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2 Oct, 2012

Wall Mc.Key* - Slapstick Suzy (CD)


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The CD version of this record features 2 numbers that Zappa thought as potential hit singles , Big Leg Emma and Why dontcha do my right. Both are average songs placed between the two suites and I don't count them as part of Absolutely Free.

That being said , this record will move you from head to toes if you are willing for something unique and challenging. In my opinion the centerpieces of the record are the Duke of Prunes section and one of the first masterpieces by Zappa the haunting , Brown Shoes don't make it. Both tunes take the exprimentation the second side of Freak out had to a new level but as the compositions are tighter the record is much more enjoyable , also there is place for a long jam in the track Invocation and ritual dance of the young pumpkin , in which you can see all the talent those Mothers had.

In addition to that , Brown shoes don't make it may be one of the first rock operas I hate that concept this 7 minute track holds more progressive content that most of the bands on the site!

And in , that's insane! The best Mothers of Invention album and one of FZ's highest achievements. Five stars without any doubt.

While Zappa's debut album sounded somewhat choppy and unrefined, his second one sounds much more cohesive and mature. As others have said, this is a concept album of sorts. However, the lyrical themes from the previous album are still here. Zappa continues to lampoon politics and pop culture of the 60s. But the music has a much more pleasing quality to my ears.

Some of the jams on here get really intense and exciting, but without a loss of control or wandering off aimlessly. I love the way the sax dances among all the other instruments. And some of the weird vocal effects and lines really make me chuckle when I hear them. I'm really torn with this album, because I could justify giving it 3, 4, or even 5 stars. I'm not sure if this is prog or not, but it's excellent music regardless and a step up from Zappa's debut.

Absolutely Free really deserves a 4 star rating from me. Even though this is a really good album, the best is yet to come. It's juvenile stuff, and deliberately so. But mainstream rock music was never more juvenile than when the album was first released, on the cusp of the Summer of Love. Zappa was at least learning to flex his iconoclastic muscles at the time, mixing the low comedy with some acutely observed social criticism aimed squarely at an American society he regarded as plastic and brain-dead thus his fixation with vegetables in the opening song cycle here.

And, despite all the private jokes and frequently sophomoric wit, the music was remarkably sophisticated for It rarely sits still for more than a few bars at any given time, jumping from one nutty pastiche to another, lampooning amateur stage musicals, cocktail lounge crooners, and the already atrophied conventions of rock music itself.

Maybe the weirdest aspect of such a willfully weird album is how little it's aged after more than forty years. No one will fail to recognize it as a product of its era, but even then the album existed somewhere outside the narrow aesthetics of late '60s popular music. Discovering it for the first time as I did, shamefully four decades later can still be a thrill, as well as a giggle. A personal postscript, and a belated epiphany: I always believed the merry Krautrock pranksters of FAUST had played in a cultural vacuum, insulated from any Anglo-American musical influences.

Either that, or else Frank was a closet Krautrocker, long before the term was ever coined. Clearly Frank and Faust were kindred musical nonconformists. But Zappa's pioneering example predates the Germans by a good half decade. So Take 2: In general, I've tried to justify my 5 stars rating. I've pointed out certain parts of album, how it greatly continues work from first release. And crazy story little bit revolving around prunes also my own story connected to prunes.

In fact, most of review was embrace of humor and weirdness more weird than first one by my opinion. I also added my little story about how I was influenced and controlled by prunes. And last thing was struggle about if to give 4, or 5. Finally, I gave 5 -. In fact I gave five minus, but can't do it again. This is almost masterpiece to some extent it indeed is, but sounds more consistent than first one, which is more perfect for me. Oh, prunes are controlling me again, so I had to give back five minus rating.

Weird, crazy, creative and after all, different, doesn't mean unmelodic, so this is very melodic album. I must say I was pretty disappointed at first.

Compared to his later, mid's output, this album simply pales. The prog quotient is relatively low by current standards. It seems more like a avant experimentation, typical Zappa, but nothing all that impressive. Every thing I like about Frank is done so much better on other albums. So I went and looked at some other reviews and realized why it is rated so high. It was released in To be sure, this album is much more impressive given how early it was made.

Still, given the huge discography available, this is an album to put lower on the list as you get in to Zappa. There are numerous "proggy" things going on in this music. Most obvious is that on the original vinyl, each side was a mini-suite, with the first side especially running continuously from song to song with recurring melodic and lyrical themes throughout.

In addition, the melodies used by Zappa include numerous references to other music, including Stravinsky, "Louie, Louie," and other of Zappa's own works. At the same time, the music is firmly rooted in 60's psychedelic rock of the time, though it certainly pushes the genre. In addition, the satire, lyrics, and flippant singing dominate the music completely.

The subtle bits are much more buried here, where several years later, the elements balance much more effectively. There are little tastes of Zappa's best talents. Intertwining, off-time, composed lines are found throughout the album. There is only one guitar jam on the album, the very nice "Invocation and Ritual Dance. After repeated listens, my appreciation has grown somewhat.

It actually takes some digging to get past the superficial slapstick to really find how much work went into making this record. According to Zappa, they were attempts to make "dumb music for dumb teenagers Well they sound like it.

While they're still satire on music and attitudes of the time, they are each one-trick ponies that are old before you've finished the first listen. Unfortunately, when the album was remade and the songs added on, they were placed between the two minisuites. This breaks continuity, adds little other than time to the album, and was part of what put me off the album to begin with. Since the second suite has a logical ending, who ever added the tracks at least had the sense to not tack anything on the end and ruin that.

Initially, I intended to give a 2 star rating and that has improved to a 3. This is a good album, still, and maybe in it's time it was something more. But some albums hold up after decades but this one is certainly a creature of its era. Ardent Zappa fans are still going to enjoy it plenty, but there are quite a few better places to start. Call me primitive and immature, but some of the simple, yet hilarious lyrics throughout this album crack me up every time.

I had to quote this lyric from Call Any Vegetable and use it as the title for my review. This line is executed at exactly the perfect time, and it makes me laugh every time. This is a large improvement over the rather underdeveloped, though promising debut album Freak Out!

This is the perfect blend of Frank Zappa's avant-garde experimentations with rock music, his later jazz-rock outputs, and of course Zappa's trademark humor. This is one of Frank Zappa's most innovative albums, especially considering that this was released in A year where progressive rock didn't yet exist, most rock albums were linear, and experimentations outside of the typical verse-chorus-verse song structures were rare. That was changed with Absolutely Free. This was recorded in November of , and it is one of the best if not THE best album from this era.

Freak Out! On the original vinyl this album was divided into two side-long suites, both of which are very impressive. If you buy the CD version, there are 2 bonus tracks placed in between the original suites, and they are admittedly the weakest parts of this album. Big Leg Emma is catchy, but it's lacking in interesting songwriting. Why Dont'cha Do Me Right? It's much better than the other bonus track, though. I really like how the two bonus tracks are placed in between the two suites.

If they would have been at the end of the album, it would have brought the album to a rather inconclusive ending. Their placement doesn't interrupt the flow of the album, and I think it works well. However, the real genius of this album is contained around the bonus tracks. Both of the side-long suites are superb, and I can't decide which one I prefer. The first suite is the most comedy-oriented of the two, and this contains some of the best lyrics in Zappa's repertoire.

The lyrics are mostly satirical, but the analogies used are just hilarious and genius. The music is excellent, and never shirks in quality. This suite has some musical reprises, creating a very conceptual piece of music. Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin is a great instrumental, and it's one of the highlights of the first side for me.

The second side is slightly less intriguing than the first, but it contains some equally genius moments. I would say that this is one of Zappa's finest moments.

This is a really epic track with multiple sections spanning various genres of music, but it is concisely tied into one 7 minute track. This has avant sections, some jazz, experimental rock, and even theatrical influences, incorporated into some genius lyrics. All in all, this is a really excellent suite. It's still fantastic, though. One of the things that makes Absolutely Free so great is the superb production. It's amazing to me that an album could sound so good when it was recorded in This album is way ahead of its time, and this just proves Zappa's genius when it comes to production.

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  4. Tracklist: 1. Turn Erbert'S Face To The Wall 2. Remember Me 3. Fred Fannakapan 4. Walter Walter (Lead Me To The Altar) 5. There'S A Lovely Lake In London 6. We'Ve Got To Keep Up With The Joneses 7. I Never Cried So Much In All My Life 8. Home 9. Round The Bend Of The Road That Old Feeling Red Sails In The Sunset Goodnight My Love
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  7. Also included on the limited edition CD, IN JAPAN!, released by Hip-Select in – only 5, copies pressed. 74 Other hit versions: Shep & The Limelites – no.2 on the Hot and no.4 on Missing: Slapstick.
  8. The craziness is as wild as anywhere in the Zappa catalog. The humor is sharp, the cabaret / show-tune feel everywhere, and the changes are fast-paced and energetic. After repeated listens, my appreciation has grown somewhat. It actually takes some digging to get past the superficial slapstick to really find how much work went into making this /5(49).

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