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2 Oct, 2012

Those Who Try - Various - U.K. Independents (Cassette)

By Zachary Evans. A small group of residents from Chicago's Englewood neighborhood ejected Black Lives Matter protesters who arrived for a demonstration at a local police precinct. Several activist groups had organized a march leading to the 7th police precinct in Englewood. However, an organizer later told Fox 32 that groups Kat Timpf explains why a year-old Maryland girl shouldn't be charged with child-porn distribution after making a video of herself.

By Victor Davis Hanson. Nine months ago, New York was a thriving, though poorly governed, metropolis. It was coasting on the more or less good governance of its prior two mayors and on its ancestral role as the global nexus of finance and capital.

The city is now something out of a postmodern apocalyptic movie, reeling from the By Kyle Smith. In May of , Kamala Harris unequivocally told CNN's Jake Tapper that she would make no distinction between American citizens and illegal immigrants on a broad array of measures. By Jim Geraghty. For Joe Biden, life is looking pretty sweet right now.

The October edition of Record Collector magazine published an article about the significance of cassette culture in the UK and listing 21 rare but sought after cassette releases. In the US, cassette culture activity extended through the late s and into the s.

Although larger operators made use of commercial copying services, anybody who had access to copying equipment such as the portable tape to tape cassette players that first became common around the early s could release a tape, and publicize it in the network of fanzines and newsletters that served smaller markets.

Therefore cassette culture was an ideal and very democratic method for making available music that was never likely to have mainstream appeal. Many found in cassette-culture music that was more imaginative, challenging, beautiful, and groundbreaking than output released on vinyl.

The Grateful Dead allowed their fans to record their shows. For many years the tapers set up their microphones wherever they could.

The eventual forest of microphones became a problem for the official sound crew. Eventually this was solved by having a dedicated taping section located behind the soundboard, which required a special "tapers" ticket.

The band allowed sharing of tapes of their shows, as long as no profits were made on the sale of their show tapes. Taping and trading became a Grateful Dead sub-culture.

The Soviet cassette culture was defined by shortages of pre-recorded music and by censorship. The state-controlled recording firm Melodiya issued very few popular contemporary Western music acts; many of these acts were banned as "ideologically harmful" for violence, eroticism, homosexuality, neofascism, anticommunism and anti-Soviet propaganda.

Compact cassettes allowed easy duplication and distribution of foreign records smuggled into the country. The cynical answer is that the format — its days of widespread use gone forever — is now merely a new frontier for object fetishism. With vinyl records widely available everywhere from specialist stores to Tesco, the cassette is the perfect medium for hipsters and the inveterately wacky to show off with. But beyond the novelty factor, there is something seductive about the format. The cassette has a tactile and intimate element to it compared with the corporate magic of streaming millions of songs.

Americans in every part of the country, however, still need to adhere to basic social distancing guidelines and wear a mask, he said. Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox.

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Oct 16,  · Did you know those old cassette’s you’ve not played in ages could be worth £’s? Before you finally eject them, make sure you are not throwing away something valuable. The world of portable technology has moved far beyond Cassettes, with the rise of MP3 and global streaming sites like Spotify, but tapes have.

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  1. The Cassette Scandal (Ukrainian: Касетний скандал), also known as Tapegate or Kuchmagate, erupting in , so named due to tape recordings of Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma ordering the kidnap of a journalist, was one of the main political events in Ukraine's post-independence history. It has dramatically affected the country's domestic and foreign policy, changing Ukraine's.
  2. 1 day ago · To witness news crews from the BBC and Sky News sailing around some of those trying to reach British shores in these dinghies is to witness the funeral of the U.K.
  3. Aug 06,  · In the U.K., sales were up % year-on-year in the first half of , even if that means only 36, cassettes were sold. the cassette phenomenon is driven by the various .
  4. Cassette culture (or the cassette underground) refers to the practices associated with amateur production and distribution of recorded music that emerged in the late s via home-made audio cassettes. It is characterized by the adoption of home recording by independent artists, and involvement in ad-hoc self-distribution and promotion networks—primarily conducted through mail (though there.
  5. For those running a standard Shimano HG freehub, the Garbaruk Speed HG Cassette offers a wide range of % with a gear ratio of T. Just like the XD-specific model, it keeps the price down and weight lower, while still using ten steel cogs and a single alloy cog on the largest ring.
  6. Nov 09,  · The cassette tape will be back on Christmas lists this year as high-profile artists ranging from Coldplay to Robbie Williams and Liam Payne release albums on .
  7. Aug 06,  · A photo of a crowded school hallway circulated on social media raises further alarm about the return to U.S. classrooms. France and Germany see worrisome rises in daily case counts.
  8. UK cassette culture was championed by marginal musicians and performers such as Tronics, the Instant Automatons, Storm Bugs, Sean T Wright, the insane picnic, the Cleaners from Venus and Final Program, anarcho-punk groups such as the APF Brigade, the Apostles and Chumbawamba, and many of the purveyors of Industrial music, e.g. Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, and Clock DVA.

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