an 80's must have number. I would be curious to find out more to what made Rex Vector tick.

Little information is to be found online about the New York band. I imagine though somewhere these guys are sitting around with their kids telling them all about the glory days when U. Iron Maiden-From fear to eternity:The best of Bloodbound-Unholy Cross. Hair Metal Hell and the M3 Rock festival. Interview with Sanktuary. Something Involving A Monkey- Demo. Whitesnake- Live At Donington This just might be the holy grail of reissues.

This package has the works. On the heels of Armoury Records 25th anniversary edition of Stay Hungry which in and of itself was amazing now we get the royal treatment with Under The Blade. Seeing as Armoury Records had been re-releasing Twisted Sister's back catalog you knew if was only a matter of time until this bad boy dropped and sure enough they saved the best for last!

Despite the fact that Twisted Sister seem dead set to ignore this release one which many fans including yours truly believe to be their shinning achievement! Under The Blade is a landmark album that took far to long to unleash upon the masses! It is hard to imagine that Twisted Sister spent years tolling away in clubs and that it took going to Europe to get the ball rolling. Granted Twisted Sister would have fit right in with the hard and heavy style of rock that was all the rage in the early 80s in Europe.

Having just recently played this classic on my record player vinyl isn't dead boys and girls I was thankful that this CD release captures the power that was felt on said record.

May 31,  · Barn Burner-Bangers II: Scum of the Earth It honestly feels like a classic rock album you could listen to on LP. That is when bands worked at the true art of LP albums. "Across The Stars" perhaps was the one number that brought to mind U.S. metal while the album's last number "Quest for Hades" is an epic number wrapped up in Iron Maiden.

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  8. Check out Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth by Barn Burner on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfo Buy MP3 Album $ Quest For The Cube 9 Scum Of The Earth 10 Dark Side Of The Barn5/5(1).

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