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Άνοιξε Μου Να Μπω - Πλούταρχος* - Προσωπικά Δεδομένα (CD, Album)

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Aug 07,  · Βλέπετε το site μας σαν επισκέπτης. Η απολύτως δωρεάν εγγραφή σας θα σας επιτρέψει να δημοσιεύσετε νέα μηνύματα στο forum, να στείλετε προσωπικά μηνύματα σε άλλους χρήστες όπως και πολλές άλλες επιπλέον υπηρεσίες.

The Loved One - INXS - Greatest Video Hits (1980-1990) (Laserdisc)

British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved 2 January IFPI Sweden. Archived from the original PDF on 21 May Retrieved 19 November Retrieved 18 February Retrieved 21 July Australian Recording Industry Association.

Retrieved 27 August Archived from the original on 6 February Retrieved 17 May GfK Entertainment Charts. Retrieved 5 March Archived from the original on 4 April Retrieved 16 April Retrieved 11 January Retrieved 14 December Fortune Ciaran Gribbin. Dekadance Bang the Drum. Groove Revival. Jazz Classic.

Cool Jazz. Modern Jazz. Jazz fusion. Vocal jazz. Spiritual jazz. Free Jazz. Others Jazz. US Rap. Old School Rap. West coast Rap. East coast Rap. Others US Rap. French Rap. International Rap. Hip Hop Movies. Other Electro.

European Movies. TV Shows. Sound Library. World Music. African Traditional. Indian Ocean. Others South American Traditional. West Indies. Visual Kei. Shibuya Kei. Sound Tracks.

Others Countries. Old Music. Ancient Music. Various Items. Bitter Tears Disappear Taste It Heaven Sent Baby Don't Cry Beautiful Girl Not Enough Time The Gift Please You Got That Time Elegantly Wasted Tight bonus material that should be included Documentary on the making of 'X'; Live TV performances; 2. Even as a huge fan of Yes, I consider this video pretty useless. Be fair: Yes were never big visual performers, and the length and complexity of their work fortunately does not call for music video channel primetime.

Furthermore, the songs 'chosen' for the video, are from more or less the same period of time. And many of them are just taken from the 'live' video, so you might as well buy that one. The 'interviews' with band members before every video have nothing to do with the videos, only with the songs. It also seems ridiculous that Steve Howe is interviewed about 'I've Seen All Good People', and then once more, the video is taken from 'live' Not worth the money. This great video of INXS's greatest hits from is excellent for fans.

It covers their greatest hits from their first ever video and so on and so on until You'll find most of your favorite songs and video clips here as well as a brief interview before each video clip with some of the band members telling their stories and experiences. It's interesting to see them from the beginning, with their 80's hairstyles and the way they looked. But, in short, it's a great video for fans of INXS.

Yes fans will definitely find this video entertaining. It contains twelve of their "best" music videos, along with commentary by the band between each song. It really illustrates how much the band changed between the 70's and the 80's. Most fans will probably also laugh at the cheesy special effects use in some of the older videos particularly "Don't Kill the Whale. All in all, this is a very worthwhile video for anyone who really appreciates Yes.

The only problem is trying to obtain a copy of it, as it's out of print. See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. You've read the top international reviews.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. Dancing On The Jetty. Face The Change. All The Voices. Mediate [Ralphi Rosario Vocal]. Mediate [Ralphi Rosario Radio]. Just Keep Walking. To Look at You. Elegantly Wasted. Listen like Thieves.

Don't Lose Your Head. Dancing on the Jetty. Never Let You Go. Need You Tonight [Instrumental]. Need You Tonight [Vocal Mix]. I Need You Tonight. New Sensation [DVD]. Devil Inside [DVD]. Original Sin [DVD]. Bitter Tears [DVD]. Suicide Blonde [DVD]. Mystify [DVD]. Beautiful Girl [DVD]. Heaven Sent [DVD]. Disappear [DVD]. Afterglow [Single Mix]. Need You Tonight [Original Mix]. Pretty Vegas [Live]. The One Thing [Extended Mix]. Original Sin [Epic Adventure Edit].

Need You Tonight [Liebrand Mix]. Disappear [Morales Mix]. Pretty Vegas [DVD]. Devil's Party. Perfect Strangers. Remember Who's Your Man. Remember, Who's Your Man. Like It or Not. Afterglow [Enhanced Stereo][Multimedia Track]. Us [Enhanced Stereo][Multimedia Track]. Hot Girls [Live]. Taste It [Live]. Afterglow [Multimedia Track]. We Are Thrown Together. Mystify [Extended Club Mix].

Don't Change [DVD]. This Time [DVD]. Mediate [DVD]. Shining Star [DVD]. The Gift [DVD]. I'm Just a Man. Don't Change [Live in Aspen '97]. Mystify [Airplay Edit]. Disappear [ ]. Bitter Tears [ ]. By My Side [ ]. Shining Star [ ].

Original Sin [Live]. New Sensation [Live]. What You Need [Live]. Mediate [Live]. Suicide Blonde [Launay 12" Version]. Bitter Tears [Lorimer 12" Version][Live]. Disappear [Lorimer 12" Version]. Heaven Sent [Live Montage]. Taste It [Live Montage]. The One Thing [Live]. Bitter Tears [Lorimer 12" Mix].

Original Sin [Epic Adventure]. New Sensation [the Beginerz Mix]. Disappear [Morales 12" Mix]. Everything [Jaxxclub Vocal].

Suicide Blonde [Oakenfold Milk Mix]. Taste It [Youth 12" Mix]. Melting in the Sun. Burn for You [12" Extended Mix][ ]. Original Sin [Epic Adventure-Edit]. Listen Like Theives. Original Sin [Single Edit].

Born to Be Wild. Mystify [Live]. Suicide Blonde [Live]. Suicide Blonde [Multimedia Track]. Need You Tonight [Multimedia Track]. Mystify [Multimedia Track]. Fair Weather Ahead. Just to Learn Again. We Are the Vegetables.

The Unloved One. Need You Tonight [Single Version]. Original Sin [Single Version]. Beautiful Girl [Mendelsohn Mix]. Salvation Jane. Salvation Jane [ ]. The One Thing [Multimedia Track]. Original Sin [Multimedia Track]. What You Need [Multimedia Track]. New Sensation [Multimedia Track]. Taste It [Multimedia Track]. The Gift [Multimedia Track]. Taste It [DVD]. Black And White [Extended Version]. Burn For You [Single Remix]. Devil Inside [Australian Single Edit].

Need You Tonight [Single Edit]. Suicide Blonde [7" Mix]. Beautiful Girl [Mendelsahn Mix]. Searching [Leadstation Radio Edit]. Show Me Cherry Baby. Shake the Tree. Suicide Blonde [Paul Oakenfold Mix]. Disappear [David Morales 12" Mix]. What You Need [Coldcut Remix]. Devil Inside [Kevorkian and Hutchence's Mix]. Deliver Me [ ]. Freedom Deep [12" Extended]. Bitter Tears [LP Version].

May 14,  · referencing Greatest Video Hits (), VHS, Comp, NTSC, Excellent Compilation For the the Die Hard INXS Fan. Only Two s video missing "To Look At You" But fortunately can be found available on Telegenics October /5(21).

Youre Whats Happening (In The World Today)

All of us belong to one and while it is true that no family is perfect, no one loves us better than those we call our own. So it is with great joy that we present to you this heartwarming collection of portraits featuring several multi-generational families.

This guy has to be the nicest stranger ever! Such as in this footage where we see a flower vendor on a New York subway gets the surprise of her life when a stranger walked up to her and bought all her roses. It's been said that money makes the world go round. However, at least one Aussie tourist would probably contradict that and cite his experience at a hotel in the Philippines.

Robert Nay, a year-old Australian traveler, recently stayed at a hotel in the town of Mabalacat in Pampanga, a province in the Central Luzon region of the Philippines. Mabalacat is about an hour's drive away from the country's capital city of Manila. At nearly the same time, a group of long haired hippie fellows thought the song was so wonderful that they created an eleven minute version, Creedence Clearwater Revival, taking the song to a new level of what was considered classic, where on FM radio, the track spun into the night as some sort of cosmic jam.

Now, there was one more element to fall into place, and that was the vocals Marvin wanted to use, smooth and easy, though with the lushness and warmth of the backing track Whitfield wanted something that would stand in stark juxtaposition to the music, spending days attempting to get Gaye to sing above his range, where an element of raspiness would make the song all it is today, with Gaye speaking directly to the lyrics, filling the song with a relentless haunting pain.

The former prime minister is currently dealing with a major scandal over payments made to his wife. This letter was edited and brought to you by BuzzFeed News. You can always reach us here. Contact BuzzFeed News at bfnews buzzfeed. Got a confidential tip? Every once in a while a story comes along that makes you completely reconsider commonplace things you've always taken for granted.

After reading it you'll never be able to walk past or into one of those anonymous, exchangeable mani-pedi shops again without feeling a sense of outrage for the victimized workers who sometimes aren't even paid. It's utterly damning. You could be forgiven for thinking it's fiction, because Joshuah Bearman's dive-in look at the real life Silk Road story is the stuff of blockbuster action movies — which it almost certainly will become.

It's got drugs, "lots and lots of great sex" or at least it alludes to lots and lots of great sex and completely amazing visuals. But mostly it's a gripping, well-told crime story. Something is a little different in Tehran. Starting on Thursday, all 1, billboards in the Iranian capital stopped displaying ads for goods or anti-Western slogans and started depicting works from famous foreign and local artists instead.

Contact BuzzFeed News at bfnews buzzfeed. Got a confidential tip?

Song information for You're What's Happening (In the World Today) - Marvin Gaye on AllMusic.

Wenn Die Elisabeth - Various - Kinder, Wie Die Zeit Vergeht (Vinyl)

Sehr gut geschrieben Meine Frau benutzt es als Arbeitsmaterial im Bereich Betreuungskraft und ist zufrieden damit. Schnelle Lieferung. Das Buch ist fast jeden Tag im Einsatz. Die Senioren freuen sich schon wenn ich ihnen wieder neue Geschichten vorlesen kann.

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Entweder als Die Amigos - Weine nicht um unsre Liebe. Rare 7'' Vinyl. Artikelmerkmale Artikelzustand: Gut: Artikel, der gebraucht wurde, sich aber in einem guten Zustand befindet. Gebrauchsspuren oder Risse, oder die Artikelverpackung weist Gebrauchsspuren, Kratzer oder Risse auf. Bei einer CD sind das Albumcover und der Einleger vorhanden. Die Anweisungen zum Videospiel sind vorhanden.

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7" - Single Susi Hansen, Liane Merten, Werner Peters, Jürgen Franke, Vocal Brothers. Kinder wie die Zeit vergeht. Label: Sans Souci GPK Land/Country: Deutschland/Germany. Titel/Tracks: 1. - (Wenn die Elisabeth, Was machst Du mit dem Knie, Schöner Gigolo, Wo sind Deine Haare, August, Wenn ich die blonde Inge), 2. - (Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss, Oh, Donna Klara, Ob.

I Was Doing All Right - Ella Fitzgerald - Sings The George And Ira Gershwin Song Book (CD)

During this period, she had her last US chart single with a cover of Smokey Robinson 's " Get Ready ", previously a hit for the Temptations , and some months later a top-five hit for Rare Earth. The surprise success of the album Jazz at Santa Monica Civic '72 led Granz to found Pablo Records , his first record label since the sale of Verve. Fitzgerald recorded some 20 albums for the label. Ella in London recorded live in with pianist Tommy Flanagan , guitarist Joe Pass, bassist Keter Betts and drummer Bobby Durham, was considered by many to be some of her best work.

Her years with Pablo Records also documented the decline in her voice. Take the ingenious prologue After Pete Kelly's Blues , she appeared in sporadic movie cameos, in St. She was also frequently featured on The Ed Sullivan Show. Perhaps her most unusual and intriguing performance was of the "Three Little Maids" song from Gilbert and Sullivan 's comic operetta The Mikado alongside Joan Sutherland and Dinah Shore on Shore's weekly variety series in Fitzgerald also made a one-off appearance alongside Sarah Vaughan and Pearl Bailey on a television special honoring Bailey.

In , she performed a medley of standards in a duet with Karen Carpenter on the Carpenters' television program Music, Music, Music. Fitzgerald also appeared in TV commercials, her most memorable being an ad for Memorex. Ella Fitzgerald Just One of Those Things is a film about her life including interviews with many famous singers and musicians who worked with her and her son.

It was directed by Leslie Woodhead and produced by Reggie Nadelson. It was released in the UK in Fitzgerald had a number of famous jazz musicians and soloists as sidemen over her long career. Possibly Fitzgerald's greatest unrealized collaboration in terms of popular music was a studio or live album with Frank Sinatra.

Pianist Paul Smith has said, "Ella loved working with [Frank]. Sinatra gave her his dressing-room on A Man and His Music and couldn't do enough for her. Fitzgerald had suffered from diabetes for several years of her later life, which had led to numerous complications. She died in her home from a stroke on June 15, , at the age of Fitzgerald married at least twice, and there is evidence that suggests that she may have married a third time.

Her first marriage was in , to Benny Kornegay, a convicted drug dealer and local dockworker. The marriage was annulled in Together they adopted a child born to Fitzgerald's half-sister, Frances, whom they christened Ray Brown Jr. With Fitzgerald and Brown often busy touring and recording, the child was largely raised by his mother's aunt, Virginia. Fitzgerald and Brown divorced in , bowing to the various career pressures both were experiencing at the time, though they would continue to perform together.

She had even gone as far as furnishing an apartment in Oslo, but the affair was quickly forgotten when Larsen was sentenced to five months' hard labor in Sweden for stealing money from a young woman to whom he had previously been engaged. Fitzgerald was notoriously shy. When she got into the band, she was dedicated to her music She was a lonely girl around New York, just kept herself to herself, for the gig.

From to , Fitzgerald resided in St. Fitzgerald was a civil rights activist; using her talent to break racial barriers across the nation. Granz required promoters to ensure that there was no "colored" or "white" seating. He ensured Fitzgerald was to receive equal pay and accommodations regardless of her sex and race.

If the conditions were not met shows were cancelled. In , Fitzgerald established the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation focusing on charitable grants for four major categories: academic opportunities for children, music education, basic care needs for the less fortunate, medical research revolving around diabetes, heart disease, and vision impairment.

In addition, she supported several nonprofit organizations like the American Heart Association, City of Hope, and the Retina Foundation. The primary collections of Fitzgerald's media and memorabilia reside at and are shared between the Smithsonian Institution and the US Library of Congress [77]. In Fitzgerald was the first African American female to win at the inaugural show. In she received an honorary doctorate of Music from Yale University. The career history and archival material from Fitzgerald's long career are housed in the Archives Center at the Smithsonian 's National Museum of American History , while her personal music arrangements are at the Library of Congress.

Her extensive cookbook collection was donated to the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University , and her extensive collection of published sheet music was donated to UCLA.

In , Newport News, Virginia created a week-long music festival with Christopher Newport University to honor Fitzgerald in her birth city. Callaway's album To Ella with Love features fourteen jazz standards made popular by Fitzgerald, and the album also features the trumpeter Wynton Marsalis.

Bridgewater's album Dear Ella featured many musicians that were closely associated with Fitzgerald during her career, including the pianist Lou Levy , the trumpeter Benny Powell, and Fitzgerald's second husband, double bassist Ray Brown. Bridgewater's following album, Live at Yoshi's , was recorded live on April 25, , what would have been Fitzgerald's 81st birthday.

Austin's album, For Ella features 11 songs most immediately associated with Fitzgerald, and a twelfth song, "Hearing Ella Sing" is Austin's tribute to Fitzgerald. The album was nominated for a Grammy. In , We All Love Ella , was released, a tribute album recorded for the 90th anniversary of Fitzgerald's birth. Folk singer Odetta 's album To Ella is dedicated to Fitzgerald, but features no songs associated with her. For Ella Sinatra's recording of " Mack the Knife " from his album L.

Is My Lady includes a homage to some of the song's previous performers, including 'Lady Ella' herself. The theater is located several blocks away from her birthplace on Marshall Avenue. In , Rod Stewart performed a "virtual duet" with Ella Fitzgerald on his Christmas album Merry Christmas, Baby , and his television special of the same name. There is a bronze sculpture of Fitzgerald in Yonkers, the city in which she grew up, created by American artist Vinnie Bagwell.

Ed Dwight created a series of over 70 bronze sculptures at the St. On January 9, , the United States Postal Service announced that Fitzgerald would be honored with her own postage stamp. In April , she was featured in Google Doodle , depicting her performing on stage.

It celebrated what would have been her 96th birthday. It featured rare footage, radio broadcasts and interviews with Jamie Cullum, Andre Previn, Johnny Mathis, and other musicians, plus a long interview with Fitzgerald's son, Ray Brown Jr. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American jazz singer. Newport News, Virginia , U. Beverly Hills, California , U.

Benny Kornegay. Ray Brown. Swing bebop traditional pop blues. Fitzgerald's manager, and the producer of many of her albums, Norman Granz , visited Cole Porter at the Waldorf-Astoria and played him this entire album. Afterwards, Porter merely remarked, "My, what marvelous diction that girl has. This album was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in , which is a special Grammy award established in to honor recordings that are at least twenty-five years old, and that have "qualitative or historical significance.

All tracks written by Cole Porter , except when noted. Brass and woodwind members on tracks 1. Rudimental string members on tracks 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ella Fitzgerald. Vocal jazz swing big band. I've Got Beginner's Luck. Oh, Lady Be Good. Things Are Looking Up.

Just Another Rhumba. The Man I Love. That Certain Feeling. By Strauss. Someone to Watch Over Me. Track Listing - Disc 2. Who Cares? Looking for a Boy. They All Laughed. My Cousin in Milwaukee. Somebody from Somewhere. A Foggy Day. Clap Yo' Hands. For You, for Me, for Evermore. Stiff Upper Lip. Things Are Looking Up Just Another Rhumba The Man I Love That Certain Feeling By Strauss Someone to Watch Over Me The Real American Folk Song Who Cares?

DISC 2: 1. Looking for a Boy 2. They All Laughed 3. My Cousin in Milwaukee 4. Somebody from Somewhere 5.

By far the best of any of the songbooks Ella Fitzgerald made "The George and Ira Gershwin" songbook is a tour de force of pure genius from Ella and legendary arranger Nelson Riddle. Originally released as 5 albums in this new re-release of the project has had a digital remastering with the addition of bonus takes and mixes etc/5(42).

Out In The Cold - Rubettes* - Rubettes (Vinyl, LP)

UK album chart. Click here for more info. The fully laminated picture sleeve has only light signs of play with some sticker wear to the back, whilst the vinyl appears in near 'as new' condition ETAT4.

Judy Run Run A2. Little Darling A3. My Buddy Holly Days A4. It's Better That Way A6. Play The Game B1. Archived from the original on 4 September Lancashire Telegraph. Archived from the original on 7 September Retrieved 25 April Archived from the original on 13 March Retrieved 3 October The Rubettes Story 1st ed. London: Alan Williams Entertainments Limited. Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 7 October Retrieved 8 October Retrieved 25 October Retrieved 23 May Categories : English rock music groups English pop music groups English glam rock groups Musical groups established in However, that doesn't mean glam rock fans won't find plenty to like on here: "Julia" is a mid-tempo love lament that pits raunchy guitar riffs against forceful, crashing drum beats, and "The Sha Na Song" layers the title chant over a relentless, huge sounding drum beat in the glam rock tradition.

Other tracks take the group's penchant for older sounds in interesting directions: "I Can Do It" slyly blends a Chuck Berry -style guitar riff with thickly-layered harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys to create a sly bit of retro rock, and "Baby I Know" is a credible and well-crafted stab at country-pop that became a Top Ten smash in England.

The Best of the Rubettes" also includes two brilliant recreations of the Phil Spector wall of sound production style in "Tonight" and "Sugar Baby Love," a pair of tunes that combined that grandiosely romantic melodies with lush string arrangements to become huge European hits. The Rubettes even tackle the message song genre with "Under One Roof," a socially conscious song that tackles taboo subjects like homophobia and child abuse.

Although this song is shamelessly manipulative in its tear-jerking lyrics and melody, the song is undeniably heartfelt and moving. All in all, The Best of the Rubettes is a fine, diverse collection of carefully-crafted pop that proves the Rubettes deserve to be remembered as more than one of glam rock's lesser lights. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists.

Streams Videos All Posts. Stream or buy on:. Release Date February 12, Track Listing - Disc 1. Way Back in the Fifties.

Buy the CD album for £ and get the MP3 version for xirobormamowecetinidemawal.coinfo not apply to gift orders. Provided by Amazon EU Sàrl. See Terms and Conditions for important information about costs that may apply for the MP3 version in case of returns and cancellations. Complete your purchase of the CD album to save the MP3 version to your Amazon music library/5(37).

Scream 4 More (Lucci & Cruzs Krash Mix) - Rufftrack - Strictly Ruff Part 1 (Vinyl)

Rachael Hauschild. TFS Halloween. Scream 4 is available to watch on Netflix. Oct 31, From a Laugh to a Scream: Creepshow. Oct 28, Oct 27, Small Scale Scares: The Gate. Oct 25, Oct 22, A tale told straight from a 17th century Puritanical pamphlet. Oct 18, Sunday 7 June Monday 8 June Tuesday 9 June Monday 15 June Tuesday 16 June Wednesday 17 June Friday 19 June Saturday 20 June Sunday 21 June Monday 22 June Tuesday 23 June Wednesday 24 June Thursday 25 June Friday 26 June Saturday 27 June Sunday 28 June Monday 29 June Tuesday 30 June Wednesday 1 July Thursday 2 July Friday 3 July Saturday 4 July Sunday 5 July Monday 6 July Tuesday 7 July Wednesday 8 July Thursday 9 July Friday 10 July Saturday 11 July Sunday 12 July Monday 13 July Tuesday 14 July Wednesday 15 July Thursday 16 July Friday 17 July Saturday 18 July Sunday 19 July Monday 20 July Tuesday 21 July Wednesday 22 July Thursday 23 July Friday 24 July Saturday 25 July Sunday 26 July Monday 27 July Tuesday 28 July Wednesday 29 July Thursday 30 July Friday 31 July Saturday 1 August Sunday 2 August For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet.

Get the IMDb app. For the first time in the franchise, a CGI-added knife was used because director Wes Craven wanted to avoid using prop knives that are rubber, cardboard, and collapsible. The first scene shown is the popcorn burning, then the shower scene. The shower scene is supposed to be in the opening sequence, before the popcorn burning scene.

How well does Michael Sheen know his own career? Watch the video. Sign In. Added to Watchlist. Roger Jackson. Shenae Grimes-Beech. Dane Farwell. Anna Paquin. Kristen Bell. Aimee Teegarden. O'Dell Norma Lee Cox Dawn Mattocks Cox Marty Moss Chapla Jr. Cameron Ringness Wilhelm II Bakiyaraj Cuco Bures Cox as Chris Kristoff Vicente Parada Arquette Danielle Champe Williamson June Christopher Kyle Eckles Hynick Chris M. Labunka John Kirby Schmidt Peter Lowe Craven Kelly Stultz Campbell Spencer Walker Labunka Geoff Wehner Scott Dulchavsky Joshua Kappraff Edit page.

Greatest Horror Sequels. Plan to watch soon. Dimension Films. Share this page:. Clear your history.

Nov 22,  · Here is part 2, get ready to be scared lol please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more. Thanks‼️.

Desire - Avanti (4) - The End Has No End (File, MP3)

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And this is what the post looks like when previewing, or after it is published. A mini player is displayed for the audio file. Therefore it is imperative that we know for ourselves what the will of God is in any given area.

Within this teaching we will clearly see through four distinct points that healing and salvation are one in the same. When Jesus went to the cross and paid the price for our sin, that very act established the right to wholeness for all who will believe within their spirit, soul and body.

There is an enemy to our soul within the earth known as the devil, who wants the church to remain ignorant of this fact. Through the understanding of this foundational teaching you will be armed with the truth that will make you free and bring you to the place where you know that you know that you know that healing IS forever settled and for you now! What a tremendous promise, to be able to live in such a way that the devil can not even touch us.

It's the place of victory and the place of blessing even in midst of tough times. I pray that you will be encouraged as you allow the Word of God impact your life for His desired change. Fasten your seat belts, your about to enter the No Touch Zone! Our God has provided for us in every situation of life - He has pronounced the blessing upon us.

The blessing is the highest authority that God has ever bestowed within the earth! Most believer's do not fully understand what the blessing is all about or the depth of its implication or the result of its implementation. Faith can only work where the will of God is known. I believe this is one of the most important teachings for the Body of Christ. The understanding of this will change every area of your life - physically, emotionally and financially.

It will cause you to prosper, succeed, increase and to excell. In part two, you will discover how the blessing is released and that you also have been given some very important authoritive rights to stand against every thing the enemy would like to bring your way. You've been marked for success, blessed with His very best. It's time for a change and it starts with your understanding of this wonderful grace.

Today more than ever we need a clear cut understanding of who we are and why we're here. I believe you will be moved exceedingly by listening closely to this teaching.

This is a question that many in the Body of Christ are asking. And make no mistake, if you don't take the time to find out, the enemy of your soul will define it for you and that will bring you into frustration and dread. While you may be familiar with this story, you are about to hear it in a fresh new light. We've all encountered situations in life that did not change quickly and some lingered for what seemed to be an eternity.

No matter what it is, we need to understand that persistent faith always gets God's attention and brings about the manifestation of the Word. In this teaching we will come to understand more fully the grace, compassion and mercy of God that is continually active and seeking out those who focus on His unfailing love and peace. It fuels our joy, which is our strength and opens up so many possibilities where the natural realm has slammed doors shut.

I want to encourage you to listen to this teaching with fresh ears. Get rid of preconceived ideas you may have regarding this topic and receive afresh and anew. Whatever you have need of, the doorway of praise will bring fresh revelation and understanding and newness of life - His life manifested in you, now, here in the present.

Obviously, according to this and other Scriptures, we are looking at an extremely important dynamic within the Kingdom of God that we the church NEED to get a hold of. This law of the Kingdom is already functioning in every one of our lives, although many of us give it no thought. It works in the positive to those who understand and put it to work in a proactive manner, AND it is at work in the negative, constantly bearing fruit, in the lives of those who pay no attention to it.

It's important for us to see exactly what the Word of God says about this very important truth and how we can begin to implement and tap into this grace.

Even if you think you understand this dynamic, I believe you will benefit with fresh insight as you listen to this message. Touching the heart of God brings forth great benefits to our lives.

It's a life that is sold out and dedicated to Him and His ways. It's a life that connects and realizes the blessings that He has for his children, His special treasure, His daily delight.

A person that desires to touch the heart of God is a person that is not satisfied with the status quo of just being average, but desires to respond to the Love of God and allow Him to bring forth His hearts desire in and through us. In this teaching we will cover three dynamic keys that will help you come to the place in life where you get His attention and breakthrough to the place where you begin touch the heart of God. After you see the final buttons click on download and choose the location where you want to save your free music download.

That's it! Sometimes it happen, that your free music is not available for download.

All of these players support MP3 and AAC files of course, but we can all do better than that. To that end, most support hi-res DSD and PCM files too so you can listen to downloaded digital music in the best sound quality possible. Many have microSD memory slots, .

The Bridal Path - Jane Morgan - Love Makes The World Go Round (Vinyl, LP)

Only One Love Catch A Falling Star My Man Makin Love Beyond The Blue Horizon Arrivederci Roma Anna Whos Sorry Now Speak To Me of Love Enchanted Island Everybody Loves A Lover Baubles Bangles and Beads Maybe Youll Be There Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams Almost In Your Arms Bambino Far Away Its All In The Game To Love and Be Loved.

Mambo Italiano 2. Cry Me A River 3. Fever 5. That Old Black Magic 6. Who's Sorry Now 7. Love Me Or Leave Me 8. Good Rockin' Daddy 9. In A Mellow Tone Don't You Know The Man That Got Away Fabulous Just Want Your Love Worry, Worry, Worry Tennessee Waltz Wheel Of Fortune Tracks of Disc 2 1. The Lady Is A Tramp 3.

Just An Old Fashioned Girl 4. He's A Tramp 5. Lady Sings The Blues 6. Misty 7. Blues In The Night 8. A Touch Of The Blues 9. Every Time We Say Goodbye I Cried A Tear I'm A Bad Bad Girl Pretty Papa Blues I Ain't In The Mood Happy Home Blues Little Girl Blue Careless Love 2. Roll With Me Henry 3. Stormy Weather 4. Baby Lover 7. Sway 8. A Very Precious Love 9. I Loves You Porgy Just Give Me A Man I Would If I Could Cheek To Cheek Come Rain Or Come Shine Love Me Forever Drive Daddy Drive Ain't Misbehavin'.

Greatest Hits CD. My Favorite Things 3. Till 4. With Open Arms 5. The Day The Rain Came 6. Fly Me To The Moon 7. Moon River 8. Tammy 9. Two Different Worlds with Roger Williams Happy Anniversary. Jane In Spain CD. The Moon Was Yellow 2. Adios 3. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps 4. Perfidia 5. You Belong To My Heart 6. Baia 7. Granada 8. I Get Ideas 9. Be Mine Tonight What a Difference a Day Made Let Me Love You Tonight Magic is the Moonlight I'm In Love I'm New At the Game Love is Like Champagne Climb Every Mountain It's Been a Long, Long Time Save for Later.

Lipstick on Your Collar 2. That'll Be the Day 3. Rock Around the Clock 4. Summertime Blues 5. Chantilly Lace 6. The Wanderer 7. Sweet Nothin's 8.

Blue Jean Bop 9. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes Sealed with a Kiss Will You Love Me Tomorrow You're Sixteen Tower of Strength Who Put the Bomp Hey Paula Venus Tracks of Disc 2 1. Heartbeat 2. Rubber Ball 3.

Hello Mary Lou 4. Sh-Boom 6. Crazy 8. Cry Me a River 9. Mad About the Boy Only You And You Alone It's Only Make Believe Jambalaya On the Bayou Halfway to Paradise Well I Ask You Butterfingers The Green Door Ginny Come Lately I'm a Man Smokestack Lightning Tracks of Disc 3 1.

Johnny B Goode 2. Aint That a Shame 3. A Teenager in Love 5. Telstar 6. Witch Doctor 7. Your Cheatin' Heart 8. Long Tall Sally 9. Susie Q Book of Love Walk Don't Run Why Do Fools Fall in Love Wondrous Place Do You Mind Goin' Steady Rock Island Line Ain't Got No Home It's All in the Game Tracks of Disc 4 1.

Be-Bop-a-Lula 2. C'mon Everybody 3. At the Hop 4. Earth Angel 5. Dynamite 6. Words of Love 7. Sweet Little Sixteen 8. My Blue Heaven 9. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Wimoweh Bo Diddley Come on Let the Good Times Roll Prisoner of Love My Special Angel Molly Tracks of Disc 5 1.

Three Steps to Heaven 2. Runaround Sue 3. Take Good Care of My Baby 4. The Great Pretender 5. Love Potion No. What a Difference a Day Makes 8. Where the Boys Are 9. Sea of Love Let's Jump the Broomstick Mystery Girl Handy Man Running Bear Heartaches Teen Angel Travelin' Man.

Love In italy 2CDs. Isle Of Capri 2. Mama Rosa 3. Core'ngrato 4. Where Roses Grow 5. Love 7. Mambo Italiano 8. Mona Lisa 9. Non Dimentica Don't Forget Quando, Quando, Quando Romantica Ciribiribim Stay Here With Me Tango Italiano Far L'Amore Con Te That's Amore Botcha Me Ba Ba Baciami! Piccina Two Cigarettes In The Dark Volare Tu Vuo'Fa'L'Americano Non Ti Scordar Di Me Nessun Dorma Torna Among My Souvenirs Friendly Persuasion Thee I Love With These Hands Tracks of Disc 2 1.

I Will Wait 2. Arrivederci Roma 3. We are grateful for your business and hope you are staying safe and healthy! Detailed Site Map of Links. Get email alerts for Jane Morgan. Only 7 copies left. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Join our , fans. The Second Time Around 2.

My Favourite Things 3. Our Language of Love 4. Romantica 5. The Twilight Waltz 6. The Bells of St Mary's 7. The Angry Sea 8. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness.

Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. The Second Time Around is a great album with well chosen material. I expecially disliked "The Bridal Path" It conjured images of couples with a bits in their mouths prancing up to the alter to get hitched. Over half of the songs are in my opinion totally forgetable, but the remainder are very good. I got the feeling that the album was hastily produced to get the title song on the market.

Anything by Jane Morgan is sure to please. Flare, as with Collectables, seems to like putting out two albums for artists from the s, and in this instance they present, with decent sound, all 12 tracks from the Jane Morgan album "The Second Time Around - Kapp KS, which are: 1. The Second Time Around; 2. My Favourite Things; 3. Our Language Of Love; 4.

Romantica; 5. The Twilight Waltz; 6. The Bells Of St Mary's; 7. The Angry Sea; 8. Somebody; 9. Love Is A Simple Thing; Odyssey; I Am A Heart; In Other Words; Where's The Boy?

Top rated Most recent Top rated. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers. All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars.

Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. Showing of 4 reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. The Second Time Around is a great album with well chosen material. I expecially disliked "The Bridal Path" It conjured images of couples with a bits in their mouths prancing up to the alter to get hitched. Over half of the songs are in my opinion totally forgetable, but the remainder are very good.

I got the feeling that the album was hastily produced to get the title song on the market. There was a problem loading comments right now. Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Anything by Jane Morgan is sure to please.

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Track: Artist: Title: Composer: Rating: A1: Jane Morgan: Theme From "Carnival" (Love Makes The World Go Round) Merrill: Rate: A2: Jane Morgan: In Other Words: Howard.

Sjiengele, Sjiengele, Boem - Various - t Is Weer Vastelaovend (Vinyl, LP)

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* - “SJIENGELE BOEM - Hallo, hallo, ’t is weer vastelaovend” - (Telstar TAR TL) 4 Ben Verdellen: “Marieke en den huzaar” 4 Ben Verdellen: “Det kefee op den hook” * - “Groeten uit Limburg” (Telstar) - (Killroy ) 4 Ben Verdellen: “Heimwee nao den alden tied”.