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Down - The Sisters Of Mercy - They Are Not Departed Or Gone... (Vinyl, LP, Album)

It begins with your family, but soon it comes around to your soul. Well they lay down beside me, I made my confession to them. They touched both my eyes and I touched the dew on their hem. Its pre-orders assured it silver certification status from the BPI upon its release. The album also peaked within the top 40 in other European countries. The three singles released to support the album were " This Corrosion ", " Dominion ", and " Lucretia My Reflection ".

The song "" was also released as a radio single. While it initially received mixed reviews from critics, Floodland has retrospectively received praise and been considered a seminal gothic rock album by several critics. Steinman was interested in producing the cover, but was too busy at that time. Shortly afterward, the Sisters of Mercy disbanded.

The music press reported the break-up on 2 November , announcing that "the Sisters of Mercy were down to singer Andrew Eldritch and his faithful drum machine Doctor Avalanche this week after guitarist Wayne Hussey and bassist Craig Adams left the band. Although this has scuppered recording plans for a new album this month, Andrew now intends to record the same album in the New Year and could well be using Wayne as a session guitarist.

Eldritch released the single "Giving Ground" on 20 January under the name " the Sisterhood ", which featured vocals by his musician friend James Ray.

At the end of February , the Merciful Release label announced that he "forthcoming Andrew Eldritch album which for some months has had the working title Left on Mission and Revenge. It was recorded at Fairview Studios in Willerby , Hull. Eldritch did not sing on the album for contractual reasons. Morrison collaborated with him for the first time, contributing a spoken passage on the track "Jihad".

Eldritch instead kept the idea for when he would reboot the Sisters of Mercy. After what was dubbed the "Sisterhood fiasco" by Sounds , [10] Eldritch decided to continue under the name "the Sisters of Mercy", feeling as though doing so would improve the name's reputation after the previous fallout.

The demos were mainly recorded with a Casio CZ synthesizer, acoustic guitars and a new drum machine. At the time, Eldritch was attempting to find a MIDI drum machine that featured a "tighter snare drum" sound at a modest price. According to Eldritch, Morrison did not contribute to the songwriting, saying that the album was practically a solo record.

He insinuated that she suffered from writer's block and was unable to come up with many musical ideas, also adding that he "couldn't even get her to pick up the bass in the first place. I don't see any difference or any real change. I think I just carry on where I stopped. The starting point for the album was the song "This Corrosion", which was to be produced by Steinman.

Eldritch had immediately thought of him when he came up with the idea for the song. He figured that the company would not grant money to use on choirs, but that they would immediately do so if Steinman were to ask for it.

The remainder of the album was recorded in England. Initially, Eldritch worked with an unknown producer, who he eventually fired. They travelled to England, where they recorded at multiple studios. Originally Eldritch intended to work with his colleague John Spence, who had worked with the Sisterhood in , but he was committed to another project at the time and recommended Neave as his replacement. Sputnikmusic staff reviewer "ManosG" described the music of Floodland as a mix of gothic rock and dark wave.

Eldritch worked on the recorded parts with a Voyetra Sequencer Plus , with a Yamaha SPX being used as an effects unit and the parts being saved on a Compaq Portable The guitars were played by Eldritch himself, apart from the solo on "This Corrosion" which was played by Steinman's friend Eddie Martinez. The remaining drum sounds were from a Yamaha RX Regarding the album title, Eldritch realized that, after writing all the songs, the theme of water came up multiple times throughout. He attributed the recurrence of this theme to the amount of water within Hamburg, where he was writing these songs.

Bonner noted that the song seemed to have been inspired by Cold War geopolitics as well. Eldritch considered the song to be about "the prostitution of Europe by the Americans".

On how the song was created, he said "I made the mistake of getting caught in central Europe when Chernobyl started sprinkling its residue over the land. I just had the idea of all them huddled in their mobile homes while Mother Russia rained down on them. Eldritch commented on the song, saying "most people, if you think about it, only get wet under certain circumstances.

He thought of the song as regarding "innocence—inherited as opposed to environmental. The centre piece of the album, "This Corrosion", goes back to the conflict between Eldritch and his former bandmates who were now in the Mission. Eldritch noted that "it is, of course, directed at somebody and it doesn't take a genius to work out who, although it'll probably take the person concerned some considerable time. It would be too confusing to print them all. It didn't have to have any meaning, it just had to sound good.

He thought of the song as a way to logically explain why the relationship had to fall apart. The second verse seems particularly seems like a description of the sisters sacrifices for their faith: 'It begins with your family, but soon it comes around to your soul.

I always picture the two nuns in 'catcher in the rye' that holden meets at the train station, when i hear the song. Then by the last verse when he goes on to talk about sweetening their night it kind of implies that there's more to the song than that General Comment Prostitutes?

Who said they were prostitutes? General Comment You know when your young,you make all kinds of crazy interpretations of songs General Comment I always had assumed that maybe they were prostitutes, but so what? He encuntered the "sisters" in tenderness, no-one hurt or exploited anyone, just lost and lonely people helping each othr out with mutual respect.

If you meet a prostitute, just remember they're a human being too! General Comment this is one of my favourites, lyrically I never thought it was about anything other than about him comming out of depression I was sort of dissapointed when i read what it was really about, even though its still really sweet.

I thought it was a very hopeful song and it makes me feel like everything will be alright. Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! So it was that the 'Body And Soul' single was released in June via WEA, just a few months after Hussey's live debut with the band yet sadly, it failed to impress long-term fans who felt, after the seismic blast of 'Temple Of Love', distinctly underwhelmed and also the record buying public which ensured its failure to crack the Top Of its b-sides, 'Train' harked back to the driving dynamics of 'Alice' while the brooding and droning 'Afterhours', a superb meditation on speed psychosis that rather ironically proved the perfect accompaniment to a well-rolled bifter, doffed its cap in the direction of The Reptile House EP.

Somewhat worrying was the re-recorded version of second single, 'Body Electric', which suggested that the band was either running out of ideas, the hand of the record company or a hitherto unrevealed munificence on the part of the band to prevent fans paying ludicrous sums for the long deleted original. When the album finally appeared in March — preceded by further single releases 'Walk Away' and 'No Time To Cry' and the legendary Black October tour at the tail end of — it felt as if The Sisters Of Mercy had entered a new era.

After years of impressive independent single releases, here was an artifact that contained a sustained body of work that was, in terms of quantity, in stark contrast to what had gone before.

And the quality? The Sisters Of Mercy had always revelled and acknowledged the stupidity inherent in rock music but theirs was a knowing take, a sophisticated joke that cherry picked the obvious marker points — the aviator shades, the plumes of dry ice that engulfed the stage, the chiselled cheek bones that were a result of suppressing the appetite through dubious means — while blending them with the form's more extreme proponents such as The Stooges and Suicide.

A drummer would've altered their sound far too radically but with their rhythm strictly rooted by Doktor Avalanche, their music became something akin to mutant disco music. The fact that they elected to confer equal member status on a drum machine by naming and crediting it was more than enough to raise a wry chuckle.

And if perversity was the name of their game, it's almost fitting that First And Last And Always opens with the album's weakest track.

Lyrically, the track finds Eldtrich in a post-apocalyptic world polluted by radiation and acid rain. With the Cold War at its height and the arrival of American Cruise missiles British soil a few years earlier — coupled with increasing social unrest, the daily violence of the miners' strike broadcast on TV with a depressing regularity and a sociopathic administration residing at Number 10 — the mood of the mids was one of paranoia, fear and uncertainty, as if the world was ready to end thanks to an atomic war or the very real possibility that the country was ready to tear itself apart.

But while Eldritch is bang on the money capturing the zeitgeist, the music was something of a damp squib focusing as it does on Hussey's sound while paying scant regard to concepts such as memorable and powerful riffs.

The song is barely over before Doktor Avalanche's drum roll ushers in the apreggiated ascending chords and sustained notes of 'Walk Away' and it's at this moment that First And Last And Always hits the nitrous oxide and shoots forward. Placed within the context of the album, 'Walk Away' packs a lot more wallop than it did as a single. Was it aimed as a sideswipe to the soon-to-be-departed Gary Marx or another of the kind of love song wherein Eldrtich finds himself spurned and alone?

Mar 14,  · While not exactly a million miles from the sonic template of 's Vision Thing, the Sisters' third and most recent album. It highlights a heavier and in places, more introspective palette than many of the unreleased compositions that have come and gone .

Sirih Gambir - Search (9) - Rock Mania (CD, Album)

Sunday, December 28, Selamat Tahun Baru Semoga segala yang baik di tahun Hijrah ini Posted by berteromber at AM 6 comments:. Friday, December 26, Gitar Hero Part 2. Teknik tapping memang sinonim dgn Eddie Eddie hanya menyolo Eddie dah banyak main keyboard.. Eddie hadiahkan kerana Dimebag masa hidupnya dulu memang suka gitar ni.. Nak tau teknik tapping That's boring" - Eddie Van Halen ada lagi sambungan nanti.. Posted by berteromber at AM 3 comments:.

Labels: gitar hero , Van Halen. Sambung lagi skit citer kat Melaka. Info kat internet tulis muzium ni replika kapal portugis sebenar iaitu kapal Flor de La Mar berukuran 34 meter tinggi,36 meter panjang dan 8 meter lebar. Selain merasa persekitaran dalaman kapal, turut dipamerkan juga ialah lukisan, peta lama, model kapal dan artifak berkaitan maritim dan perdagangan du Melaka. Menara Taming Sari Muzium Samudera Pandangan dari dekat Adakah ini wajah Captain Jack Sparrow?

Suasana dalam kapal Flying Whales. In The Wilderness. World To Come. From Mars. To Sirius. Global Warming. Mon Slip , Gabriel Editions. Sell This Version. Listenable Records. Mon Slip. Prosthetic Records. Recorded between and and released on Deutsche Grammophon between andthese performances were most Western listeners' first introduction to Richter.

The range of repertoire is enormous: from Bach to Prokofievwith stops along the way for MozartBeethovenDebussyTchaikovskyRachmaninovand especially Schumann. The range of emotions is equally vast: heroic Schubert lyric, tender and passionate, sensual and cerebral, subtle and virtuosic.

The most impressive aspect of Richter 's performances, though, is neither the range nor the repertoire, but Richter himself. With his golden Schubertcoruscating technique, and inspired interpretations, Richter is not only faithful to the spirit of the music, but fulfills it through the medium of his supple, sensitive, and supremely poetic artistic personality.

Richter 's virtuosity is on display in his blistering account of Schumann 's Toccata, his poetry in his lyrical reading of Chopin 's Polonaise-Fantaisie, and his warm romanticism in his triumphant interpretation of Rachmaninov 's Second Piano Concerto. Though the recordings are antique -- most are monaural and the rest are stereo -- Deutsche Grammophon's remastering makes them The Caissons Go Rolling Along - The Castle Kings - The Caissons Go Rolling Along acceptable as possible to listeners raised on digital sound.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country.

Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Schubert. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Beethoven Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists.

Streams Videos All Posts. Label Deutsche Grammophon. Track Listing - Disc 1. March in G minor, Op. Robert Schumann. Nasir - Tujuh Nafas Lagi Aishah-Janji Manismu Aishah - Asia Aishah - Cinta Beralih Arah Aishah - Kemaafan Dendam Yang Terindah Aishah - Kurnia - 08 - Songkok Mereng Aishah - Selanjur Bercinta Aishah No. Aizat - Percubaan Pertama - 01 - Fikirlah Aizat AF5 - Sahabat Ajin - Bebaskan Ajin - Bujang Ajin - Cerita Satu Malam Ajin - Gila Ajin - Kasih Sayang Ajin - Mengapa Ajin - Roket Ajin - Semangat Ajin Rabak - 01 - Intro Rabak Ajin Rabak - 02 - Rabak Ajin Rabak - 03 - Sukatikaulah Ajin Rabak - 04 - Satu Jiwa Ajin Rabak - 05 - Ngkau Dan Aku Ajin Rabak - 06 - Koboi Brickfields Ajin Rabak - 07 - Kesedaran Ajin Rabak - 09 - Doa Akar - Baru Betul - 01 - Baru Betul Akar - Biar Betul Akar - Memang Betul Aku - Tentang Kita Alam Band - Tetap Milikmu - 06 - Citra Alam Band - Tetap Milikmu - 07 - Dewi Alam Band - Tetap Milikmu - 09 - Kernamu Alda - Aku Tak Biasa Alias Kadir - Rindu Dendam - 02 - Mata Masnie Aliff Aziz - World - 03 - Nyala Alleycats - 21 - 02 - Berjuta Batu Alleycats - Andainya Aku Pergi Dulu Alleycats - Berita Dari Rantau Alleycats - Derita Seorang Insan Alleycats - Gerimis Alleycats - Hingga Akhir Nanti Alleycats - Kenangan Cinta - 11 Dapatkah Alleycats - Kisah Kau Dan Aku Alleycats - Luka Lama Terguris Kembali Alleycats - Nota Terakhir Alleycats - Suara Kekasih Alleycat - Senandung Semalam Alleycat - Seribu Bintang Ally Noor n' Mastura Milah Altimet - Sayang Sayang ft.

Mawar Berduri Ambo Pencinto Wanita - Nazri Amir Ukays - Amir - 03 - Kerana Kesalahanku Amir - Kencana - 08 - Dugaan Percintaan Amir - Setimpal - Burung Di Sangkar Amir - Setimpal - Gelisah Amir - Setimpal - Kencana Amir - Setimpal - Manalah Ku Tahu Amir Ukays - Panti Asuhan Amuk-Jernih Amuk - 2 Juta Amuk - 2 Juta - 02 - Kembara Raja Rimba Amuk - 2 Juta - 04 - Sentuhilah Aku Amuk - 2 Juta - 05 - Pergi Tak Kembali Amuk - 2 Juta - 06 - Kaum Kerabat Amuk - 2 Juta - 07 - Separuh Nafas Amuk - 7 pelangi Amuk - Adikku Superman Amuk - Aduh Tsumawi Amuk - Akar Dan Bumi Amuk - Aku Mahu Pulang Amuk - Alasan Amuk - Dalam Semak Amuk - Dikir Timur Amuk - Dikir Timur - 07 - Lihat Layang Amuk - Dikir Timur - 08 - Asam Garam Amuk - Ekspres Rakyat Amuk - Jangan Tinggal Daku Amuk - Joget Tari Lenggang Amuk - Lancang Kuning Amuk - Lebai Malang Amuk - Mana Dia Amuk - Matahari Amuk - Racun Amuk - Ranap Amuk - Tak Relevan - 04 - Aku Protes Amuk - Tak Relevan - 10 - Rajawali Amuk - Untukmu Sayang Amuk - Yeah Yeeaaah Amuk Feat R.

B - Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta Amuk - Seakan Menguji Amy Search - Aku Amy - 01 - Aku Amy Search - Aku Amy - 03 - Kongkang Amy Search - Aku Amy - 04 - Hey! Apache Amy Search - Camouflage - 04 - Kerja Gila Amy - Amy-Magic - Cinta Materialis Amy - Amy-Magic - Mengintai Kelawar Amy - Amy-Magic - Yeah! Amy Mastura - Bukakanlah Pintu Amy Mastura - Cinta Amy Mastura - Diam Diam Rindu Amy Mastura - Di Antara Cinta Amy Mastura - Jawapan Kasih Amy Mastura - Kasihku Sinar Amy Mastura - Kasih Suci Amy Mastura - Kembalilah Amy Mastura - Lagu Untukmu Amy Mastura - Puteri Amy Mastura - Siapalah Aku Amy Search - Camouflage - 09 - Ala Hollywood Amy Search - Suatu Masa Analisa - Lakaran Cinta Suci Analisa - Palestin - 02 - Hamparan Kasih Analisa - Palestin - 03 - Kesesatan Analisa - Palestin - 04 - Gerhana Condong Analisa - Palestin - 05 - Refleksi Analisa - Palestin - 06 - Kerinduan Senja Analisa - Palestin - 07 - Pedoman Analisa - Palestin - 08 - Figura Cinta Analisa - Palestin - 09 - Remaja Anie Carera - Air Mata Rindu Anis Suraya - Cinta Tersimpul Rapi Anis Suraya - Dendam Terlerai Anita Sarawak - Bawalah Daku Pergi Anita Sarawak - Seksis Anuar Zain - Lelaki Ini Anuar Zain-Sesuci Cintamu Anuar Zain - 03 - Kembalilah Kasih Anuar Zain - Keabadian Cinta Anuar Zain - Mungkin Anuar Zain - Semua Untukmu Anuar Zain - Tangisan Naluri Apek - Aspalela Aqasha - Embun Arie Pradina - Ku Cinta Padamu Aris Ariwatan - Lamunan Terhenti - 08 - Permaidani Ari Lasso - Rahsia Perempuan Arrow - 09 - Naik Kereta Ku Arrow - 12 - Surat Untuk Mu Arrow - Aduhai Cintaku Arrow - Aku Tak Marah Arrow - Bahagiakan Aku Dengannya Arrow - Blues Secawan Kopi Arrow - Haruskah Kita Berpisah Arrow - Kau Sentiasa Di Hatiku Arrow - Ku Menagih Setiamu Arrow - Sasaran Cemerlang - 03 - Yang Kedua Arrow - Sasaran Cemerlang - 05 - Sarinada Arrow - Sasaran Cemerlang - 07 - Buletin Semasa Arrow - Terimalah Sayang Cintaku Seadanya Artstream - Luahan Rindu - Hati Luka Sehari Tanpa Suara Mu Masihkah Tersimpan Rindu Mu Laluan Rindu Cinta Bukan Sekadar Kata-kata Setelah Bermula Dalam Memori Kembara Ini Ashira - Diombak Resah Ashira - Selamanya Tak Akan Berakhir Atiek - Aku Sayang Padamu Atilia - Sangkar - 01 - Sangkar Atilia - Sangkar - 02 - Selalu Denganmu Atilia - Sangkar - 03 - Sudah Atilia - Sangkar - 04 - Duyong Atilia - Sangkar - 05 - Selagi Atilia - Sangkar - 06 - Salah Sangka Atilia - Sangkar - 07 - Ranjau Atilia - Sangkar - 08 - Masa Penentu Atilia - Sangkar - 09 - Suraitawa Atilia - Sangkar - 10 - Sempurna Audy - Bila Saja Awek Cun Awie - Alif Ba Ta Duniaku Awie - Awie - 06 - Mengetuk Pintumu Awie - Bahagia Menemuimu Awie - Bara Awie - Cinta Bukan Ilusi Awie - Di Bayang Awan Awie - Di Penjara Janji Awie - Koleksi Lagu Terbaik - 09 - Pedih Awie - Nostalgia Cinta Awie - O-Tak - 09 - O-Tak Awie - Permainan Dunlawi Awie - Ratuku Awie - Rentap - Di Persimpangan Zaman Awie - Rentap - Mabuk Cinta Awie - Santai - 01 - Bersumpah Dengan Langit Awie - Santai - 02 - Oksigen Awie - Santai - 07 - Mata, Hati, Jiwa Awie - Satu - 10 - Jong Jong Inai Awie - Tiada Rahsia Antara Kita Awie - Tragedi Oktober Awie - Ukiran Jiwa Axl's - Ikrarku Janjiku - 09 - Sandiwara Cintamu Axl's - The Album - Dialah Kekasihmu Axl's - The Album - Ikrar Janjiku Axl's - The Album - Janjiku Blues AXLs - Akulah Kekasihmu Azharina - Elegi Sepi Azharina - Seandainya Azie - Pelamin Anganku Musnah A Halim - Doa dan Harapan A Halim - Kisah dan Tauladan A Halim - Nasibku A Halim - Salam Mesra A Rahman Hassan - Hanya Untukmu A Rahman Hassan - Semoga Berjaya A Rahman Hassan - Tak Mengapa A Rahman Onn - Bilakah Berjumpa A Rahman Onn - Peracun Kalbu A Ramlie - Asmara Dewi A Ramlie - Bahagia Menjelma A Ramlie - Best Of A.

A Ramlie - Bingkisan Rahsia A Ramlie - Dendang Anak Tani A Ramlie - Hanya Untukmu A Ramlie - Harapan Menanti A Ramlie - Kasih Tak Sudah A Ramlie - Kau Telah Tiada A Ramlie - Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa A Ramlie - Ku Tunaikan Janji A Ramlie - Lumrah Dunia A Ramlie - Mengapa Bunga Dipuja A Ramlie - Mengenang Dinda A Ramlie - Paduan Kasih A Ramlie - Salam Muhibbah A Ramlie - Terpisah Akhirnya A Romzi - Dendang Remaja A Romzi - Jangan Di Nafi A Romzi - Katakan Padaku A Romzi - Lagu Tiga Kupang A Romzi - Menanti Dewi A Romzi - Sepuloh Budak Hitam A Romzi - Zunika A to Z - Bang Boom Bang A to Z - Berdendang A to Z - Darjat A to Z - Hela Bubu Hela A to Z - Iyo Ko Babylon - Api Cinta Babylon - Babylon - Bahtera Cinta Kita Babylon - Babylon - Gila Kuasa

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A Deux Sur Un Fil

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Pas comme cet oncle qui avait disparu si vite, et qu'ils n'avaient jamais connu. Deux oiseaux sur un fil disent qu'ils resteront toujours ensemble. Mais l'autre ne pourra plus jamais voler. Mais rien ne venait, juste ce silence intenable, et l'injustice le faisait suffoquer. Pourquoi n'avait-il pas pu s'en rendre compte avant? Son meilleur ami. Tout l'amour qu'il lui vouait.

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Lies - Plasmatics (2) - Final Days (CD)

Metal Priestess. Beyond The Valley Of, Kommander of Kaos. Va-Kaos Theory. Customers who bought this item also bought. Only 12 left in stock more on the way. Only 10 left in stock more on the way.

Coup de Grace. Only 2 left in stock more on the way. Plasmatics - Live! Rod Swenson's Lost Tapes Only 6 left in stock more on the way. Wendy O.

Only 8 left in stock more on the way. Register a free business account. Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Punk rock icons true to form ROCK! When one looks through the annals of rock 'n roll history, one oftentimes overlooked and underappreciated niche is that of female rockers with brass In this instance, Wendy O.

Williams could very well be the proverbial poster child for women in rock that had a message, had a vision, but lacked the record company support. In the insance of Final Days, one could not select a better representation of delving into the world of WOW and the Plasmatics. Sure the mental pictures of WOW in a tightfitting miniskirt and a bodice of whipping cream replete with strategically placed black electrician tape X's does help stir the dream world of any pubescent wonder but this is effect distracted from the real bonus: the music.

But once you've cleaned off the whipped cream from your psyche, one can only feel spent and exhausted of the musical journey known as The Plasmatics.

On the way through MAsterplan and Just Like On TV one really gets to undertstand that Wendy was committed to making the world a better place by drawing subtle attention to the message: give a damn now before your plowed over by the powers that be. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are grateful for your business and hope you are staying safe and healthy!

Detailed Site Map of Links. Plasmatics Beyond The Valley of Get email alerts for Plasmatics. Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist. Our customers love us! Join our , fans. Nothing Music Video. Pig Is a Pig. Blind Faith. Billy Squier. Ronnie Montrose. ZZ Top. How to Order. International Shipping. Return Policy. Order Items by Catalog. View Catalogs Online. Safe Shopping Guarantee.

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Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Punk rock icons true to form ROCK! When one looks through the annals of rock 'n roll history, one oftentimes overlooked and underappreciated niche is that of female rockers with brass In this instance, Wendy O. Williams could very well be the proverbial poster child for women in rock that had a message, had a vision, but lacked the record company support.

In the insance of Final Days, one could not select a better representation of delving into the world of WOW and the Plasmatics. Sure the mental pictures of WOW in a tightfitting miniskirt and a bodice of whipping cream replete with strategically placed black electrician tape X's does help stir the dream world of any pubescent wonder but this is effect distracted from the real bonus: the music.

But once you've cleaned off the whipped cream from your psyche, one can only feel spent and exhausted of the musical journey known as The Plasmatics. On the way through MAsterplan and Just Like On TV one really gets to undertstand that Wendy was committed to making the world a better place by drawing subtle attention to the message: give a damn now before your plowed over by the powers that be.

Final Days: Anthems For The Apocolypse Plasmatics; 13 videos; views; Last updated on Jun 20, ; Play all Share. Lies by Plasmatics - Topic. The Damned.

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most - Joe Diorio - Bonita (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Wynton Marsalis allegedly offers note of thanks and care package to jazz fan who called police about performance by Larry Ochs and Drumming Core at jazz festival in Spain. Bassist directs program geared to non-professional adults with help of all-star lineup of bass clinicians.

JazzTimes Newsletter. America's jazz resource, delivered to your inbox. Skip to content. Joe Diorio. A partial list of jazz people who passed on during Naples Fort Myers Greyhound Track reviews. Farmer Mikes U Pick 60 reviews. Bonita Springs Riverside Park 86 reviews. Dog Beach Park reviews. Shopping 9. Flamingo Island Flea Market reviews. Bonita Springs Dog Park reviews.

Southwest Florida Event Center reviews. Bonita Springs Farmers Market 13 reviews. Connect me to Facebook friends and artists on Myspace? You may already know people on Myspace. If we find matches from your Facebook friends, we'll connect you to them right away. Tell my friends about Myspace? We based it off your Twitter details. Connect me to people I follow on Twitter? If we find matches from the people you follow on Twitter, we'll connect you to them right away.

Tell my followers about Myspace? Let your followers know you're on Myspace with a Tweet. Welcome to Myspace. Just start typing to find music. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Joe Diorio is a guitarist with a unique voice on his instrument. This album has him backed with very fine musicians indeed. The recording opens with the title tune written by A.

Jobim played beautifully in this ensemble with the electric hollowbody archtop as the lead instrument. It's followed by If I Should Lose You with some nice intervallic approaches by Joe Diorio, followed by a bass solo backed by Joe's guitar comping and Plank's deft drum work. Another solo by Joe where he states the melody again interspersed with some very intriguing lines. The keys lay out on this tune.

Great renditions of all 5 "standards" the group plays together, and they really play together as a unit. These are seasoned players with an original and unique approach to the repertoire. There's also a tune penned by Joe which is in a somewhat modern modal ish fashion in a few parts Adventurous playing throughout.

Joe Diorio is a guitar player deserving much wider recognition than he's received. Any of his recordings are an investment in some listening pleasure imho. Nice recording of the guitar great Joe Diorio. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Sign Up. Join group settings More. Hyeongjin Kim shared a link. Tony Miceli shared a post. Pretty amazing to design these mallets with Leigh Stevens and see them help so many people!

WebSite: Album Preview Tracklist: 01 Bonita (Jobim) 02 If I Should Lose You (Robin, Rainger) 03 Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Wolf, Lendesman) 04 Talla Sunshine - Naima Rainbow, Dance for Their Father (Diorio, Beraldi) 05 Bloomdido (Parker) 06 Hello Young Lovers (Hammerstein, Rodgers)

Missouri Waltz - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra* - Missouri Waltz / Beautiful Ohio (Shellac)

Digital download printable PDF. This score was originally published in the key of F. Composition was first released on Thursday 18th June, and was last updated on Tuesday 14th January, Watch video here. Write A Review. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. After you complete your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail where a download link will be presented for you to obtain the notes.

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Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute. Four stylii were used to transfer this record. They are 3. These were recorded flat and then also equalized with Turnover: The preferred versions suggested by an audio engineer at George Blood, L. Covers - Performances of a song with the same name by different artists.

The recording on the other side of this disc: Missouri Waltz. Uploaded by jakej on November 20, Search icon An illustration of a magnifying glass. User icon An illustration of a person's head and chest.

Between and , Glenn Miller and His Orchestra released singles on the monaural ten-inch shellac 78 rpm format. Their studio output comprised a variety of musical styles inside of the Swing genre, including ballads, band chants, dance instrumentals, novelty tracks, songs adapted from motion pictures, and, as the Second World War approached, patriotic music.

Hush - Deep Purple - Live In Verona (DVD)

This concert was filmed in the summer of in the spectacular surroundings Arena di Verona, the Roman amphitheater, built in the 30 AD. At this stage of Deep Purple teamed with a full symphony orchestra to represent all of their classic songs. Deep Purple continue to be one of the finest hard rock bands on the planet, and no doubt, appear at their best when performing at concerts.

Here orchestral arrangements give an added depth and space to the familiar songs and the band is both: play with the orchestra and perform in such a historic place, to present a brilliant show in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd. Almost half of the concert, the band played in the mode of "non-stop", but in the end of the performance the audience did not let their favorite stars and those losing their fans, played a more "on-bis" two of his old hits with rare duet solo rhythm section of Glover - Pace.

Deep Purple Overture 2. It's a given that the music is great a particular highlight is "No One Came" but the DVD also has quite extended interviews that add considerable value for true fans.

I was particularly intrigued by Paice's interview, especially his comments on "No One Came" and his amusing comments about why he dislikes Facebook. While some people harp on Gillan's diminished vocal abilities, I prefer to think of it from a "glass half full" perspective: he may not be able to do what he did on "Machine Head," but most vocalists would still be envious of his considerable talents.

As for the rest of the band, they have never sounded better. This is a great show, and the orchestra takes it to another level entirely. I recommend this DVD without reservation. I picked this dvd up for my dad and he loves it. We both do,the band is in full swing with rhe orchestra. Note for note they do a great job. The whole dvd is awesome.

Yea there up there in age but they knock it out perfectly. He loves it so i'm satisfied. I recommend it to fans of the band or new people who want to get into them live. The guitars are on point and the bass is audible and thick just the way i like it but the vocals seem a bit strained.

But hey if you want their best get Live in Montreaux that is the one i was looking for. It is the better of the 2 vocal and total pwrformance wise. But i got it for my dad. Good anyway. One person found this helpful.

This is a band that has always evolved, always moved with the times and somehow, through countless personnel changes, has always come with with great material to entertain and delight. This dvd is a real treasure. Songs that I grew up with, playing the LPs over and over again.

Making my friends listen, because they had very little airplay in America. The Orchestra is there to enhance the songs, but not to play any classical piece, which makes this a symphonic masterpiece. This is a labor of love. All parties involved are really committed to bringing out the best of each song, for our enjoyment. Wish I'd been there!!

If you're a fan you'll not be disappointed. If you're not a fan, you will become one once you give this great concert a try. As a fan who owns almost every dvd the've ever put out, I rate this one among their best. A real treat. Specially if you're familiar with the songs. The interviews with each band member are worth the price of the dvd alone, just the gillan one was fantastic. So, yeah, get while you can. I highly recommend it. I am a long-time Deep Purple fan. I saw them in the Astrodome in Houston in When I heard what Ian Gillan sounded like on the first song Highway Star on this disk, I almost got up and took the disk out, never to be played again.

Fortunately, I continued watching, and it got much better. Yes, Gillan's voice is gone, but most of the time it does not negatively affect the overall sound.

Steve Morse sounds great on these songs, and there are a lot of excellent jams throughout. The integration of the orchestra with the band is very well done. If you are a Deep Purple fan, you will enjoy this just skip over the first song. Please try again. Aways been into Deep Purple since i was a lad back in the day. Yeah get it. Solid concert,but no extra bonuses on DVD. Dreadful packaging,DVD case with cover both badly damaged.

Anybody had access into the package. Fabulous better than expected thanks again seller. Load more international reviews. Very special as I was at the show.

Firstly, as other reviewers have noted, there is no Blu-Ray edition! Mistake on someone's part, not connected to the band.

That was in fact, four shows later - in Ipswich on September 19th, There were shows past that date but Jon did not carry on past the UK leg of the tour. I was at this NEC show. There's no doubt it was an emotional event on the band's and audience's end. Both knew Jon's era with the band was ending within a few days of this show. Far different from the big, blustery exits by other members in the past, Jon was retiring very amicably and everyone knew it. The band's fondness for him, and the crowd's, shows through loudly during his time playing on the DVD.

He plays amazingly well. It's clear the band made the right choice in him as Jon's successor. The music throughout this DVD is excellent, and the band is firing on all 5 - well 6 - cylinders! This was a historic time in the band's history, and unless there's an official DVD of Ipswich that surfaces, this is as close as you are going to get to Jon's last day with the band. The sound quality on this DVD is very good, but I've heard some better mixes in the past.

This is a production niggle, as the band sounded just great in the NEC that night! If you're a Deep Purple fan, you will enjoy this. It's not perfect, sound and video-wise but it is still very, very good. Translate review to English.

Register Log in. Search Trade Me. Listing : View Count: 7. New item Ping Add this item to Cart for a combined free shipping deal. Filmed in the spectacular surroundings of the Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheater originally built in 30 AD, this concert from the summer of sees Deep Purple joined on stage by a full symphony orchestra for performances of all their classic tracks. Deep Purple remains one of the finest hard rock bands on the planet and are undoubtedly at their best when performing live.

Here, the orchestral arrangements give an added depth and range to the familiar songs. The band responds to both, playing with the orchestra and performing in such a historical location to deliver a brilliant show in front of a huge and enthusiastic crowd. Track Listing: 1.

Deep Purple Overture 2. Highway Star 3. Hard Lovin' Man 4. Maybe I'm A Leo 5. Strange Kind Of Woman 6. Rapture Of The Deep 7. Woman From Tokyo 8. Contact Lost 9.

When A Blind Man Cries The Well Dressed Guitar Knocking At Your Back Door AOR Blvd. Alien Productions. Rock Candy Records. Dee Purple. Tuesday, October 21, News Feed.

Live in Verona is a live release by English hard rock band Deep Purple 's mk VIII lineup credited as Deep Purple with Orchestra, and performed alongside the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt conducted by Stephen Bentley-Klein. This concert was recorded at the Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheater originally built in 30 AD, on 18 July

Last One To Be Loved - Madeline Bell - Bells A Poppin (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Buy a Gift Certificate. Customer Reviews. Contact Info. Privacy Policy. Send Feedback. Forgot Password? Sign Out. Sum Shit I Found. Soft And Wild. Funk my Soul. Soul Strutter. Modern Soul. Update March Milk Crate Breaks. A Pyrex Scholar. Play It Again, Max. Bell was raised by her grandmother after her parents divorced.

Showing a bent toward creative arts, Bell first took piano lessons at 50 cents a pop, but couldn't master the complexities of the keyboard.

Next, her grandmother paid for dancing lessons and discovered Madeline would never be confused with Ginger Rogers or Josephine Baker, so the lessons stopped. By the fifth grade, Bell found her calling -- singing -- and she regularly appeared in school shows. At age 11, she pantomimed "Santa Baby," a tune popularized by Eartha Kitt. Wednesday 17 June Friday 19 June Saturday 20 June Sunday 21 June Monday 22 June Tuesday 23 June Wednesday 24 June Thursday 25 June Friday 26 June Saturday 27 June Sunday 28 June Monday 29 June Tuesday 30 June Wednesday 1 July Thursday 2 July Friday 3 July Saturday 4 July Sunday 5 July Monday 6 July Tuesday 7 July Wednesday 8 July Thursday 9 July Friday 10 July Saturday 11 July Sunday 12 July Monday 13 July Tuesday 14 July Wednesday 15 July Thursday 16 July Friday 17 July Saturday 18 July Sunday 19 July Monday 20 July Tuesday 21 July Wednesday 22 July Features Interviews Lists.

Streams Videos All Posts. Styles Pop-Soul Soul. Track Listing. Picture Me Gone. Madeline Bell. Charles Blackwell. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

All original recordings made By Phillips Tracks 1 to 12 taken from LP Bell's A Poppin SBL Tracks 13 & 14 taken from Single BF Tracks 15 & 16 taken from Single BF Tracks 17 & 18 taken from Single BF

JVKM* - Teledesic Disco 2 (Vinyl)

This set does offer mediocre FM stereo separation due to the tuner design, but only the absolute best FM-MPX decoders of the era really performed well, and this would have sounded just fine on top of a dresser or table at home.

All fixed up it should continue to work well for a long time! The center click position is for the standard tape speed. Page 9 side B , only side B is played back or recorded and then the tape stops automatically. Adjust the microphone input level by setting the record-pause mode and observing the peak level indicators. When the DDRP but- ton of a suitable JVC CD player is pressed, the recording level is first adjusted automatically, then recording starts; it is not nec- essary to start recording by the normal procedure.

When they become too dirty. Make sure first Connect the colored leads of the power cord in the order specified in the illustration below.

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Page General Settings - Psm Adjusting the sound You can adjust the sound characteristics to your preference. Page Other External Component Operations Other external component operations You can connect an external component to the AUX auxiliary input jack on the control panel. Portable audio player, etc. Calls to either phone can be received by a push of a key on the receiver. In addition to repeat and random playback of music files, you can also easily search for songs using the browsing function.

Just look for and choose the song you want to hear from the folder name and song name lists. HFP 1. No complicated manual procedure to worry about. Connect up to 5 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, allowing you and your friends to take turns streaming music like a DJ. Move to the groove and get the party pumping to the max. K2 is a JVC original technology that reproduces the original master sound by expanding the frequency range.

LCD Display: The JVC KT-HDP1 features a full dot matrix /16" x /8" LCD display with a light blue backlight and dark blue key illumination. The receiver's display can be adjusted for brightness, contrast and LCD type. On-Screen Information: When the HD Radio receiver receives a digital (HD Radio) signal, the following information is.