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Hermosa Beach

Opacity: Opacity. Most recent value. Based on data. Crime rates in Hermosa Beach by year Type Murders per , 1 5. Click on a table row to update graph. Full-time law enforcement employees in , including police officers: 62 35 officers. Officers per 1, residents here: 1. Recent articles from our blog. Our writers, many of them Ph. Fewer and fewer people have more than one job Jul 24 Number patterns in passwords dataset Jul 17 Character patterns in passwords Jul 10 Password linguistics: words in your security codes Jul 3 Passwords on the internet: publicly available dataset Jun Recent posts about Hermosa Beach, California on our local forum with over 2,, registered users.

Hermosa Beach is mentioned 1, times on our forum:. Lucy Hale and David Dobrik co-hosted the awards show. This city: South Bay Cities, CA 0. Redondo Beach, CA 1. Manhattan Beach, CA 1. Lawndale, CA 1. El Segundo, CA 2. Del Aire, CA 2.

Torrance, CA 2. Alondra Park, CA 2. Property values in Hermosa Beach, CA. Here: 4. Professional, scientific, technical services Sales representatives, services, wholesale and manufacturing 8. Irvine's Top 3 Convenience Stores Looking to explore the top convenience stores in town?

Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top restaurants serving such fare around Irvine, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of the best spots to venture next time you're on the hunt. Anaheim's Top 4 Traditional American Spots Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the top spots serving such fare around Anaheim, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture to satisfy your appetite. Individuals who are exempt from wearing a face covering due to a medical condition and who are employed in a job involving regular contact with others must wear a non-restrictive alternative, such as a face shield with a drape on the bottom edge, as long as their medical condition permits it.

Like most of the Los Angeles coastline, Hermosa Beach can be shrouded in foggy " June gloom " for days or weeks on end. After that ends, days are nice. Rainy, winter days may be best spent elsewhere, but on a clear day just after a rain, the views are stellar. Explore Hermosa Beach and stay overnight to truly let that laid-back vibe sink in.

If you have the weekend, you can spend a night in Hermosa Beach and a half-day at any of the nearby beaches. Parking can be a beach in Hermosa. These tips can help you spend more time on the beach and less time driving in circles looking for a parking spot:.

Otherwise, most other spots are metered. It was constructed entirely of wood even to the pilings and it extended five hundred feet out into the ocean.

In this old pier was partly washed away and later torn down and a new one built to replace it. Small tiled pavilions were erected at intervals along the sides to afford shade for fishermen and picnic parties. A bait stand was built eventually out on the end. Soon after, about , an auditorium building was constructed; it has housed various enterprises and at present the public rest rooms , the Los Angeles Life Guard Service, and the local branch of the Los Angeles County Public Library occupy rooms in the building.

This pier is municipally owned. A few years later it was merged with most other trolley companies in the region to form the new Pacific Electric Railway Company, informally called the Red Cars.

There was no Santa Fe railway station for Hermosa, but Burbank and Baker built a railway platform on the west side of the tracks near Santa Fe Avenue, and later the railroad company donated an old boxcar to be used as a storage place for freight. In , the Santa Fe built a modern stucco depot and installed Western Union telegraph service in it.

The first city election for city officers was held December 24, According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of 1. Hermosa Beach has an average of days of sunshine a year. Locals have a particular terminology for this phenomenon: the "May Gray" and the " June Gloom ". Overcast skies are common for June mornings, but usually the strong sun burns the fog off by noon. At times, the sun shines east of PCH, while the beach area is overcast.

It is winter, however, when the hot, dry Santa Ana winds are most common. The rainy season is from late October through late March. Winter storms usually approach from the northwest and pass quickly through the Southland. There is very little rain during the rest of the year. Hermosa Beach usually enjoys a cool breeze blowing in from the ocean, keeping the air fresh and clean. Therefore, smog is less a problem for Hermosa Beach than elsewhere around Los Angeles.

The population density was 13, The racial makeup of Hermosa Beach was 16, Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1, persons 8. The Census reported that 19, people There were 9, households, out of which 1, There were 7.

The average household size was 2. There were 4, families The population was spread out with 3, people The median age was For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were There were 10, housing units at an average density of 7, The homeowner vacancy rate was 1. Hermosa Beach, where the webcam is located, is a popular place both for inert recreation by the ocean, and for active pastime: volleyball, surfing, diving. The beach, from where the online stream is conducted, is under the supervision of a beach patrol.

On its territory there are 4 toilets, sun loungers rent and 70 volleyball courts. A large number of sports competitions are held on the beach in our live camera. Film festivals and concerts are also popular here. There is a beautiful promenade stretching along the Hermosa Beach, which also fell into the lens of our webcam. There are many shops, restaurants and small eateries.

Jul 14,  · Chris Maddox got a text at 1 a.m. Tuesday from his bass player. It was a picture of the Saint Rocke marquee, announcing that the popular Hermosa Beach .

Moje Žalostne Oči - Tatjana Gros - Tatjana Gros (Cassette)

By that time Campbell s memory wasn t that good anymore so his producer tried to help Campbell during the process of writing the song and creating the melody.

Although originally a mix of late 50s rock n roll, and that they should consult him on a live show, playbacks mal hechos o accidentes sobre el escenario son solo algunos de los imprevistos que pueden sufrir los cantantes. Time Away 5 49 04. I bought an NME with the big item on how it was going to save British music.

Source lyrics updated. Revise your translation. more. New request. Nie mam nogi.

Sodomites - Soulfly - Archangel (CD, Album)

Soulfly August 14, Add to Wishlist. Soulfly X. We Sold Our Souls To Metal Born to rage against the order Fuck the world live forever We wage war against you all I don't need society I don't need your politricks We live our lives the way we want We sold our souls to metal We sold our souls We sold our souls to metal We sold our souls Fuck you all We don't belong I want to burn your fucking world Destroy 'em all Fuck your laws Metal flows through my veins I wanna rage I am insane C'mon punk make my day We sold our souls to metal We sold our souls We sold our souls to metal We sold our souls 2.

Archangel war in heaven, angels fell lash out against the dragon's spell rise above the abyss consecrate yeshua's dream archangel, archangel kingdom, power, and glory maljuth ge bu rah ge du lah israfil the burning one azrael the Septuagint archangel, archangel kingdom, power, and glory maljuth ge bu rah ge du lah 3.

Sodomites I am about to bring war upon you I will kill your people in front of your idols. The place will be littered with corpses and you will know that I alone I am the Lord [Ezekiel ] I am the brethren marked by the banishment My tribe wage war until god decimates Sodomites [4x] There shall be no whores of the daughters of Israel.

Are the Wagners responsible for the murders, and if convicted, will they be executed? Or is it possible that there is still a murderer at large waiting to kill again? Nice White Parents. The fills that he's doing [are] really amazing; he surprised everybody in the studio. So it's really cool; a really good team.

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To do so, click the downward arrow on the top-right corner of the Facebook comment the arrow is invisible until you roll over it and select the appropriate action. Max goes to a truly terrifying place to pull the demonic ralphs he forces into the song like, you know, overt sodomy, since hollering at his side on this track is Todd Jones from NAILS.

While lumbering on the verses, expect "Sodomites" to rocket off. The song is dumped in the midst of Max Cavalera 's metallic theology that's picked back up by "Shamash" and "Bethlehem's Blood".

Once more, choral embellishments arrive within "Shamash" 's dirge march and once more does it jettison away. Marc Rizzo being one the best and least recognized guitarists on the metal scene, it's the decision to have him devote more attention to coatings, accents and pummeling riffs versus his trusted spectacular soloing through the first half of "Archangel" that's bewildering.

Mark has shared the stage with such metal icons as Suffocation, Fear Factory, Anvil, Otep and many, many others. Mark brings his unique perspective and onstage experience to Cryptic Rock. He's been on those stages and he's been in those studios. He has and continues to live the life.

Create & stream a free custom radio station based on the album Archangel by Soulfly on iHeartRadio!

I Get The Job Done - Chill Bump - Ego Trip (Vinyl, LP, Album)

You better run pall! Cause I ain't stoppin til everyone down! I wish I had a healthy brain. I never stare in the mirror I find someone else to blame. My dame's rage been well restrained, but lately she dealt with pain. I play strange and selfish games. She hates the fact she can't help me change. Cause changing ain't negotiable : Getting wasted makes me sociable. After shows I may pose or toast with you, but deep down I feel hate for most of you. I upset my liver four nights a week, and every morning when I'm sore, I repeat to myself "chill for a fourtnight at least", but can't alter my flaws or fight the beast.

Flames rise on my gut.. The Fire fucking me up Finna fucking errupt I feel it building like I Ain't a Rapper Everybody's a cocky killer that be repping the Mafia. Wiggers pull triggers, correctional officers talk about how they gonna wet ya n' body ya. Where is the logic? Gotta be honest man, the hottest artists out now are probably holograms.

Shit is wrong Why put out your silly song if the whites in the crowd ain't allowed to sing along? They rich and proud… Check what they keep buying. Pink pants and face tats doesn't fucking define me. Go head Call me cracker with no swag. You can't even flow fag - Just a rapper I casually toe-tag. Your fans will be so sad like when Canibus choked bad and couldn't even read that phoney crap from his notepad.

I've got high caliber vocab I'm the true thing. I cannot be moved by all the crack that your crew sling. You brag and your jewels bling, you act like the new king, and tracky autotune makes you talentless fools sing. Fuck you and the whip you banging this tune in. Fuck the word "swag" and the slang that you using I just Just a bunch of punchlines with no connections between 'em, fictional bullshit, and kids actually believe 'em.

Rappers try go viral and find the tools, guys will do anything for likes and views. Why not use a camera and a dynamite stick - stick it up jour ass, light the fuse? So the globe can watch you blow up fast, you lifeless fools.

Cats create buzzes - captivate a fanbase. Others make covers - Mac will make his pancakes. Is Macklemore a better rapper than Kendrick? How did he manage to get that award? Man, I don't get it So you can prove that you's a killer, spewing ten slurs, wishing death with every sentence.

You foolish net nerds and emo-geeks have never seen no streets but post mediocre schemes over Primo beats. I know that I could beat your mic up, but today, rappers don't rap, they just keyboard-cypher Forty goons up in the background All these dumb hits, tracks that lack substance and all the autotune up in their raps now Rush your bars, they don't matter Just rely on crazy swagger Do your thing, focus on your stupid bling but if that shit's rap Omega Just a saturday, towards the evening.

I'm sure i'd spent my time darwing or reading. I recall my Mum in the corridor cleaning. Dad and sister had just got back from the foodshop with a few bags full of fruit, a pan and a new wok.

Why is he not moving? Why has he stopped? What is he doing? Come on Pops, you've got to get up! My Mums roled him over : Dad was foaming at the mouth, my sister phoned the ambulance as i ran up out the house.

I gave a YELL My fingers were aching from ringing on my neighbour's bells. But no one came when I called or prayed for help. How can you revive a human life if you take two hours to arrive? February 95… I recollect : The very first fucking time that I met with Death I was very deep in love with a queen A fiend I wanted to stay stuck in a dream.

We'd make love on repeat, spend our days under the sheet and never leave the bed unless we'd make something to eat. Sweet - Not a single fight. It all seemed alright, until our first evening beef occured and made us feel uptight. We screamed, cried, didn't sleep all night.

Next morning, shawty was coughing up blood and bleeding from her mosquito bites. Her arm had swollen so bad. The sight was attrocious. I found it hard to hide my emotions. The fight for your life's in motion. We're both frightened, but with hope, I know that we can find the potion. If we're strong, our Love will last long Her room was a prison. Body sickened by the food, in addition to the chemo, transfusions and tone of tubes in her system.

I witnessed her shrivel and lose her hair, get too weak to speak or move her legs and two feet, she had to use a chair. But she left no room to fear and never gave in to dispair. Today this crazy episode feels like an ancient souvenir. We made it through the years, smelling roses everyday. Y'all abuse her and go through the Kama Sutra. She can read the cards that you've got, have you tossed from a moving car or roof top. Pray to Jesus, Allah, Bouddha : may God give you luck!

Death is round the corner, it ain't hard to screw up. All turn to dust, yet some of these fools trust they'll live until with a wonderful future.

I've watched youngens go One kid got his skull crushed under a school bus. Play this at my funeral : It's kinda suitable.

Type song title, artist or lyrics. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. Sign in Sign up. Andrea Ianniello submitted the lyrics for this song. Are the lyrics correct? Report a problem. More lyrics from the album. Ego Trip Nov 4th Exclusive offer Get up to 3 months of free music. News you might be interested in. Verified Purchase. Mit an Bord ist auch noch das lange Video, in dem u.

Timbaland, der "Big Pimpin'" produziert hat, zu sehen ist. Insgesamt also eine empfehelenswerte Maxi, weil die hier gepresste Version von "Big Pimpin'" nicht auf dem Album zu finden ist.

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Together Again - Chicago (2) - Chicago X (CD, Album)

Features Exploring the local sounds and scenes at Noise Pop Fest. Albums of the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for discover By okspud1 15 Feb am. All Things Hyped: Last. Play track. Love this track. More Love this track Set track as current obsession Get track Loading.

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Unconvinced by the techno-tinkering given that the source recording was seemingly so flawed see Steve Hoffman website discussion on this. Steven Wilson is deservedly credited with doing a sterling job remixing and in the cover notes provides a great outline of what he set out to achieve and the result.

He makes a superb point in saying that some may find that, what to him is added 'clarity, punch and definition', just jars with what they know. Again just underlines how music gets perceived differently by different individuals. Reading further about the process brings home just how challenging performing reconstructive digital surgery can be and how critical the skill in achieving a particular outcome.

I marvel at the technical brilliance involved though can't quite enjoy the resulting achievement. This time he turns his attention to the second album from Chicago, creating a stereo version for the 21st century. Listening with fresh ears, it's easy to forget how good this band was at this time, when they were young, fresh, and brimming with ideas, before excess-syndrome set in, with all it's all-too-tragic results.

If you have a nostalgic disposition for the original, then you owe it to yourself to acquaint yourself with the edition.

From out of the early 70s technology comes a gem. If you are new to this disc, then start and end with this, the definitive version. What next for Steven Wilson? The Inner Mounting Flame or Birds of fire? That said more in hope than jest I like it Yes, everything's clearer and more individually defined, but the Steve Wilson remix somehow detracts from overall musical performance - it's kind of spikey and draws you in to consider the sum of it's parts and you kind of lose that overall musical experience.

Revisionist at best and pretty pointless at worst. Timeless tunes, tho'. I'd give the orignal in remastered form 5 stars but this remix kind of detracts, so four stars for this version.. Good pressing of great album. Sounding crisper and clearer than original pressing this is a timeless album which manages to capture the feeling of musicians enjoying themselves.

Load more international reviews. This was the album that got me into Chicago and having a 7. One person found this helpful.

Great album, good to have on CD. Just for Chicago history. For me Chicago went down hill after the death of their guitarist, Terry Kath and this second recording demonstrates what an excellent band they were before MOR got them! Good old Jazz Rock. Great to revisit this recording from the 's.

Thanks for the prompt delivery. Originally had it on vinyl when it Probably one of Chicago's best albums. Originally had it on vinyl when it first came out. Always in my cd player in the car. To be honest i first heard this album through a video game through watchdogs as it was in the in game car radio. I loved it and so bought the original album. The songs are amazing with 25 or 6 to 4 being a personal favorite. You've read the top international reviews. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Chicago's Greatest Hits. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. The Studio Albums Vol. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: disco music , New Miniatures. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products.

English Choose a language for shopping. Listen Now with Amazon Music. Terry Kath. You Are on My Mind. James Pankow. Skin Tight. If You Leave Me Now.

Peter Cetera. Together Again. Lee Loughnane. Robert Lamm. Mama Mama. Gently I'll Wake You. You Get It Up. Hope for Love. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic.

Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists.

Chicago (i/ʃɪˈkɑːɡoʊ/ or /ʃɪˈkɔːɡoʊ/) is the third most populous city in the United States. Located in the State of Illinois, the city has approximately million residents. Its metropolitan area, sometimes called "Chicagoland", is the third-largest in the United States, after New York City and Los .

Flesh For Fantasy - Billy Idol - Live USA (CD)

An eight-track best-of set, Vital Idol, was issued later the same year, spawning one of the year's most heavily played MTV videos -- a live version of the previously recorded cover of "Mony Mony" -- which helped keep Idol in the spotlight. Idol spent the next few years working on his fourth studio release, but reappeared in the summer of as part of an all-star rendition of the Who's Tommy, with Idol playing the role of the sadistic character Cousin Kevin.

Around the time of Idol's next release, 's Charmed Life, the singer was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in which he almost lost his leg , forcing the singer to walk with a cane for a period of time; the video for the album's lead-off single, "Cradle of Love," featured the singer filmed from the waist up. The ploy worked, as the single which was also used as the theme song in the failed Andrew "Dice" Clay movie Ford Fairlane was another smash hit, making Charmed Life the fourth Idol album in a row to achieve at least reach platinum sales.

Expectedly, several years passed before the release of Idol's next album, during which time he tried his hand at acting with a bit part in Oliver Stone's motion picture The Doors. By the time 's Cyberpunk surfaced, Idol had dropped his spiky peroxide hairstyle in place of dreadlocks, and experimented with techno beats.

The move proved to be an unwise one, as the album tanked and sank from the charts. At the same time, Idol was knee deep in drug addiction, resulting in another close brush with death when he overdosed and had to be treated in a Los Angeles hospital in Billy Idol. Hard rock [1] new wave [1]. Retrieved 7 January The Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5th concise ed. Omnibus Press. Rolling Stone. In Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds. Spin Alternative Record Guide.

New York: Vintage Books. The Village Voice. Australian Chart Book — Illustrated ed. Ives, N. Phononet GmbH. Retrieved 11 April Good to Go - Single Hot In the City Remastered - Single Mony Mony Live - Single Rebel Yell - Single White Wedding - Single Don't Stop EP Live Albums. VH1 Storytellers: Billy Idol Greatest Hits Similar Artists See All. Generation X. Steve Stevens. The Cult. The Cars. Def Leppard. Duran Duran. David Lee Roth. Obwohl, wirklich erwachsen werden wir hoffentlich niiee You've read the top international reviews.

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Billy Idol music CDs 1 x CD Album, Reissue, Remastered Europe 1 Come On, Come On 2 White Wedding (Part 1) 3 Hot In The City 4 Dead On Arrival 5 Nobody's Business 6 Love Calling 7 Hole In The Wall 8 Shooting Stars 9 It's So Cruel 10 Dancing With Myself

Chant De Cérémonie - Indiens Cuna*, Indiens Guaymies*, Indiens Chocos* - Les Indiens Du Panama (Vinyl)

Mes formations compl. Nos comptines : les Indiens! Houhou Houhou Hug! Quatre petits, Cinq petits Six petits Indiens! Je suis un petit Indien Quand je crie fort : haut les mains! La danse du petit Indien Ca, c'est bien! En soumettant ce formulaire, j'autorise le site centerblog. Articles Enfants. Blogs Enfants. Der seltene Schneeleopard bewohnt die hohen Gebirgsregionen des Himalaya.

Die bekannteste und weitverbreitetste der kleineren Raubtierarten ist der Mungo. Weit verbreitet sind dagegen Paarhufer. Die in ganz Indien verbreiteten Hanuman -Languren werden ebenfalls als heilig erachtet.

Daneben gibt es weitere Langurenarten sowie Makaken. In den Trockengebieten des Nordwestens leben noch einige indische Halbeseldie sich vor allem im Dhrangadhra-Wildreservat im Kleinen Rann von Kachchh aufhalten.

Der Pfau gilt als Nationalvogel und ist weit verbreitet. In Feuchtgebieten findet man aber auch Sumpfkrokodile. Die Luftverschmutzung ist insbesondere in den indischen Metropolen sehr hoch. Mumbai und Chennai haben ein vergleichsweise gut ausgebautes Zugnetz.

Innerhalb von Tagen starben Menschen, Um etwa v. Ab dem 6. Jahrhundert v. Jahrhundert n. Jahrhundert auch infolge der B. King - Lucille Talks Back der Hunas unterging. Jahrhundert brachten den Islam nach Nordwestindien. Auch die philosophische Bildung war hoch und ging von den konkurrierenden Schulen in Delhi und Lucknow aus.

Seine Mitglieder waren vorwiegend Hindus und Parsen. Oppositionsparteien konnten bestenfalls auf Bundesstaaten- oder kommunaler Ebene ihren Einfluss geltend machen. Erst als Nehrus Tochter Indira Gandhidie Premierministerin wurde, die Partei zentralisierte und ihre eigene Machtposition auszubauen versuchte, gelang es der Opposition, sich auf Bundesebene zu formieren. Die Regierung von P. Seit den er Jahren verzeichnet der Hindu-Nationalismus einen deutlichen Aufschwung.

Bei der Wahl konnte die Kongresspartei ihre Mehrheit noch ausbauen und Singh blieb bis Premierminister. Il semble qu'une personne puisse augmenter sa purba avec celle des pierres. On pense que cest la purba des objets qui accompagne le mort. On se figure par exemple que la purba d'un arc a la forme d'un arc, ou que tout simplement c'est un arc.

Le ronflement d'un canot automobile que l'on entend est sa purba. Le bruit du tonnerre est malpurba. Le murmure d'un' ruissean s'appelle purba. Le sifflement du vent s'appelle aussi purba. Quand on entend le cri d'un animal, on dit qu'on entend sa purba.

Par contre, l'haleine ne s'appelle jamais purba. On dit que l'ombre de l'arbre est purba, mais jamais que l'ombre est l'esprit- femme qui se trouve dans l'arbre, et cependant on appelle celui-ci purba.

Pour vie on dit toujours tula. Un arbre mort n'a pas de tula, mais encore une ou des purba. Un condyle a une ou des purba mais pas de tula. Les Indiens parlent de plusieurs purbas, qui ensemble forment un tout.

D'ailleurs, on n'appelle pas nonplus les morts, purbagana, mais sergan, les vieux. Les mauvais esprits sont innombrables. Pourtant bien des Indiens se figurent que les punis aux noms d'animaux ont aussi forme animale. Un petit nombre de. Le nom cuna signifie dents pointues.

Par contre, les grandes mouches. On peut parfois rencontrer un mauvais esprit, ma, sous forme humaine. Il s'assit sur une branche d'arbre. Comment tout cela se fait-il, les Indiens n'en ont aucune notion certaine. Je vais essayer d'expliquer la signification de ce dernier mot. Ce n'est pas purba. Avec cette eau on se fait des ablutions en se servant d'une calebasse. On les renouvelle quatre fois.

On ne dit jamais que les morts ont de la niga. La faute en est au kurgin.

25 juin - Découvrez le tableau "Chant indien" de Carmen Bilodeau sur Pinterest. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Chant indien, Images amérindiens, Amerindien pins.

Dont Let Me Down - The Beatles - Renaissance Minstrels Volume II (Vinyl, Album, LP)

November, Rubber-stamped cover with round "pig" sticker, white label with rings, colored vinyl, same insert as the previous release. Same matrix and label as 3 , insert renumbered , black vinyl. Early, This LP had catalogue number Middle, Records with the pig logo replaced by the Smokin' Pig surely exist as well. New insert, printed in various colors, colored smokin' pig label, original matrix, black vinyl. The repressings of the original masters by TMOQ in colored vinyl have the usual collectors' value, the later releases have a scarce interest.

November 6, A useless repressing. WCF pressed their copy in mono, in decreased sound quality, counterfeiting the original Renaissance Records release. We saw the following pressings:. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Nobody ever loved me like she does Ooh, she does Yeah, she does And if somebody loved me like she do me Ooh, she do me Yes, she does Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down Don't let me down I'm in love for the first time Don't you know it's gonna last?

It's a love that lasts forever It's a love that had no past It's in E, baby Don't let me down Don't let me down ooh Don't let me down Don't let me down And from the first time that she really done me Ooh, she done me She done me good I guess nobody ever really done me Ooh, she done me She done me good Don't let me down hey Don't let me down Whoo-hoo don't let me down Don't let me down Eee-hee Yeah ow Ow Eee-hee Don't let me down Oww Don't let me down Don't let me down Can you dig it?

Don't let me down. McCartney's reaction was equally joyful: "It's the Dalai Lennon! Ironically, all the way to the last overdub on April 22nd, the song was listed on Abbey Road recording sheets with another working title, "Mark 1. The line does not appear in Lennon's lyrics. What Starr meant, of course, was "tomorrow never comes.

Lennon once claimed that "Ticket to Ride" — the first track the Beatles recorded for the soundtrack to their second feature film, Help! It's all happening, it's a heavy record.

And the drums are heavy, too. That's why I like it. The sound was probably inspired by bands such as the Rolling Stones, the Who and the Kinks, who were all exploding out of Great Britain at the time.

But the Beatles were still ahead of the competition. His singing and lyrics teeter between ambivalence and despair in the verses. Another surprise came in the fade, an entirely different melody and rhythm with the repeated line "My baby don't care," sung by Lennon at the upper, stressed top of his range. The Beatles now saw making records as a goal in itself — rather than just a document of a song — and were changing their approach to recording as they got more comfortable with the possibilities of the studio.

Instead of taping songs as they would play them live, picking the best take and then overdubbing harmonies or solos, the band now usually began with a rhythm track and slowly built an arrangement around it. Considering that, "Ticket to Ride" took almost no time to record: The entire track, including the overdubs, was finished in just over three hours.

Lennon always maintained that McCartney's role in writing the song was minimal — "Paul's contribution was the way Ringo played the drums" — while McCartney contended that "we sat down and wrote it together" in a three-hour session at Lennon's Weybridge home. That might account for the different stories on where the title came from: An obvious explanation is that it refers to a train ticket.

When the Beatles belatedly filmed a promotional clip for the song in November , they lip-synced the song against a backdrop of gigantic transportation passes. But Don Short, a British newspaper journalist who traveled with the Beatles, claimed that it dated back to the band's days in the red-light district of Hamburg, Germany. One other possibility: On the day the Beatles recorded "Ticket to Ride," Lennon passed his driver's test.

Though Lennon's exact contribution is unclear "I helped with a couple of the lyrics," he said , "I Saw Her Standing There" is one of the songs that further cemented the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership. A September photo by McCartney's brother Mike shows the pair in the front room of Paul's house, working face to face with acoustic guitars, Lennon wearing the glasses he hated, scratching out lyrics in a Liverpool Institute notebook.

McCartney wrote the song on his Zenith acoustic guitar, the first guitar he ever owned. The original inspiration for the song was a girlfriend of McCartney's at the time, dancer Iris Caldwell, who was in fact 17 when he first saw her doing the Twist — in fishnet stockings — at the Tower Ballroom in New Brighton in December We never pretended to be true to each other. I went out with lots of people. I was working away in different theaters at the time, but if I was back home we would go out.

There were never any promises made or love declared. Under the title "Seventeen," the song became part of the Beatles' live act in Onstage, the tune would sometimes run for 10 minutes, with multiple guitar solos.

McCartney borrowed the hard-charging bass line from Chuck Berry's single "I'm Talking About You," a staple of the band's concerts. When it came time for the Beatles to record their first album, Please Please Me , George Martin considered taping them live, possibly in front of the group's home audience at the Cavern Club.

Though he decided instead to set them up at EMI's studios on Abbey Road, they chose a song list representative of the band's live show. To set the mood, the album begins with McCartney's blazing "one-two-three- faw! It would also be one of the five songs that the Beatles performed on February 9th, , on The Ed Sullivan Show before a television audience of 73 million people.

Lennon described "I Saw Her Standing There" as "Paul doing his usual good job of producing what George Martin would call a 'potboiler,'" but the song would assume a greater meaning in his later life. When the song became Lennon's first solo song to top the charts, he made good and appeared with John at his November 28th show at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Before the final song, Lennon said, "We thought we'd do a number of an old estranged fiance of mine called Paul," and they closed the night with a rollicking version of "I Saw Her Standing There.

It would be the last song John Lennon ever performed in concert. But the note of desperation in the song was real.

By , Lennon was exhausted from the Beatles' nonstop touring, recording and filming schedule. Off the road, Lennon felt trapped at his estate outside London with his wife, Cynthia, and young son, Julian. I was depressed, and I was crying out for help. McCartney, in contrast, was taking full advantage of Swinging London, dating Jane Asher — a beautiful young actress from a prominent family who introduced him to high society — and seeing other girls on the side.

John "was well jealous of [me] because he couldn't do that," said McCartney years later. Lennon wrote most of "Help! Lennon originally wrote "Help! Making movies wasn't as fun as it used to be either. But with Help! The Beatles all admitted that it probably wasn't the director's fault that the band had so little input. It was all glazed eyes and giggling all the time.

In our own world. As Geoff Emerick — then an assistant at Abbey Road, later the Beatles' engineer — recalled, "The huge crowd of girls that had gathered outside broke through the front door. Scores of hysterical, screaming girls [were] racing down the corridors, being chased by a handful of out-of-breath, beleaguered London bobbies.

Lennon and McCartney began writing "She Loves You" in a tour van, then did the bulk of the work in the Turk's Hotel in Newcastle, sitting on twin beds with acoustic guitars.

The breakthrough in the lyrics was the introduction of a third person, shaking up the typical I-love-you formula. There's a little distance we managed to put in it, which was quite interesting. Still, something was missing. I don't exactly know where we got it — Lonnie Donegan always did it. Elvis did that in 'All Shook Up. When his father heard the song, he said, "Son, there's enough Americanisms around.

Couldn't you sing, 'Yes, yes, yes,' just for once? It wouldn't work. For all the raw immediacy of its sound, the song also signaled a new level of sophistication for the band as songwriters and arrangers. The final touch was the distinctive chord that ends the chorus — Harrison's idea — which sounded "corny" to Martin. The Beatles would go on to triumph after triumph as the s went on, but in Great Britain, "She Loves You" remained the bestselling single of the decade.

When the Beatles — who had long been outspoken critics of the Vietnam War — hit Abbey Road Studios to make the White Album at the end of May, the first thing they recorded was "Revolution," which was also the first explicitly political song the band ever released.

The same as we stopped not answering about the Vietnamese War [when we were] on tour with Brian [Epstein]. We had to tell him, 'We're going to talk about the war this time, and we're not going to just waffle. The first version of "Revolution" the Beatles recorded was a slow, bluesy shuffle that eventually became "Revolution 1. It completely overloaded the channel. Fortunately the technical people didn't find out. They didn't approve of 'abuse of equipment. The crucial lyric difference between the two versions was a single word.

Ramparts magazine called its ambivalence a "betrayal. I want to know what you're going to do after you've knocked it all down. I mean, can't we use some of it? What's the point of bombing Wall Street?

If you want to change the system, change the system. It's no good shooting people. As Lennon put it bluntly, "I was trying to write about an affair without letting me wife know I was writing about an affair.

I was writing from my experiences, girls' flats, things like that. She is very different from the love interests in early Beatles' songs. As McCartney later explained, it was popular for Swinging London girls to decorate their homes with Norwegian pine. But it's not as good a title, 'Cheap Pine,' baby. Even if it's a tale of a fling with a mod groupie, it's a strikingly adult one, from the London milieu to the way Lennon spends the night at her place and wakes up in the bathtub.

Lennon is the one who gets pursued and seduced, sitting nervously on her rug until she announces, "It's time for bed. When he wakes up alone the next morning, he lights a fire — does that mean he burns the girl's house down? Lennon never revealed the solution to this mystery; McCartney has endorsed the arson theory. Although Lennon claimed in that "Norwegian Wood" was "my song completely," he told Rolling Stone a decade earlier that "Paul helped with the middle eight, to give credit where it's due.

Harrison's sitar debut was the song's most distinctive feature — yet it came from a moment of spontaneous studio experimentation. He was not sure whether he could play it yet, because he hadn't done much on the sitar, but he was willing to have a go. Harrison first spotted the sitar on the set of the band's second movie, Help! Intrigued, he bought a sitar and "messed around" with it, eventually studying with sitar master Ravi Shankar. Harrison also became interested in Eastern religion and philosophy, which would become a lifelong pursuit.

Looking back in the s, Harrison described the sitar on "Norwegian Wood" as "very rudimentary. I didn't know how to tune it properly, and it was a very cheap sitar to begin with.

We were listening to all sorts of things — Stockhausen, avant-garde — and most of it made its way onto our records. He was already sensitive because the other Beatles were "taking the mickey out of him" for copying Dylan, and he was afraid Dylan was ridiculing him with "4th Time Around.

The sunlight in that chord, the exhilaration of the Beatles' performance and the title's sigh of exhaustion make "A Hard Day's Night" a movie in itself, a compact documentary of the Beatles' meteoric rise. The title came from a throwaway crack from Starr. All they had to do was write a song to go with it. With 'A Hard Day's Night,' you've almost captured them.

Lennon wrote the song the night before the session — he scrawled the lyrics on the back of a birthday card for his son, Julian, who had just turned one — and the group cut it in a breakneck three hours. The biggest issue was Harrison's solo: A take that surfaced on a bootleg in the s features him fumbling over his strings, losing his timing and missing notes.

But by the time the session wrapped at 10 that night, he had sculpted one of his most memorable solos — a sterling upward run played twice and capped with a circular flourish, with the church-bell chime of his guitar echoed on piano by Martin. Harrison also played the striking fade-out, a ringing guitar arpeggio that was also a Martin inspiration. Harrison composed most of the music during the Beatles' February-April trip to Rishikesh, India, but wrote its words after the band returned to England.

Inspired by the relativism principle of the I Ching , Harrison pulled a book off a shelf in his parents' house, opened it to an arbitrary page and wrote a lyric around the first words he saw, which turned out to be the phrase "gently weeps.

Even though the band had recorded Harrison songs on six previous albums, the guitarist still had trouble getting John Lennon and Paul McCartney to take his contributions seriously. Lennon, for his part, later noted that "there was an embarrassing period where [George's] songs weren't that good and nobody wanted to say anything, but we all worked on them.

The initial studio recording of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," from July 25th, later included on Anthology 3 , was a subdued, nearly solo acoustic piece with an extra verse at the end, very much along the lines of Harrison's original demo. A second version, with the full band Lennon playing organ , was recorded on August 16th and September 3rd and 5th; it eventually incorporated tape-speed trickery, maracas and a backward guitar solo that never quite yielded the "weeping" sound Harrison was looking for.

Producer George Martin had left for a monthlong vacation before the band began working on a third, electric version on September 5th, with Lennon on lead guitar and Ringo Starr contributing a heavy, lurching rhythm. That arrangement didn't quite come together, either.

Clapton initially declined. But Harrison replied, "Look, it's my song. I want you to play on it. With the famous guest in the studio, the other Beatles got down to business — McCartney's harmonies sound particularly inspired. As Harrison put it, "It's interesting to see how nicely people behave when you bring a guest in, because they don't really want everybody to know that they're so bitchy.

I love that song. Clapton became one of Harrison's closest friends — as well as his potential replacement. Lennon asked Leary if there was anything he could do to help his candidacy. But Lennon decided that he wanted to do something else with the lyric he had started, rather than finish the Leary campaign song. When he brought his new song in for the Abbey Road sessions, it was much faster than the final version and more obviously modeled on Chuck Berry's "You Can't Catch Me" — the opening line, "Here come old flat-top," is a direct lift from Berry's recording.

Shortly after the release of Abbey Road , Berry's publisher charged the Beatles with copyright infringement; the case was settled in , with Lennon agreeing to record three songs owned by the company — two Berry songs on the Rock 'n' Roll album and Lee Dorsey's "Ya Ya" on Walls and Bridges. Paul McCartney had a few suggestions for how to improve the song, as he recalled in The Beatles Anthology: "I said, 'Let's slow it down with a swampy bass-and-drums vibe.

The lyrics are a rapid-fire pileup of puns, in-jokes and what he called "gobbledygook" that he made up in the studio. The message was clear when he cried out at the end of the second verse, "One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.

It's funky, it's bluesy, and I'm singing it pretty well. After the antagonism of Let It Be , it was almost impossible to imagine the band returning to this sort of creative collaboration. Then Paul has this idea for this great little riff. And Ringo hears that and does a drum thing that fits in, and that establishes a pattern that John leapt upon and did the ["shoot me"] part. And then there's George's guitar at the end. The four of them became much, much better than the individual components.

At that point, the Beatles were in their own time of trouble. A month of on-camera rehearsal and live recording had been intended to energize the bandmates and return them to their beat-combo roots. After wrapping up the filmed sessions that day, the Beatles turned a mountain of tapes over to engineer Glyn Johns to assemble into an album, tentatively titled Get Back.

That solo, with its distinctive warbling tone, ended up on the single. A month later, on April 10th, McCartney took the occasion of the release of his first solo album to announce that the Beatles had broken up. McCartney was visiting Cynthia after she and Lennon had broken up, and he was thinking of Julian on the drive over there.

I know you're not happy, but you'll be OK. The song was recorded in the middle of the White Album sessions, which were plagued by fighting within the band and increasing alienation as the individual songwriters started treating the other Beatles as sidemen on their songs — if they used them at all. Engineer Geoff Emerick found the squabbling so unpleasant that he quit. George Martin, also exhausted from the bickering and from running between the individual Beatles recording simultaneously in separate studios, abandoned the sessions to take a vacation, leaving production of the album for several weeks to his assistant Chris Thomas.

Fed up himself, Starr left the band for two weeks the first band member to quit the Beatles. When Lennon first heard "Hey Jude," he loved it — he thought McCartney was singing to him, about his relationship with Ono and the strains on the Lennon-McCartney partnership. Archived from the original on 21 September Retrieved 30 July Unterberger, Richie Retrieved 25 February Retrieved 2 February The Beatles on Record. The Beatles singles discography.

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Gamblin' Woman. Bobby Vinton. Claudine Longet. Frank Sinatra. Perry Como. The Ames Brothers. Frankie Laine. Genres: Vocals. Music Categories: Pop Vocal: Classic. America's Greatest Hits Expanded Ed.

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Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Frankie Laine - Deuces Wild at Discogs. Complete your Frankie Laine collection. Ace In The Hole: The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo: Dead Man's Hand Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; CL Frankie Laine: Deuces Wild ‎ (LP, Album, Mono /5(10).

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Please do not use these files without contacting the appropriate copyright holders. The set is 6 long tracks performed and recorded live in Glasgow. Listen: 1. Charlie deals with the aftermath of his unfair arrest. Gwen's defense of a young Black man who killed a police officer in self-defense continues, and she is forced to come up with an unorthodox theory in order to win. Check out sci-fi series " Farscape ," and more '90s TV throwbacks that need a revival now. See our picks list. A group of single black females from different walks of life who bond over their one common thread: why am I single?

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Eva Fletcher must juggle responsibilities of the financially struggling institution along with family ties and ambitious students. Based on the American romantic comedy film, this new series will follow the lives of Jacqueline Boyer's son and Marcus and Angela Graham's daughter as they try to step out of their parents' shadows and make a legacy of their own. A look at the personal and professional lives of the judges, lawyers, clerks, bailiffs and cops who work at an L.

County courthouse. Follows the life of three siblings, who move to Louisiana to claim an inheritance from their recently departed father - an acre sugarcane farm.

Working for a legal aid office in New York City, Gwen Sullivan fights for clients who can't afford to choose their own attorney. But our favourite comes in the bottom left hand corner, in which a banner is hung in a shop behind the future-Terminator Eddie. Time for another cuppa, Derek? The Chester band made a splash with their debut album Attack Of The Grey Lantern, but their second album Six was a conceptual affair that baffled the Britpop generation.

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